What You Need To Know Most About Wearing Wedding Sunglasses 

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When choosing wedding sunglasses, it’s not always easy deciding what styles are appropriate and look best with our outfits. Regardless of the season, spending time outdoors in the harsh sun can make us squint and even cause eye damage. That’s why it’s essential to know what type of wedding sunglasses to wear during the event, especially in the summer months.

Wedding Sunglasses 

Is It OK To Wear Wedding Sunglasses To An Outdoor Event?

Of course, when it comes to choosing wedding sunglasses, you want a pair that fits your outfit and your face shape. After all, we took the time to choose the outfit and spent hours shopping for matching shoes. However, there’s one accessory you might not have planned yet: your sunglasses.

Typically, no one wants to take photos of our eyes squinting in the sun or risk damaging our eyes. However, you might wonder if it’s appropriate to wear sunglasses to a wedding. Of course, it’s OK to wear them outdoors (Bride included) as long as you do so appropriately and fashionably. Summer outdoor weddings can last for hours outdoors, and during the sun’s hottest hours, you’ll want to protect your eyes.

Below, you’ll discover some ideas for your wedding sunglasses and how to wear them in confidence.

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Wedding Sunglasses 

Treat Yourself To Some High-End Sunglasses

If you can’t splurge on your wedding sunglasses, when can you? For instance, maybe you can set your sights on a pair of luxury Gucci glasses for women or already own a pair of specs from Tommy Hilfiger. They make a fine choice for a wedding and would make a statement with your outfit. Either way, designer shades should be the next item on your shopping list.

Even if other guests don’t notice how elegant your frames are, you’ll undoubtedly feel like a million dollars every time you look back on any snaps from the big day. So while designer frames aren’t everything, this is your sign for an excuse to treat yourself. First, however, make sure you take good care of your shades. In addition, keep them in a protective case and not sitting on top of your head.

Think About Color Schemes

Some weddings have a color scheme, so the last thing you want to do is wear jet black sunglasses when the day’s theme is pastel florals. While your sunglasses don’t have to adhere strictly to this theme, you’ll blend in better if you opt for lenses that have a lighter color, like blue or pink.

And what better way to view a wedding than through rose-tinted sunglasses? If the wedding you’re attending doesn’t have a color scheme, make sure your sunglasses match your outfit to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb.

Transitions Lenses

Some summer weddings occur entirely outside, while others allow guests to split their time between a grand building and lush gardens. Transition lenses work perfectly primarily when you pop in and outdoors. These lenses cleverly adapt to the light around you, allowing you to see clearly no matter how light or dark it is. And you can have them made to suit your prescription, letting you go about your day comfortably.

When It Comes To Your Wedding Sunglasses, Avoid Sporty Looks

Unless you’re attending an incredibly casual event, it’s best to avoid the sporty sunglasses you wear on bike rides at the weekend. While these polarized lenses prevent the sun from blinding you when exploring new trails, your wraparound shades won’t be doing much for the evening gown you rented for the big day. On the other hand, sunglasses do significantly impact your look. Especially as they’re the first thing, people will see when they talk to you. So spend some time matching your sunglasses to the occasion.

Bottom Line

When it’s time to choose your wedding sunglasses, try and go with a classic style. Doing so will allow you to feel confident and suit your formal wear perfectly. This year, oversized plastic-rimmed sunglasses hit the runways and look great on almost anyone. However, if you are unsure, it’s best to choose classic styles over trending ones. Either way, wearing sunglasses is a great way to look stylish and protect your eyes.

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