How To Transform A Battered End Table Into A Decorative Plant Stand

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How To Transform A Battered End Table Into A Decorative Plant Stand

Repurposing is always a fun and creative way to transform something old into something wonderful. When I originally bought this end table it came with a beautiful hutch, and I used it to display candles and other decorative items. I originally wanted to transform this end table into a Decorative Plant Stand and then decided to create a whole new space for my home using this old end table. 

Decorative Plant Stand

Well, that ended quickly when my daughter took the table to use for her beauty products. Along the way, she moved out and left it behind, so I decided to turn it into a plant stand. I didn’t want to re-stain it because I wanted to add some color to that space. This is what I decided to do, and I think it looks fab!

I’m not sure if I will re-purpose the hutch as of yet. I want to make sure I have the perfect place for it before I do. Here’s a pic of the unit. It’s all solid wood and is a sturdy piece for sure. I wanted something with some pizzazz to brighten a space especially because it will be a home to some plants.


Decorative Plant Stand

Here are some of the products I used for this project. 

Products Used

I started by sanding the entire table. I can’t tell you how easy it was to do with my new Black & Decker Mouse hand sander. And it was so easy to set up and use. I’m such a girl when it comes to power tools, but this was not frightening at all to use! And boy was it fast!

 Below, you can see some of the steps I took to get from this battered old end table to something I so proud of and love. 

Decorative Plant Stand

I wanted a pattern under the decoupage, so I thought stripes would look great under the gold flecks. I started by taping off the lines about one inch thick.

Decorative Plant Stand

I then added my other color choices to the entire table. I was aiming for a nice contrast to the blue. I chose a silver-white to the trim to bring out the gold of the decoupage. The strips are more of a neutral beige again to bring out the gold.

Decorative Plant Stand

Once the table was painted, I then began the process of adding the decoupage to the trim. I also added some extra glue to the underneath to make sure it would not peel up.

Decorative Plant Stand

I really like using a mini blow-dryer to speed this process up, so I can move along faster.

quick drying

A straight razor works great to trim those edges nicely!

trimming the decoupage

Once I had the top section of decoupage smoothed out, I then used a level guide to trim the leftover paper and make the edges look neat and sharp.

Decorative Plant Stand

Once the decoupage was dry, I touched up the details. A dab of paint here and there, and completed the draw with the same contrast color for the border.

Refinished End Table

I decided to kick it up and notch and transformed that entire space in my home into this. 

Decorative Plant Stand

I love this space even more now. I easily paired this end table with one of my refinished old mirrors and wow, it completed the upscaled Farmhouse vignette look I was dreaming of!

Decorative Plant Stand

As you can see, the contrast of colors worked out just right. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I would love to hear what you think of the results.

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