6 Ways To Quickly Clean Kitchen Surfaces Without The Hassle

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We all want to find ways to clean kitchen surfaces without the hassle and keep them that way. Well, with some consistent methods, you can.  Furthermore, it’s not only about the cleaning products you use but the schedule you keep. Today, we’ll look at how you can keep your kitchen surfaces clean and not break a sweat when doing so.

Clean Kitchen

Our Kitchens Are The Focal Points Of Our Homes

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When you think about it, we all tend to spend most of our time in our kitchens. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or family and friend gatherings, our kitchens are the hot spots of our homes. Of course, we want a clean kitchen regardless of the time of day or social event.

Most of us find it challenging to keep a clean kitchen, especially those with larger families and those who love to cook and bake. Plus, with a shortage of time, patience, cleaning isn’t the most exciting thing we can do with our time. But it’s a necessity we all face daily.

Last year, we thought about cabinet refacing to perk up our home decor and keep our cabinets cleaner as well. After all, upgrading our kitchen’s decor can help when it comes to keeping it clean tremendously. But if you can’t afford to redecorate, you can discover ways to keep it clean, so it always looks great.

When it comes to keeping our kitchens clean, the cabinets seem to require a weekly cleaning as well. Fortunately, we found a great kitchen cabinet cleaning tip that works! More so, you won’t need to clean them but once a month as well. You can have a clean kitchen and avoid endless hassle and struggle. When it comes to our kitchens, there are so many places we need to clean.

Clean Kitchen

1 – A Clean Kitchen Means Clean Countertops

Primarily, our countertops seem to collect all the crumbs, dust, grease, and general clutter in our kitchens. We find the best way to keep your countertops clean is to clean them after each use.

It’s much easier to clean up your countertops directly after you create the mess. It makes sense, right? Yet, many of us leave the crumbs, grease, and clutter for later. Well, later never comes, and you face a countertop pileup you never attend to or wait until the mess becomes unmanageable.

For example, over 9,000 Amazon shoppers love using Weiman Disinfectant Granite Daily Clean & Shine. It’s affordable and Kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria as well and all in 10 minutes. You can also use it on floors, shower stalls, sinks, bathrooms, and even your floors. Plus, it’s safe for hard, non-porous surfaces.

Also, try and keep your countertops clutter-free. The least amount of appliances you have displayed, the less you need to clean. Plus, make sure you keep your appliance cords neat and organized too. Home stagers recommend you only need 2-3 items cluttering your countertops.

Whatever you decide to clean with, always make sure you clean up directly after the mess. And avoid leaving it for later when you know you won’t attend to it. Set the same rule for the family too. You’ll find once you do, your kitchen countertops will sparkle and lead to a clean kitchen.

2 – Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink

Did you know your kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen? We toss everything in it, including our dirty dishes, pots, and pans. The first rule you should make for yourself is never leaving dirty dishware sitting for more than an hour. Once you hit that hour mark and don’t attend to them, there’s a good chance they’ll stay that way.

To have a clean kitchen, your sink and what’s in it needs attending and proper cleaning. Now that you tended to your dishes, it’s time to disinfect and clean the sink and faucets. If you have a stainless sink, you’ll want to be careful not to use abrasive cleaners.

Over 10,000 Amazon shoppers all agree Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish works best and includes large microfiber cloth. Why? Because this cleaner is a plant-based stainless steel cleaner that cleans and protects in one step. It also works great on outdoor stainless grills and appliances due to the protective properties of the cleaning formula.

Of course, another cult favorite, Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser Liquid, seems to work as well, if not better. It features a thick pre-mixed formula that clings to surfaces to remove stains, grime, and stains. Plus, you can use it to clean showers, tubs, bathroom sinks, and more. And you can use it on stainless and porcelain sinks.

Whatever you use to clean your kitchen sink and faucet, always attend to it directly after doing the dishes. Never let your dirty dishes or sink wallow in its nasty bacteria-ridden stew. This chore should only take about 10 minutes out of your day and help you maintain a clean kitchen.

Germs & Bacteria

After all, we keep our fruits and veggies in our sinks and want them to clean and disinfected as well. You’ll also want to disinfect your sink anytime you wash or prepare meats of any kind. Always clean up directly after you perform any chore in your kitchen sink and prevent spreading germs and bacteria.

3 – Cleaning The Kitchen Floor

Our kitchen floors seem to be the repository for everything that happens in our kitchens. Everything falls to the floor and often stays there. Again, that’s where you’ll want to set a schedule for cleaning the kitchen floor daily. Now, this easy task should only take you about 10 minutes from start to finish.

First, grab your favorite stick vacuum and give the floors a once over. You’ll want to do it after every meal as well. If you don’t attend to picking up the crumbs and mess of the day at least once, you’ll end up spending more time when you do decide to clean your floor.

