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MP3 Players Can Help With Concentration And Increase Your Focus

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 MP3 Players Can Help With Concentration And Increase Your Focus

You might not have considered how MP3 Players can help with your concentration and increase your focus but studies have shown they can and do. It is usual for us to hear from students that they cannot focus on their assignments without a pair of headphones in their ears. But are MP3 players real helpers when it comes to concentration and your ability to focus?

MP3 Players Concentration Focus

In fact, many of us cannot imagine themselves performing our everyday tasks without music. “When I need to focus on my work, I usually turn on my MP3 player and listen to classical music. This helps me to immerse in the working process to the full avoiding any distractions” – says Robby Watson, an editor at Pro-Papers custom writing service.

When I was in college, many students did use an essay writing service but only as a guideline to learn how to write one and improve their skills. They would take the essay and review it line by line and reword it in their own voices trying to become better writers. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use the actual essays but rather to use them as a baseline and learn from the style of writing. They can be good tools if used correctly and not for cheating. 

When I was in college, I used MP3 Players for a multitude of things and not only for listening to music and enjoyment. I used them to help increase my concentration and focus when studying for exams, memorizing facts, and learning details about a subject matter. If you are a blogger, t his information can be very important for you as well. Blogging is one of the most demanding tasks and listening to music can be a great way to focus and relax while writing articles. 

MP3 Players Concentration Focus

The same with many students; no matter whether they are getting ready for an exam, reading a book, or going home by car, they claim that background music helps them to concentrate better on what they are doing at a time. Why is this happening? Why having more than one thing to focus on makes us more concentrated, not less? Some students even claim that not listening to their MP3 players is more distracting. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Paying Attention

In spite of all of its incredible abilities, our brain is not able to think about a single thing for long periods. In fact, every person has two attention systems. The first one, conscious attention, allows us to concentrate on what we want to focus on, and the second one shifts our attention towards everything else that may be significant for us.

The latter system is known as unconscious attention and is more about our emotional state rather than our reasoning abilities. For example, when we are home alone, we pay attention to every noise long before we find out where it comes from. We cannot help it!

MP3 Players Concentration Focus

In fact, when students concentrate on their homework, their unconscious attention continues to operate by scanning everything that surrounds them and that may be important to their senses. And if their homework is dull, their unconscious attention gets even more powerful. Therefore, they are more likely to be distracted by trivia.

During classes, students often complain about them being distracted by others constantly coughing, whispering, or cracking their joints. Something that usually seems to be so inconspicuous suddenly becomes so distracting, especially when students don’t really enjoy what they should be focused on.

MP3 Players Concentration Focus

In this case, MP3 players come in handy. They produce slight music, which is pleasing to the students’ senses, and effectively suppress the ability of the unconscious attention system to distract children from their assignments. This is very similar to the situation when parents give their kids new toys to entertain with while trying to get their work done.

Types of Music

Even though background sounds can help to focus better, it doesn’t mean that every noise is a good choice. There are many companies who broadcast pink and white noises to eliminate distractions and improve the productivity of their employees. However, the opinions considering the effectiveness of these sounds differ a lot. Therefore, it is obvious that the type of music matters when it comes to its ability to help listeners to focus.

As I’m writing this article, I’m listening to Sirius XM’s Spa Channel as it helps increase my concentration and helps me focus on the task at hand. I highly recommend giving it a try. I’ve been using music most of my life to increase my brain’s ability to focus better. 

In fact, different styles of music we listen to via MP3 players cause different responses in our brain. Music can make students dance or keep them motivated, it can make them sad or cheer them up. The effect music has on different students depends on their personal preferences.

Classical music is believed to be the best option to turn to when studying; however, there is no scientific proof to back up this idea. A study found that constant and silent music with a repetitive pulse is more efficient than loud and aggressive rhythms, meaning students should avoid listening to hard beats when trying to digest educational materials. There is also evidence indicating that students may perform worse when listening to their favorites rather than neutral.

MP3 Players Concentration Focus

Therefore, for students, to increase their concentration, they should turn to calm, neutral music; otherwise, they are more likely to become distracted. Since there are many types of music, and music preferences vary from one student to another, exposing a classroom to a particular type of music will not bring any good results. And this is when MP3 players can do the trick!

MP3 Players Concentration Focus

Many students admit that soundtracks from their favorite video entertainments can help them to concentrate on their assignments better. This makes sense, especially when we take a closer look at what stands behind this music: creating an immersive environment and keeping players focused on the action. Unlike music used for early games, modern video game soundtracks are entertaining and, by no means, distracting.

MP3 Players Concentration Focus

In truth, music and concentration are closely linked in our brain, and listening to MP3 players during classes can help students to study better. There is also evidence indicating many other positive effects that music has on students’ well-being, but now we don’t talk about this.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that no matter what kind of music students listen to via their MP3 players, it is good as long as it helps them to concentrate on their learning process better!

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MP3 Players Can Help With Concentration And Increase Your Focus - Sassy Townhouse Living

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MP3 Players Concentration Focus

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