5 Tips You Need To Know When Choosing A New Roof

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If you’re in the market for a new roof for your home, you want to be as well-informed as possible before making a final selection. Replacing or adding a new roof can make some decisions stressful, but it doesn’t need to. And this home addition can end up costing more than you thought.

New Roof

What You Should Do Before You Add Your New Roof

Anytime we plan for a new home improvement project, it’s never easy to know what to prepare for first. Of course, we want to focus on value, not price, but that’s not always the case. While we all want to save money and have the best value for our roof, the two seem impossible at times.

After all, we have so many questions and concerns before we add a roof, and we need to plan it out carefully. Questions about the warranty, shingle style and type, proper ventilation, and much more come into play. We want to think the installation process can proceed stress-free and seamlessly.

Additionally, we need to plan to relocate our vehicles, remove wall decor, plan a safe place for our pets and children, clear out the outdoor space, and more. Furthermore, we want our home to have beautiful curb appeal and need to plan for color and style that suits the neighborhood.

However, you should always follow these five guidelines when making a roofing purchase.

  • Choose based on the climate
  • Consider the decor of your home
  • Stay within your budget
  • Consider the overall installation process
  • Remember the maintenance involved

For example, Considering all these points before hiring one of the Grosse Pointe Farms roofers will prepare you and confidently make an educated selection.

New Roof

1 – Consider The Climate For Solar Panels

Where on the roof you install your solar panels is less important than where the sun usually rises and sets. In some environments, there may be better choices than one roofing material. Of course, you must ensure all roof repairs or replacements undergo first. Please always look over the condition of your roof before installation.

For example, although asphalt shingles are popular, you wouldn’t want to use them in areas where ice and snow can present an issue. On the other hand, materials like metal and tile are more likely to last in high-wind or snowy regions. Additionally, always check how much weight your roof can handle and the water run-off.

Solar Panels

2 – Consider The Style Of Your Home And Surrounding Neighborhood

Consider your home’s architectural style as another factor in your roofing decision. It’s crucial to select a roofing material that works with your home’s aesthetic. Shingles, for instance, are a common choice for homes with a more conventional design.

Instead, consider installing a metal roof on your ultra-modern dwelling. Regarding your new roof installation, you’ll want to consider the surrounding area’s esthetic and keep it within those parameters.

3 – Consider Your Budget For Your New Roof

Of course, you’ll want to consider your finances before undertaking this home improvement project. There is a wide range in cost between various roofing materials, so it is crucial to find an affordable solution that fits your budget. If you’re looking for low-cost roofing material, asphalt shingles are one of your best bets, whereas tile and metal might run you a pretty penny.

Of course, saving beforehand and years in advance for your roof or replacement is a good idea. The experts say to save at least 1% of your home’s value every month in preparation. A roof replacement can cost up to $14,000, depending on the size and quality you choose. Also, you’ll want to research how to best plan your budget for this home improvement at least a few years in advance.

4 – Consider The Installation Process

Another factor to consider when choosing your roof is the installation process. Roofing materials vary in how simple or difficult they are to set up. Asphalt shingles and metal roofs are two examples of materials that are pretty simple to install if you are not confident handling the job. On the other hand, a more challenging material, like tile or slate, can be a good option if you install it yourself.

5 – Think About The Required Maintenance

Finally, when choosing your roof, you will also want to consider the maintenance required. Some roofing materials require more maintenance than others. For example, you should replace asphalt shingles every 20 years or so. And while tile and metal roofs can last much longer with proper maintenance, you’ll want to prepare for maintenance costs.

Final Thoughts On Your New Roof

When choosing a roof, there’s much to consider. The climate in your region should be a determining factor, as certain types are better suited for specific conditions. It’s essential also to pick a style of roof that will match the architecture of your property, making it look its best. Budget is another crucial factor; you’ll want to ensure it falls within your means.

The installation process may require specialized knowledge and possibly certifications, so you want to make sure the professionals you choose are qualified and highly regarded.

Lastly, remember what maintenance becomes necessary with whichever kind you choose. Moreover, this can vary whether you choose shingles, metal, wood, or other materials, so if regular maintenance becomes costly down the line, that is also a consideration.

Roof Cleaning

As a homeowner, there’s so much to remember when it comes to home maintenance – roof cleaning is one of them. It’s so important to keep it clean and free of debris which can often lead to permanent damage.

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