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5 Low Carb Diet Mistakes That Everyone Seems To Make

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5 Low Carb Diet Mistakes That Everyone Seems To Make

If you are looking to lose weight and still eat healthily, you won’t want to make these low carb diet mistakes. Back in May of this year, I ventured on a new way to eat and lose weight called the Keto Diet.

So far, I’ve lost about 35 pounds and feel great! I’ve learned a few good tips along the way and some low carb diet mistakes to avoid as well.

low carb diet mistakes

Going on a low carb diet is a good start for those who are trying to lose weight. Even without drastic changes in your workout routine, eating fewer carbs can still provide results in vanquishing fats from your body.

I have been on this diet for 6 months now, and I can say that it has been a total positive for me. It lessened my urge to eat unhealthy foods, and since I’ve given up eating sugar, it also regulated my blood sugar level. After all, glucose is derived from carbs.

Oh, and if you love beets and green beans make sure you try this delicious recipe! 

However, there are particular guidelines that you have to adhere when it comes to a low carb diet. It would help if you did not do this haphazardly. Otherwise, you will not get the desired results that you want. Here are some mistakes that you have to avoid dearly.

1. High Protein Consumption

low carb diet mistakes

Just like carbohydrates, protein is a crucial macronutrient. There are a lot of negative repercussions that you can get if you can’t meet your daily protein requirements.

A macronutrient calculator for Keto can help you on this aspect, as it allows you to track the nourishment that you can get from the food you eat.

When in a low-carb diet, protein should always be present. It will act as a fuel so that you can keep on going. Eating fish, meat, and other food sources that are rich in protein is recommended who is in a low-carb diet.

However, too much protein is bad. Take into account that the amino acids that are produced after breaking down protein convert into glucose. It is a process known as the gluconeogenesis.

In layman’s term, too much protein can cause a cold slow to your weight loss effort. Therefore, it would be best if you aimed for moderate protein consumption. This translates to around two grams of protein per body weight kilogram.

2. Low Fat Diet

low carb diet mistakes

We always stereotype fat as something negative for our body. Well, there’s some truth to that statement – however, that should not make you believe that you should not eat fats at all.

Generally, we see fat as a weight-inducing component. Just like I said, such a notion is an accepted fact. However, in a low carb diet, fat is given absolute importance.

Since I’m a meat eater, I also watch my fat intake as well. I eat lean meats and always remove the fat from them before cooking.

I thought about going on the Carnivore Diet as well and did some research benchmarking it against the Keto Diet.  It’s always a great idea to make sure you do the research before starting any diet.  

Since we have fewer carbs in our body, it will need another source of energy. Fat can compensate for that. A low-carb diet should have a slightly high-fat composition. Otherwise, you will feel tired and weak all the time.

There’s no need to fear about this as long as the food sources are healthy. Omega-3 and monounsaturated fats are among the ideal candidates for this. Also, don’t forget to cut down trans fats. They aren’t good for you.

3. Missing Out Fiber

low carb diet mistakes

A low carb diet doesn’t mean that you need to sever fiber as well. This ranks high when it comes to low carb diet mistakes. Fiber is the very nutrient that regulates our digestion. Without it, you are susceptible to various inconveniences such as constipation and bloating. You have to remember that when you are in a low-carb diet, you are very prone to these gastrointestinal conditions.

The best thing that you can do here is to ensure that your fiber consumption is high. You may also need to look at the various sources of them and see which one suits your preferences or diet.

4. Skipping Veggies and Fruits

low carb diet mistakes

One cannot survive a low carb diet without eating plenty of vegetables. However, after a few weeks of not eating enough of my daily veggies, I had noticed that I didn’t feel that great. I quickly remedied this by eating more of them.

This ranks high when it comes to making low carb diet mistakes. 

A low carb diet requires high consumption of fruits and vegetables. Accordingly, these food sources should be maximized and prioritized in any diet. The very reason for this is quite simple: they will keep your health at an optimal level.

Always keep into mind that losing weight doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your health. There are a lot of healthy ways to cut your waistline.

5. Not Exercising at All

low carb diet mistakes

Just because you are into a low carb diet doesn’t mean that you are allowed to skip exercise. Yes, even without the assistance of working out, you can still cut down some pounds. Many dietitians and health experts consider exercise as mandatory.

Be sure to read how I’ve incorporated technology into my exercise routine. Regardless of the type of diet that you have, it should be paired with workout routines. Losing weight is not enough. You have to train and shape your body so that you can achieve the figure that you want.

Wrapping it Up

low carb diet mistakes

A low carb diet is a suitable means to lose some weight. It is simple to do and doesn’t require significant adjustments to your lifestyle. You have to learn how to do it properly so that you can get the most out of it.

Of course, it would be best if you avoid all those mistakes that I have mentioned here. They can ruin your health and make the diet inefficient as a whole. You don’t want that to happen, right?

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how my low carb diet continues to make progress, and how I avoid making low carb diet mistakes! 

For questions and suggestions, drop them in the comment section below.

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