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How To Express Your Creative Spirit With Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry

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There’s a creative spirit in each of us, and expressing it with handcrafted quotable jewelry tells what means the most to us. We use quotes to describe our innovative nature; within the words, we describe the things we hold dear to our hearts and souls. If you have never thought about wearing handcrafted quotable jewelry before, once you see these pieces, you’ll fall in love with them too! 

Creative Spirit Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry

How To Express Your Creative Spirit

Discovering new and stunning handcrafted quotable jewelry pieces is always exciting! When I found the BBBecker.com website, I fell in love with all the selections immediately.

BBBecker has been creating this handcrafted jewelry since 2001, and they are all original designs. His pieces are not manufactured and no two pieces are exactly the same. His pieces are an outward expression of your creative spirit and allow you to hold close the words that mean most to you and your loved ones. 

Creative Spirit Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry

I chose two pieces that had the most meaning to me and of course, I love every inch of them!

The first piece is called Sparkle Wherever She goes – it’s a handcrafted quotable necklace with an Amethyst stone and made from all sterling silver including the chain. The quote reads – She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes. After wearing it, you really do leave a little sparkle! 

The ancients believed amethyst was a “gem of fire” with vibrations that helped bring out an inner strength, calm the spirit, and promote healing. 

I appreciate how BBBecker’s shipping normally occurs within one to two business days! You can get these gorgeous pieces fast! 

Necklace Details:
Natural Amethyst 1” wide x 1 1/4 “ high with 18” Sterling Silver chain STYLE #: 872-712  (IN STOCK) $259.00

I love how it looks on my neck, and I get so many compliments when wearing it. You really do leave a little sparkle wherever you go when wearing this Amethyst handcrafted quotable necklace

Creative Spirit Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry

Don’t forget to watch our unboxing video below!

Falling in love prompted BBBecker’s first attempt to make jewelry in the mid-1980s. He found used pieces to deconstruct and reassemble into gifts for his future wife. I love his back story and find it so romantic! Today’s BB Becker designs are a collaborative effort as the engraving is in his wife, Jo’s distinctive handwriting using a trade secret process. 

The next handcrafted quotable jewelry piece is called Hellen Keller Love Deeply – it’s a link bracelet with an amulet, and the simply beautiful quote reads – All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.~Helen Keller

Creative Spirit Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry

 love how it looks on my wrist – the quote brings even more meaning to this Hellen Keller Love Deeply Bracelet. It’s sophisticated and looks stunning with any outfit too. 

Creative Spirit Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry
Hellen Keller Love Deeply Bracelet
Creative Spirit Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry
Creative Spirit Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry
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How To Express Your Creative Spirit With Handcrafted Quotable Jewelry - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. This is the most stunning jewelry as seen in such a long time. I absolutely love to necklace and the bracelet is divine Sirius the quotes are beautiful. I love quoted jewelry. Thanks so much for the discount code too!

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