8 Classy Bathroom Ideas You Need To Think About

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Bathrooms often take a back seat when it comes to decor. With these classy bathroom ideas, you can perk up your decor in no time! Despite the fact that our bathrooms are a key component of our homes, they often don’t get the square footage they deserve.

More than likely, there’s a chance that you would like your bathroom to look more elegant and classier, perhaps by incorporating stylish fixtures from Victoria Plum.

Below, you’ll find eight great, classy bathroom ideas to give your bathroom the attention it deserves and add some elegance and class.

Classy Bathroom Ideas

Classy Bathroom Ideas Your Home Deserves

I love decorating my bathrooms, don’t you? Honestly, bathrooms can present challenges, and often, they require outside-the-box thinking.

Often, I think about classy bathroom ideas because elegance in a bathroom looks divine! As a result, I noted eight ways to incorporate classy decor elements into my home and, of course, shared them with you!

We might not have the funds for an expensive elegant upgrade, but we can surely use these ideas to enhance what we already have.

That said, let’s examine some of these classy bathroom ideas and see if they can work for you, too.

 Classy Bathroom Ideas

1 – The Ever Classic White on White

A classy bathroom is spacious, and the easiest way to get that spacious look is to go with lots of white. Therefore, the tiling, paint, vanity, and decor elements should strive for classic white-on-white tones.

For example, the white color reflects light as opposed to absorbing it. White spaces can make most rooms look larger as well.  It’s especially effective in a bathroom space where many elements are already white in color. This style of decor always creates a very seamless and classy look.

Moreover, some people have an issue with using too much white because they feel it lacks character. Personally, I prefer pops of color in my home and love white as a primary tone.

However, this is not always true. Textural elements can also add a lot of richness. Elements such as molding, pale stone, tile, and touches of metallics attract the eye’s attention and add depth and texture.

2 – Classy Bathroom Ideas Using Tone on Tone

Conversely, people who are not fans of pristine white can still create a very airy feel in their bathrooms. They can decorate using a tone-on-tone palette of warm beige, soft grays, or even faint hues such as powder blue.

Additionally, you can select an elegant tile and find a paint color for the remaining walls that picks up on one of the hues within it. The subtle effect leaves a spa-like feel without the visual breaks to shrink the space.

Classy Bathroom Ideas

3 – Add A Floating Vanity

Contrary to my opinion, you don’t need a large bathroom to add a floating vanity. While a smaller bathroom space might present some challenges, you can do it!

A floating vanity is a good solution to bring elegance to your bathroom and doesn’t require breaking the bank, either. Above all, displaying the floor beneath your vanity will create a larger appearance, and you’ll only sacrifice minimal storage space.

Plus, these vanities are very popular among minimalistic decor fans and you won’t have to worry about this trend fading out anytime soon.

Adding a floating vanity is one of my favorite classy bathroom ideas, and it’s on my list for our next bathroom makeover.

4 – When It Comes To Classy Bathroom Ideas – Less Means More

If your bathroom is small, don’t fret about storage space too much. You can always implement some extra cabinets to help out. I know I said less means more, but installing wall-mounted cabinets doesn’t take up any space.

Last year, we added additional medicine cabinets to our main bathroom, and wow, what an amazing difference! It provided me with the extra room and didn’t use any valuable floor space, either.

More so, leaving extra space around your smaller vanity so it doesn’t appear cramped and unkempt is extremely important. Doing this can work wonders for a classy look and give your bathroom the extra room it deserves. The negative space will make the area feel less stuffed and airier.

Previously, I would use the space around my vanity and bathtub for decor elements, but honestly, it always looked cramped and made the bathroom appear smaller.

If you have the same situation, quickly clear the space and add the decor you love and want to feature. Plus, you can try adding your favorite plant and nothing more!

Classy Bathroom Ideas

5 – Mirrors – They Can Work Magic!

Larger bathrooms always seem airier and more luxurious; you gain massive benefits by doubling the perceived space using big mirrors.

Initially, a large mirror is a pricey investment. However, considering the cost of tiling the wall and increasing the perceived bathroom area, you stand to save lots of money.

Spending money on a good frame for the mirror will also be a wise decision. Getting a custom piece and moving it from one wall to the other can have such a strong effect on the room and require nothing more.

6 – Bright Lighting

Good lighting is important for making any room look proper. It’s also a must for classy bathroom ideas! However, bathrooms rarely receive any natural lighting, so it is extremely important to get the lighting done right to make your daily routine easier.

All three baths in my home face this challenge. And a challenge it is! I must admit, applying makeup in any of my baths would be next to impossible because of the lighting situation. That’s why I have a makeup vanity!

However, having multiple sources of lighting within a bathroom is important to avoid shadows when performing our activities. An array of ceiling lights in combination with an edge-lit mirror would do the space very nicely.

In a bathroom where you can change the electrical wiring, try changing the fixture to have multiple bulbs to increase the direction light travels.

Classy Bathroom Ideas

7 – Major Renovations

If small changes won’t be enough for your bathroom, you may want to consider completely revamping it and starting with something fresh.

For example, in Houston, many contractors are willing to take on these types of projects. Finding a bathroom remodeling contractor in Houston shouldn’t be difficult, just make sure to check their portfolios so you can be sure that they can deliver what you require of them.

Always trust the experts regarding major remodeling changes within the house. Faulty plumbing can lead to a myriad of problems, including serious health risks.

We plan on a major bathroom renovation next year, and honestly, we can’t wait! Since two baths have tubs, we removed one and installed a shower stall. While it’s an expense and lots of work, it’s well worth it.

8 – Niche Space

A little extra space in an unused wall can greatly affect the room. Adding a recess in the wall for a bit of extra storage space creates a lot of visual depth that makes the walls appear further than they are.

Sticking a cabinet in one of the recessed niches can create a lot of storage space without cluttering the room with large objects.

Furthermore, always consider where the plumbing and electrical lines are running when considering creating a niche space. Remember always to have a licensed professional handle the hard work.

Whether you choose to go small and use simple tricks like painting and mirrors, or big and go for a new vanity or complete remodel.

Whatever classy bathroom ideas you decide to use to spice up your bathroom, you will undoubtedly feel great about them.

A classy-looking and well-functioning bathroom is extremely important to the look and feel of your home. Treat yourself and get remodeling!

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