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How To Create Stunning Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish

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I might be late to this trend, but I am glad I hopped on it now! I’ve seen so many tutorials on creating marble dipped vases with nail polish using everything from mugs to various home decor using this marble dipped technique, and I was itching to try it myself. 

Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish

Creating Beautiful nail polish marbled dipped vases

Aside from how stunning the vases look, it was so much fun to create them. I felt like a kid again in my arts and crafts class. The effect is truly one of a kind, and each piece is so uniquely beautiful. I also created beautiful decorative pumpkins using the same technique. You should take a look at them, too.

When I post pictures, I try to make them as realistic as possible and avoid using staging too much so you can see just what you get and what to expect when it’s all said and done. 

All you need to do is grab some old—or new—nail polish, a plastic dipping container, water, and old vases, and you can transform them into high-end decor elements easily. 

Upcycle Your Old Decor

I decided to upcycle some of the vases that came with flower deliveries. You know, the ones where the flowers are gorgeous, but the vases look like they were from the dollar store? Yep, those!  I thought they would be perfect for my first attempt. 

I ensured the container was wide enough for dipping and did this project right from my kitchen countertop. 

The Beauty Of These Nail Polish Marbled Dipped Vases

Expect messy hands and have the nail polish remover handy. It’s not a huge deal – clean-up is a breeze. You can enjoy creating these nail polish marbled dipped vases and place them anywhere in your home.

I experimented a bit using three vases. Two were the same, and one had a moderate design. All you need to do is fill a container with water and then drop the different polish colors in the center. Grab a toothpick, make some swirls, and start dipping. Be sure to work fast, as the polish will sink to the bottom, and you don’t want that. 

Tips for making this vase:

1 – Make sure your glass or plastic container is large enough to fit your vase – but not too large or too small. You want to be able to dip the portions of the vase you want color on. 

2—You can dip one side at a time or only certain areas of your vase—you can decide exactly where you want the color to be placed. You can also redip your vase as many times as necessary to achieve the desired look and patterns. Even after it dries, you can still redip.

3—Make sure you pour your color into the water quickly. You don’t want the nail polish to settle to the bottom of the container. It must stay on top of the water so it grabs properly to the vase. Try pouring, swirling, and dipping quickly. 

4 – Place your vase on wax paper or a paper towel after dipping. I used paper and didn’t have any issues. 

5 – You can dispose of the water in the garbage. I dumped the water on a paper towel into the garbage. You don’t want to pour nail polish down the drain. It’s bad for your plumbing and the environment!

6 – You can use room temperature water – not too hot or cold. 

7 – Any inexpensive nail polish works great! Open the bottle and start dripping the colors into the water, as shown below.

If you have any questions about this process, scroll to the bottom of this post and leave a comment. I will answer you back for sure!

Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish

Be sure to place them on a paper towel or wax paper for drying and let them dry for at least an hour before touching them. This is what they look like when they are drying. 

Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish

Each vase has a unique design, and that’s why it’s so much fun to create them. 

Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish

Pops Of Color

I wanted loud pops of color! I am thrilled with the results. 

Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish
Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish
Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish

Of course, I love them all and don’t have a favorite, but the one below grabbed my heart. 

Marble Dipped Vases With Nail Polish

You can pair these nail polish marbled dipped vases together or use them as part of a vignette – any way you look at them, they are truly beautiful! 

If you love my patina lamp be sure to check out my tutorial. I can’t wait to use this technique on other home decor elements. I think I’ll try some mugs next time!

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  1. I had so much fun making them. I have so many beautiful vases, and I have three more lined up to create today. I just love how this DIY transforms plain boring vases into something magical!

  2. I have tons of vases I use to glue together and place outside. Do you know if this would be waterproof

  3. when you put them on paper towel to dry does it not stick to paper towel?

  4. How DID you dip a tall vase in a short container? Did you roll it in the polish? Thanks!

  5. p.s. Have you noticed that you can see things in the polish like seeing things in clouds? You have an angel fish, a pink bird, a Lego man, etc. That was fun!

  6. LOL I love that! You have great observation skills for sure! I went back to look and you know, you are right! It was fun! Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know. Have a great weekend!

  7. Yes, once the container was filled with water, I dropped a few drops of each color polish, made a design with a toothpick, like a pretty swirl, dipped the vase in and rolled it a bit, and then did the other side. Then you let it dry for about an hour. It’s so much fun. I’ve made 6 of them so far and I love them all!

  8. Someone said you can use wax paper too but I didn’t have any issues with the paper towel. If the bottom sticks a little you can easily remove it. I love this project and had so much fun make them. I’ve made 6 so far! Thanks much Carol.

  9. I would think so yes. You can always put a protective clear glaze over it too. I didn’t do that with mine bc they are indoors but I’ve washed them with no issues so far. Thanks much.

  10. Hi Judith, I made sure to roll all side of that one in the polish. Like, I did one side at a time. I am so happy with the way they turned out. I did 6 so far and love them all. I hope you get to try it soon too!
    Thanks much, Carolann

  11. Do you roll the vase or pick it up and put it back in in to get the whole vase covered

  12. Can you color a vase that is a dark brown I know this sounds strange. I know I could not get the same effect as clear glass butt i also known i could not get the same effect if I painted the vase myself. I was thinking maybe i ought to paint it white first then dip it in the nail polish

  13. Hi Leona, Yes, I think if you painted the vase white or a light color first, you can dip it and get that same type of effect for sure. I’d love to see what it looks like. Be sure to update me!

  14. I’m going to do this to mugs with my granddaughter for Christmas gifts. Do you know if the mugs need to be baked in the oven. Also will the mugs be dishwasher safe? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  15. Hi Sandra, Oh, what fun! From what I’ve read, you should handwash anything painted. I wouldn’t put them in the dishwasher unless you use a glaze over the paint – which I’ve seen done as well. Hope that helps. I can’t wait to hear about how much fun this was!

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