Two Wine Glasses, Two of Us Together, Equals Today And Always

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Two Wine Glasses, Two of Us Together, Equals Today And Always

I live for the moments we artfully create and then get to turn them into beautiful memories. At times we plan them carefully and other times we create them on the fly. It’s a blessing when two wine glasses can transform your afternoon into a magical place without you even realizing it. It’s the two of us, today and always. 

wine glasses

I’m sure you have all heard time and time again to never put too much value on material things. While this is in part true, isn’t it also true that it’s the “things” or “stuff” we own that helps us to create magical moments we turn into wonderful and kind memories. I agree we shouldn’t value our material items over what’s truly important in our lives, but, these things can also be cherished for the part they play in our day-to-day lives.

While I generally don’t blog about our personal lives too frequently, I wanted to share how important is for us to always hold close to our hearts every moment you get to spend with your loved ones. 

wine glasses

When two beautifully crafted wine glasses showed up on my doorstep, I knew I wanted to plan a special moment for us with them. I wrote a blog post a few years ago called Gift Each Moment – it will make more sense once you read why these moments we so carefully craft, mean the world to us.

We both love drinking wine but my husband REALLY loves it. We love adding fruit to our wine at times too – especially in the summer months. It’s so refreshing and the wine adds a nice punch to the fruit too. It’s such a joy to see him enjoying drinking from these beautiful wine glasses. 

wine glasses

I planned a lunch on our front porch consisting of fruit to start, a veggie salad and then some homemade creamy coleslaw followed by some amazing hotdogs with our favorite Copycat Sabrett Pushcart Style Onions. He loved it! 

wine glasses

These wine glasses are brilliantly lightweight and elegant. Zenology glasses are handcrafted and mouth-blown in the same European factories as other well-known brands. They are designed exclusively for Wine Enthusiast and they’ve erased the usual high-end luxury brand markup and passed the savings to us. 

I love creating crafts from my husbands discarded wine jugs too. It’s a fun way to upcycle them and the end results make stunning decor! 

wine glasses

If it just takes two wine glasses to brighten our afternoon get-together and create a wonderful memory for us then, I’m the luckiest gal in town. It’s these simple moments in our lives that make it a life well-loved and well-lived today and always. 

wine glasses

Don’t let your moment slip past you. Sit outside with your loved one, have a glass of wine and some of your favorite food – even if it means using your best wine glasses. Make moments with meaning. They don’t have to consist of an expensive night out, or tickets to a show – it’s so true how the simplest displays of love mean the most. 

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Two Wine Glasses, Two of Us Together, Equals Today And Always - Sassy Townhouse Living

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wine glasses today and always

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