5 Traditional Christmas Foods From Around The World

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Discovering new and traditional Christmas foods from around the world helps makes the holiday season more festive. So whether you feel like using your favorite cookware set to create a memorable feast for your family on Christmas, or just interested in how others celebrate the holiday season, these five traditional Christmas foods from around the world will inspire you (and probably rather hungry).

Christmas Foods

Discovering New Christmas Foods To Help Celebrate The Holidays

We spend hours preparing our favorite Christmas foods every holiday season to help us celebrate. But, after a while, they can become dull and repetitive unless we add some new and exciting foods to try. So, if you love everything about the holidays, you will enjoy discovering new Christmas foods to try this year.

Statistics show 73% of Americans cook turkey, which can become tedious, especially after Thanksgiving. Prime rib comes in at 69%, followed by chicken at 64%, roast pork at 64%, and ham at 62%.

Regarding side dishes, sweet potatoes ranked at 61%, while macaroni and cheese came in at 61%. Next, scalloped potatoes ranked at 61%, green beans at 58%, and other sides with cheese at 57%.

 Of course, Christmas foods globally look and taste different correlate to different cultural mores and values. So if you need some Christmas inspiration for what to cook, you’ll discover five ways to kick up your holiday food plan.

Christmas Foods

1 – Italy

Italy’s central feast on Christmas Day, known as Il Cenone Di Natale, where they discover a fantastic array of Christmas foods. Of course, everybody does their family Christmas feast differently, but lasagne (layered pasta and mince) and cannelloni (stuffed pasta tubes) are popular choices.

Traditional pizza and pasta dishes like ravioli (stuffed pasta cushions) may be on the menu, as well as meats like veal and a vast range of extras like warm homemade bread, fish, seafood soup, and shellfish.

Salad can also feature on an Italian Christmas dinner table. Moreover, This is all accompanied by lots of wine and a choice of treats like tiramisu (a coffee and cream dessert), panettone (sweet bread), and panna cotta (a cold vanilla custard dessert).

2 – The UK – Assorted Christmas Foods

The traditional Christmas dinner in the UK usually includes whole roast turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, sprouts, cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon), and gravy. Some people also like spiced red cabbage, other roast meats like beef, and steamed veggies like cauliflower, peas, carrots, and broccoli to round out their Christmas dinner spread.

It’s traditional to have a little glass of something sparkly like Prosecco with your dinner on Christmas Day and then something like a Christmas pudding or trifle for dessert. When it comes to Christmas foods, they serve a delicious array sure to please everyone.

3 – Spain

Sopa De Galets (pasta soup) is a traditional Christmas starter in Spain. If you have a vegan dinner guest for your Spanish feast, following a vegan Sopa De Galets recipe is a great way to include them in your festivities.

Spanish Christmas mains include seafood, charcuterie boards of meat and cheese, roast lamb or suckling pig, and Iberian ham. Veggies accompanying the various main dishes include artichoke, popular in Spain, a salad with green leaves, tomatoes, sweet corn, onions, and tuna. Dessert is likely to be turron (nougat and almonds), polvorones and mantecados (simple powdered cookies), marzipan, and hojaldrinas (lard and butter soft cookies).

4 – Germany

Annually, around 160 million people visit over 2,500 German Christmas markets to enjoy the traditional food, crafts, and exciting environment offered by these fantastic tourist hotspots.

Germany has many yummy Christmas foods and drinks, including fondue, potato salad with sausage, bratwurst, fish, game meat, roast goose, duck, beef, or pork.

Goose is the most traditional option and is usually stuffed with apples and accompanied by German red cabbage and dumplings. You’ll likely see stollen (fruit bread), lebkuchen (gingerbread), and chocolate Santas for dessert.

5 – Africa

Over 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide, and 16% live in Africa. Many African people do still celebrate Christmas, though. Those who prepare a special meal enjoy Christmas foods like curried goat stew, Liberian chicken gravy, rice (Jollof, yellow, or fried), carrot and pineapple salad, and various roasted meat, potato bakes, and sambal (a zingy slaw/salad).

Which Country’s Christmas Foods Will You Embrace During The Holidays This Year?

It’s always a joy to try food from different cultures to broaden your culinary skills and tastes. So why not try some of the above dishes this Christmas for a more flavourful and exciting Christmas spread? Who knows? It could become a firm family favorite for years to come.

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