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Ana Luisa Jewelry – Elegance Never Goes Out Of Style & Discount Code Too!

Discovering new and classic pieces of jewelry that are affordable, fun to wear, and never go out of style is always so exciting. Since discovering Ana Luisa jewelry, I’ve discovered that individually handcrafted high-quality jewelry for everyday life can be affordable.  

Ana Luisa Jewelry

I started with two pieces from the Ana Luisa Limited Collection.

Emily Gold Earrings – Dipped in 14K gold, these enamoring structural earrings will bring in a wow factor that your outfit needs. The Emily earrings are an absolute must-have. Handcrafted with care and a stunningly unique shape, you will re-think the way you wear hoop earrings with this hypnotizing piece. These smooth earrings are easy to wear and will not tarnish with time. 

Be sure to watch my YouTube video below as well. It’s a great way to take a deeper dive into how amazing this jewelry is!

I love how lightweight these earrings are. They are an updated take on a classic loop. With every turn of my head, these earrings take on a new form with their modern curves and classic design. They never irritate my ears and feel as close to wearing nothing on your ears as possible. Be sure to check out this stunning handcrafted quotable jewelry I’ve discovered too! 

Ana Luisa Jewelry

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Ana Luisa Jewelry

What I love most about these earrings is when you turn your head, the shapes change and it looks like a different pair with each turn as you can see in the below image. 

Ana Luisa Jewelry

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bangle bracelet? When I saw this one, I knew it would be my favorite piece of the entire collection. 

Arti Onyx Cuff Bracelet – Dipped in 14K gold, the craftsmanship of our Arti Onyx cuff bracelet is slightly reminiscent of a pharaoh’s most treasured possessions. The Onyx finishing details adds a bold touch to a clearly powerful piece. Its mesmerizing design includes an heirloom-quality addition to this compelling piece.

I love the Egyptian style theme of this bracelet. It fits perfectly and is very easy to wear and remove. The detail is breathtaking and the onyx stone detail is the perfect way to finish this bracelet. 

Ana Luisa Jewelry

This bangle bracelet is so lightweight you barely know it’s on your wrist. Personally, I don’t like jewelry that’s too heavy or feels bulky. Ana Luisa Jewelry is all handcrafted from designers that have previously worked for famous fashion brands such as Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren – impressive!

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Ana Luisa Jewelry

I love pairing this bracelet with my favorite chic watch too! 

Ana Luisa Jewelry

The Onyx stone – the exquisite detail work – that’s what makes this bracelet unique and unstoppably stunning! I love the fit too – unlink many bangles I’ve owned in the past, it’s so easy to wear – the beauty and comfort make it all simply Ana Luisa! 

Ana Luisa Jewelry

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Ana Luisa Jewelry - Elegance Never Goes Out Of Style Sassy Townhouse Living

This jewelry was provided to me in exchange for my opinion. All opinions are purely my own. 

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