When it comes to mopping, we found the best way tool to use is the Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop Cleaner. While you do marry yourself to purchasing the cleaning mop pads refills for life, it’s the easiest way to clean your floors. We found this tool works best in keeping our floors sparkling clean and with the least amount of effort. You can mop your kitchen floors once or twice a week but make sure you vacuum daily first.

Mop And Vacuum At The Same Time!

Additionally, you can use the BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. Over 12,000 Amazon shoppers gave it a 5-star rating. And said it makes it super easy to vacuum and mop your floors in one shot. And yes, because it vacuums and washes your floors at the same time.

Remember, a clean kitchen means keeping your floors clean too, and with 10 minutes of your time, you can do this easily. Try not to neglect your kitchen floors because you’ll end up making cleaning them twice as much work in the first place.

Clean Kitchen
Image Amazon: BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

4 – Cleaning The Oven

Cleaning the oven – the three words we hate hearing most, but unfortunately, we must attend to have a clean kitchen. Well, you feel glad to know it doesn’t require the elbow grease you think it does. We should all clean our kitchen oven at least once a month. If we don’t, it quickly becomes a greasy grimy mess that seems impossible to clean.

Now, many ovens feature a self-cleaning option, but it comes at a cost. Once you turn it on, it takes up to eight hours from start to finish, uses lots of electricity, and stinks to high heaven filling your home with fumes. Unless you can leave the house once you turn it on, the heat and stench aren’t worth it.

Instead, clean your oven without the use of harsh chemicals and quickly with a portable hand steamer. You’ll discover a whole new way to not only clean your oven safely and rapidly but your entire home as well. Using the power of steam to clean your oven makes the most sense, and you can do it effectively.

When it comes to portable steamers, we prefer the BISSELL SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner. And it comes with includes an accessory nozzle, flat scraping tool, grout brush, angle concentrator, 3 color-coded round brushes, measuring cup! More so, over 13,000 Amazon shoppers agree it’s the best portable steamer for the price. It uses hot pressurized steam to eliminate grease, grime, mold, stains, and bed bugs without harsh chemicals.

For a clean kitchen, your oven deserves the attention it needs. But you can easily clean it with the right tools and less than an hour of your time once a month.

BISSELL SteamShot Hard Surface Steam Cleaner

5 – A Clean Kitchen Always Includes A Clean Fridge

Everyone knows how quickly our fridge becomes a messy nightmare when we avoid cleaning it. Aside from the expired items, we have hard-to-clean drippy messes, crumbs, and sticky fingerprints. And all this happens quickly, especially if we don’t attend to them right away.

Typically, we empty the contents of our fridge and take endless hours cleaning and reorganizing everything. Instead, try housing leftovers in resealable food storage containers. This way, you can prevent accidental spills and keep your food fresher longer as well.

More so, over 7,000 Amazon shoppers love and recommend these Chef’s Path Food Storage Containers Set. With 16 leak-proof sizes and labels, you’ll tidy things up instantly! These air-tight containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for all your storage needs.

Also, make sure you use soapy water to wipe down any messes you see daily quickly. Plus, this will avoid the endless hours of unpacking it all and restocking. Also, keep similar items together. This way, if you see a sticky mess from your jam and jellies, you can keep it from spreading.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your favorite disinfecting or cleaning wipes right next to the fridge for all to see and use. Now, when someone creates a mess, they can grab a wipe and clean it on the spot. It’s a good idea to get folks in the habit of doing this, and you’ll have a clean kitchen you can all appreciate.

Image Amazon: Chef’s Path Food Storage Containers Set.

6 – Cleaning The Kitchen Appliances

Lastly, you’ll want to keep your kitchen appliances clean as well. And this includes your microwave and any countertop appliance you have displayed. It’s good practice to wipe down them down at least twice a week. If not, you’ll quickly notice a dusty build-up from forming. Typically, you can wipe them down when you clean your countertops as well.

When it comes to your microwave, you’ll want to clean it at least once a month. While you can find many products to clean it, we like using a household cleaner like Fantastik All-Purpose Cleaner works great. Or you can try using MiracleWipes for Microwaves and Cooktops. These wipes remove grime and food build-up instantly.

In addition, you can try using the Angry Mama Easy Steam Microwave Cleaner. It uses steam to clean the crud off your microwave and without chemicals. All you do, add vinegar and water, then microwave for 7 minutes.  Either way, make sure to clean your microwave at least once a week to keep it looking and smelling great.

In Closing

When it comes to a clean kitchen, using the above strategies and products will help keep it that way. Plus, you’ll make the most of your time and not spend it cleaning, which none of us look forward to doing.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to these affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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