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How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm

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We all like looking stylish in our skirts and dresses this winter. You can do both and still keep warm! Even in the summer, my legs get a chill from air conditioning – don’t yours? 

I love fashion just as much as the next person, but in the winter it’s difficult wearing our favorite skirts and dresses with legs exposed and freezing! We also know that all leggings are not created equal – that’s why I always rely on a particular brand of stockings that I know will keep my legs stylish yet warm and comfy. 

Just because it’s getting colder outside, doesn’t mean you can’t stay in style and get your comfort fix at the same time! Kushyfoot tights feature a specially designed sole with a massaging sensation while their Fleece-Lined tight keeps you feeling warm and cozy.

Here are some of my favorite stylish and comfortable tights from Kushyfoot!

Skies are getting cloudy, temperatures are getting colder and it’s starting to feel like hibernation could be the only option. Luckily, Kushyfoot has chic, comfortable choices for enjoying the upcoming fall and winter months. From casual comfort to more elegant affairs, Kushyfoot’s autumnal designs ensure that you keep stepping out in style.

Sleet, snow, driving rain – Mother’s Nature’s meanest elements aren’t a match for Kushyfoot’s cozy fleece-lined deigns! Stay warm and look stylish by pairing black Fleece-Lined Tights ($8.99) with a short skirt or add another layer of warmth under jeans or pants with black Fleece-Lined Trouser Socks ($5.99). For a flirty look, the trouser socks can also be paired with an oversized sweater.

Fleece Trouser Socks Example

Incorporating a little personality into an outfit is easy with a pop of pattern. Bring an evening out to a whole new level of sophistication thanks to Kushyfoot’s black Diamond Tights ($7.49).  With their classic design, the black Fishnet Tights ($7.49) add a dash of casual chic for weekend outings. Both fashion styles feature a specially designed sole that helps create a messaging sensation for extra comfort.

Lipstick? Check. Hairbrush? Check. Flats To Go? Check. There are a few essentials that need to be in every woman’s purse and these portable ballerina shoes are certainly one of them! Featuring a specially designed sole with a messaging sensation and a built-in elastic band at the heel for a perfect fit, these ballerinas can be rolled up and kept in a handbag for those just-in-case occasions.

Slip them on when tired feet need to take a little break from high heels.  The shoes are available in black or silver patent ($9.99) as well as a black alligator print ($11.99). For added convenience, they even come in their own clear plastic carrying bag.  A fleecy leopard print style is also offered. ($11.99).

How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway!

Below, are some of my Kushyfoot favorites I rely on all year around. 

How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway!

I love these opaque tights and wear them all year-long. They are super comfortable too. 

How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway!
How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway!

These fleece knee highs are my go-to style. I love wearing them under my dress pants and are so cute paired with a short skirt too. 

How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway!

These tights are great for shaping up some of that unsightly belly jelly – they do a great job at holding things in and are super comfy too! 

How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway!

These fashion tights are so much fun! 

How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway!

I throw these Flats To Go in my handbag and I’m ready for any shoe emergency you can throw at me! 

How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway!

Let me know – What’s Your Favorite Pair Of Kushyfoot Tights? In the comment sections below. 

How To Look Stylish And Keep Your Legs Warm - And Giveaway! Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. Ok these look fabulous!! I love trouser socks in the winter. Fleece lined? I am officially in LOVE!! Fingers crossed I want to win this one!! Thanks for such an awesome give away!!

  2. The fleeced line ones are sooooo comfortable lol. On cold nights, you can sleep with them on. I just love Kushyfoot products. I always jump at the opportunity to buy them when I’m out shopping. Good luck with your entry! I know you will love them.

  3. I bought some of their fleece tights and socks for my daughter who is in her first year of college in New York. A friend recommended them and said they were the best brand for keeping her warm. Reasonably priced too.

  4. I love cool socks and stockings and tights yet have never heard of Kushyfoot! I think that means I’m supposed to win. (Or find them at a retailer somewhere!) Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. I love tights! These Kushyfoot oned look so lovely! Just entered the contest too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great product and concept. I entered. I always want to keep my feet warming in the winter.

  7. They really are the best tights I’ve ever owned. I love the fleece lined too and yes, the price point is really good for the quality. I always look for Kushyfoot when I’m out shopping. Thanks for entering and good luck with your entry!

  8. I love fleece tights, I live in the northeast and it is always cold in the winter and the fleece keeps my legs warm :)

  9. First time checking out your site today, so HI!!! :) I love tights, but seems it’s sooo hard to find really good, high quality ones!!! With Winter coming up, I’m going to say that the Fleece Tights are my favorite!!! Thanks so much for this giveaway!!! *Fingers crossed*
    Amanda S. :)

  10. Hi Amanda,
    Oh my gosh, these tights are the best. My daughter will not wear any other brand. I love the fleece ones they are soooo comfortable you can sleep in them. Good luck with your entry and thanks so much for stopping by and entering!

  11. My favorite style of tights are fishnets. i love the way the pattern looks and they go with virtually everything.

  12. Thanks Julie. I never liked tights either until I found Kushyfoot. They are so comfortable I even wear the fleece tights under my jeans in the winter. Good luck with your entry and thanks for entering!

  13. I don’t wear the tights but I have a pair of Kushyfoot lace no show “socks” that I wear in the summer with my Sperry’s.

  14. I like the Shaping Tights. I have never tried Kushyfoot products before. They look like they would be something I would like though :)

  15. I guess I’m not alone in my love of fleece lined tights lol. They are perfect for fall & winter and so comfortable.

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