How To Organize Kitchen Appliance Cords Easily And Effectively

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How To Organize Kitchen Appliance Cords Easily And Effectively

If there’s anything more unappealing on your kitchen countertop it has to be messy kitchen appliance cords.  If you are looking for an expensive and easy solution to neatly organize your kitchen appliance cords, then you are going to love this just as much as I do. 

Kitchen Appliance Cords

Messy kitchen appliance cords can be so distracting when organizing your kitchen. It seems regardless of what you do to hide them, they are always rearing their ugly heads and poking out to reveal their messiness.

In the past, I used rubber bands to gather them up neatly and stuff them behind the appliance – then I discovered Command Cord Bundlers Cord Organizers ($4.85 for a 2 Pack)  – needless to say, I was thrilled. 

Kitchen Appliance CordsThese cord bundlers are easy to use and super affordable, plus, you get two in each pack! They are easy to apply and even easier to remove – which is very important in case you decide to change your appliance.

This is the mess I had to deal with before I discovered them. Are your appliance cords a mess too? Even though I used a rubber band to tie the cord neatly together, the cord always displayed itself in its full glory peeking out from both sides. 

I’m laughing at myself for not removing the warning sticker behind my lovely Cuisinart Mixer – that thing is gone now! 

Kitchen Appliance Cords

I have an amazing Ninja Professional Blender that I just love and use almost daily, but the cord drove me nuts. Even when manufacturers make storage holes in the appliance itself, the cord never seems to fit properly.  It seems it’s only designed to fit half the cord while the other half becomes a kitchen appliance cord nightmare! 

How To Organize Kitchen Appliance Cords Easily And Effectively - Sassy Townhouse Living

I was so thrilled when I added new hardware to my kitchen – it truly transformed it and even though my kitchen looked beautiful, those cords on my countertop were so distracting and looked like a mess! A word of advice, don’t use them on anything like toasters or appliances that get hot – I’m sure it would make the strip melt and fall off.

Here’s how easily these Command Cord Bundlers Cord Organizers work. You get two per package – they come with easy to remove adhesive strips and all you do is apply the adhesive strip to the cord organizer by peeling off the red strip first, placing it on your appliance, peel the black strip off, lift and place the cord neatly in the bundler and close it – and bam – done and done! 

Kitchen Appliance Cords

There’s a pull tab at the bottom of the strip that allows for easy removal with no leftover residue too!

Kitchen Appliance Cords

Now, my appliances look so neat and tidy and my countertops are forever transformed!

Kitchen Appliance Cords

My blender frustrated me the most. Now, it’s neatly organized and so easily too!

Kitchen Appliance Cords

And, don’t forget – you can use them anyplace in your home where you need to tidy up your cords. Perfect for your garage, closet, or even the bathroom! 

I like to charge my phone next to my bed at night and couldn’t find a way to easily hang the cord so it would be neat and handy to reach – then I remembered these Command Cord Bundlers Cord Organizers and bam – problem solved! It’s hidden nicely so it doesn’t look unsightly. 

Kitchen Appliance Cords

I love how my kitchen looks now – every cord in its place and I’m on a mission to tidy up all the messy cords in my home now! 

Kitchen Appliance Cords

I hope you can find lots of uses for these cord organizers too! I’m thrilled to be able to share this awesome kitchen cord organizer hack with you! 

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How To Organize Kitchen Appliance Cords Easily And Effectively - Sassy Townhouse Living
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