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Reorganize and Store Your Makeup With The Best Acrylic Cases

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If you love your makeup collection and need to reorganize the mess, you might want to consider using acrylic cases to get the job done perfectly! These makeup organizers are the best and once you try them, there’s no going back! 

Makeup Acrylic Cases

Organizing your makeup collection is an important step in keeping your makeup investment in good shape and of course, keeping them clean and hygienic too. That’s when I discovered acrylic cases for my makeup collection and I’ve used them ever since.

First, a little back-story about how I found these. They are all the rage now, but when I started using them, they weren’t, so that makes me feel like a bit of a trendsetter :) I worked in NYC for many years and discovered this awesome shop called Muji.

They happened to be located two blocks from where I worked. How lucky I was to discover them. It was as if I entered a labyrinth for organizational addicts!

Acrylic cases are available on Amazon too and they have some really sturdy cases available for purchase now. The styles are colorful and super cute! I love this Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display – it even has protective liners in the drawers which is a great idea! 

Makeup Acrylic Cases

The Muji acrylic cases are a bit more expensive but, I’ve had mine for many years and they are still going strong. They have different styles to choose from as well.

Makeup Acrylic Cases

Muji acrylic cases are one of the best acrylic cases but there are so many to choose from now and all depends on the quality you are looking for. 

My acrylic cases are one of the best makeup investments to protect your makeup collection and years later they are still holding strong! They are simply the best makeup organizing cases I’ve ever owned. 

You can also get some acrylic cases and storage containers for your makeup brush collection too. I like using these cup style cases because they make it easy for me to grab a makeup brush quickly and keep them all neatly organized. 

Makeup Acrylic Cases

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reorganized my makeup. When I worked in the city, I had to wear a full face of makeup every day and by the end of the week, my makeup was a huge mess of items flung and not placed back where I got them.

Once I got these acrylic cases, that all changed. I would take a product out and put it back where I got it from. Easy Peasy!

Makeup Acrylic Cases

If you are looking to save money you can create your own makeup organizers by purchasing some acrylic sheets and create your own makeup storage, but you have to love crafting and map it all out clearly first. You can Google how to make your own acrylic cases and find loads of handy tutorials and many of them are such great inspiration to get up and running fast. 

I made my makeup brush containers by taking some mason jars and transformed them into really cute makeup brush holders. I love how they turned out. I put the brushes I use daily in them for easy access. I also created another makeup storage container with some decoupage, and I love how that one turned out too. 

Makeup Acrylic Cases

I hope you were able to get inspired to get some acrylic cases and reorganize your entire makeup collection too. Now, every product is now covered and easy to get to! I’ll never try any other makeup storage again! 

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  1. These are lovely! I’m going to have to start wearing more makeup to justify wanting a case or two. I currently keep my five makeup products I wear daily in a clear zippered pouch. But think how much MORE I could have if I only had the case in which to keep them. (Now if only I had someone who could give me good tips on how to do your makeup after the age of 50; I missed that course, and photos of me prove it!)

  2. I think this was a sign from the goddess that I need these acrylic organizers! I dumped all my makeup and hair and nail stuff into a laundry basked and swore I would not get anything out until I tossed old stuff and perfectly organized the drawers in which everything belongs. The stuff has been sitting in the basket for two weeks!!!

  3. Wow you’re so organized and I’m amazed at how much makeup you have. Fun! I have a small bag. Hahaha! I love that makeup vanity that you restored. Beautiful!

  4. Carolann, I think you have more makeup right now than I’ve ever had in my life all put together since my first blush at age 13. lol. Sort of makes me want to run to Sephora and treat myself today. Love the idea of the storage cases and please post pics when you’re done with the chalk paint. I’ve done several pieces and I LOVE how they’ve turned out.

  5. I am gushing how much I like your organized make up cases. They have a real professional look. What color will you paint your vanity?

  6. Wow that is a LOT of makeup. You could definitely do a makeover for me if I were to come visit. I’d have a field day just looking at it all. I’m not a makeup guru at all. I do love it, and enjoy using it for special occasions. (Provided I land this job, I know I’ll use it a lot more. However, I honestly couldn’t tell you what colors I should actually wear. I did have a friend of the family teach me how to wear it, but that’s as far as my makeup knowledge goes.)
    I do love these cases. I could really use them for my pen collection. (Yes, I’m obsessed with pens because I still do a lot of pen and paper writing.)

  7. I love this post and I love makeup too…..
    I think you can open up your own makeup store and call it…CarolSephora! Hahaha!

  8. Dang girl! That’s a lotta make up! But I do love those cases. I love how you can see everything, and they are pretty much timeless. Like you said, you’ve had them for 7 years and they really haven’t gone out of style.

  9. wow wow wow to say you love makeup is an understatement lol but awesome job cleaning it up and storing it away love the cases great find Carolann

  10. Hi Crystal, oh what a great idea! I would love to see your pen collection. You should do a post on that someday! You can use them to store anything they are awesome. If you lived close by I would have loved to do your makeup. Well, hopefully, one day we will get together and we can play with makeup for sure! xo

  11. Thanks Sue! They are great for storing most anything really. I’m doing red and black chalk paint. I wanted a splash of bold in my bedroom. I hope to have it done with the week. Thanks much for stopping by! xo

  12. lol Angela I know it’s bad. I had way more if you can believe that, but I gave boatloads away recently. It’s addicting for sure lol. Oh I love chalk paints. Do you have yous posted on your blog? I would love to see them! Hoping to get my vanity done within the week if all goes well. Have a great night!

  13. Hi Ellen, I know lol. It’s bad. Isn’t organizing fun? I mean it – it’s so relaxing! I did just give away a boatload of makeup right before that post though. I think I’ve calmed down quite a bit with my obsession now. thank goodness lol. Have a great night!

  14. Hi Lisa, oh yes you have to a case for sure! Then you will buy more makeup lol. It’s so much fun to play with makeup and relaxing too. Youtube has so many great tutorials. You should check them out. I’ve learned a boatload from there! Have a great night!

  15. Hi Carol, oh you would love them indeed. You can store so many things in them aside from makeup. Let me know if you get one! lol yes I do – I think I’m over my obsession…well…sort of lol. Have a great night.

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