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How To Paint Your Home Decor Perfectly Pretty With Patina

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Do you have home decor elements that are drably lacking a personality and punch? Well, there’s an easy way to change all that! With Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit, you can easily transform any home decor element into a thing of lasting beauty. 

Paint Home Decor Patina

Let me show you how I was able to turn my drab home decor elements into the perfectly pretty pieces I adore! 

It all starts with their kit. 

Metal Effects Kits: These oxidizing finish kits transform any paintable surface in minutes. Choose a green patina, blue patina, or rust finish. Each kit includes full instructions and covers up to 2 sq. ft. Just right for small projects.

Paint Home Decor Patina

You can transform any paintable surface into a beautiful patina finish in minutes. This kit includes primer, oxidizing copper paint and a green patina aging solution with a spritzer cap.

I still have over half of these paints, and I completed three small projects already!

Click below to purchase on Amazon:

Modern Masters 306291 2 oz Metal Effects Patina Oxidizing Finish Kit, Blue Patina Finish

Modern Masters 306270 2 oz Metal Effects Patina Oxidizing Finish Kit, Green Patina Finish

Modern Masters 306293 Rust Finish 2 Oz. Metal Effects Kit

You can also purchase Metal Effects Patina Kit at Home Depot

I have a pair (or had) of black plain candle holders – I really loved the shape and size of them and knew I could turn them into beautiful pieces that have personality and pops of color! This kit is super easy to use too and another reason I love it!

As you can see below, these candleholders were, well, just plain boring. 

Paint Home Decor Patina

The process is super easy too! Everything you need is in one kit. 

Paint Home Decor Patina
Paint Home Decor Patina

It’s as easy as stir and paint!

Paint Home Decor Patina

I have my three pieces all prepped and ready to dry. I decided to paint a vase as well. The candlestick holders are made of wood and the vase is glass. You can patina any paintable surface!

Paint Home Decor Patina

Below, you can see it turning before your eyes. This piece was still in the drying process.

Paint Home Decor Patina

Now, I have created beautiful home decor elements that have personality and pops of color too!

Paint Home Decor Patina

I didn’t spray the activator with a heavy hand because, personally, I love the bronze patina finish too and wanted to be sure there was enough of it showing. They recommend against spraying with a heavy hand. 

Paint Home Decor Patina

I love how the colors in my table pick up and accentuate the tones in the patina finish! 

Paint Home Decor Patina

Using this kit has made such a huge difference in my home decor elements. If I had to buy patina candle holders it would have cost me a fortune! I saved money doing it myself. 

Paint Home Decor Patina
Paint Home Decor Patina

I also decided to paint a vase as I mentioned above. Look at how stunning this turned out. Here’s a close up of how it looked before. 

Paint Home Decor Patina

And now look at how perfectly patina it is!

Paint Home Decor Patina
Paint Home Decor Patina
Paint Home Decor Patina

I can’t wait to use this Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit, again! I have so many other pieces ready for their transformation into perfectly patina! 

I also transformed my lamp using this patina kit too – be sure you check out that post as well. I am in love with the results!

How To Easily Create A Beautiful Faux Patina Finish

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How To Paint Your Home Decor Perfectly Pretty With Patina - Sassy Townhouse Living

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I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to create a beautiful patina finish. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. 

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  1. WOW. The candlesticks look great. That kit creates the most authentic patina I’ve ever seen. It looks like nature made it over time. Great job! Love them! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. I love this kit. I need to get mine out and play with it again Your candlesticks turned out really, really nice! You always do such nice work.

  3. I’ve used this kit too of course and it is hands down the best home decor makeover idea. I really like how your candle holders and the vase turned out. They look like expensive pieces of art now. Thanks for the inspiration and how to tutorial Carolann

  4. Thanks so much Susie, I just love this kit. Everything it touches is magically transformed into a thing of beauty! I love what you’ve done with it too. I’m addicted! lol

  5. It’s time to repaint my metal front door. I’ve been thinking maybe some type of copper color, possibly antiquing it. I’m wondering if this kit would be an interesting alternative. What do u think?

  6. Hi Louise, Oh gosh, yes. I love patina and think it would look amazing on a door. I love Modern Masters products. Head over to their homepage for some inspirational ideas too. They also sell paint designed just for doors. Love that idea!

  7. This looks really great. Thanks for the product tutorial and review. You could take all kinds of different decor and with a little effort make them all coordinate and match. Beautiful.

  8. Carolann…
    I too am a fan of Modern Masters…their paints are such high quality and make it really easy to ‘faux up’ just about anything.

    Thanks for sharing you great projects.

    Hugs, Lynn

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