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Nimi Places – Desktop Organization Software

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Welcome to another addition of Saturday Software Reviews. Today, I will walk you through some outstanding desktop organizing software called Nimi Places!

Nimi Places – Desktop Organization Software

Nimi Places Desktop Organizing Software - Sassy Townhouse Living

If you’re anything like me, you like – you NEED some organization in your life. We organize things at home, work, school, just about anything that touches your life. Well, what about your desktop? I’ve seen some desktops that would make your head spin! Icons, applications, documents, everywhere – floating around in a piled up mess like a teenager’s closet. Need to stop this madness? Look no further. I have the solution!

Does your desktop look like this? Well, then it’s time to get this  messed cleaned up! 

messy-desktop icons

I tripped upon Nimi Places when I got my new Alienware PC last year. Prior to using Nimi Places, I used to use a different desktop manager, but when I found Nimi Places and saw it was free – I jumped on the opportunity to install it.

Below, is a picture of the model I bought from Alienware. I am obsessed with this machine. One of the best I’ve ever worked on. The lights changed to any color in the rainbow. We will get to the review another time.

Alienware PC

OK – let me show you how awesome it is having your desktop organized. Below, you will see screenshots of my desktop. I have two monitors, so I will show you both. Of course, you can do the same thing using one desktop as well.

Nimi Places 1

Upon first glance, this might look like a bunch of unorganized icons, but it’s not! All of the madness you see in icons is a highly organized system of windows detailing specific categories – Within each category are the icons linking to the software or documents. I happen to have a load of software installed on my machine that is why I have too many icons. I need quick access to them. I can’t spend time searching around or wondering what software or document I need access to. With Nimi Places, I know exactly where everything is because I placed it there!

Nimi Places Close up

As you can see, I have all of my imaging software icons in a window – each window is created using Nimi Places! Instead of having icons all over the place in disarray, they are neatly located in the window giving me easy access and a quick overview of all of my imaging software.

As per the screenshot below, once you install Nimi Places, you will be creating your sub-windows by clicking on the plus sign. One note: You must create a desktop folder with all the shortcuts to your applications, documents, etc. and then create the window to place on your desktop. It’s really easy to do!

Nimi Places Example

Nimi Places organizes desktop into customizable containers of files and folders from chosen locations as icons and thumbnails. 

Nimi Places Details

Plus, they have a great list of help files!

Nimi Places Help

Be sure to check out my video tutorial on Nimi Places HERE

Download Nimi Places at their website – click here

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Sharing is Caring! ❤️

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