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Small Kitchen Appliances Unboxing And Air Fryer Demo!

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It’s always so exciting discovering a place to shop online for great deals on small kitchen appliances.

In addition to getting some great deals on kitchen appliances, I got an Air Fryer for the first time too!

small kitchen appliances air fryer

Great Deals On Small Appliances

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If you haven’t discovered Air Fryer cooking, you will be in awe of how amazing it is.  If you love to cook, it’s essential to have a well-stocked kitchen and every tool you need handy.

Shopping for small kitchen appliances is always fun! Finding them at sharply discounted rates is even better.

You don’t always have to pay for top brand names to get the best small kitchen appliances either. Here are some of the small kitchen appliances I got from there – let’s start off with this awesome air fryer.

I never used an air fryer before and am thrilled I jumped on the bandwagon! We’ve made a few things in it before and, it’s truly an amazing small kitchen appliance.

This 3.8 Qt. Digital Air Fryer is everything! And the price was great too. At ToBox.com, they even let you comparison shop so you can see that you are getting the best prices out there. I love that.

small kitchen appliances air fryer

This Air Fryer is changing the way we cook on a daily basis. And that mean no more fatty fried foods either! it’s so easy to use and super fast too.

We are making everything from chicken to steaks with it now and everything tastes moist and super delicious.

small kitchen appliances air fryer

Product Details:

  • Advanced air circulation technology allows you to fry your foods without oil
  • Digital LED screen that allows you to adjust the cooking timer and temperature with a touch of a button
  • Temperate control ranges from 176°F – 392°F
  • Detachable 3.8L Non-Stick Pan Food Basket, perfect for comfortable meals
  • Internal parts are FDA approved, PFOA-free, and dishwasher safe

Guilt-free fried foods – what more can you ask for? This 3.8 Qt. Digital Air Fryer painlessly cooks meals with its advanced air circulation technology. Prepare homemade fries in a matter of minutes by simply adjusting a couple of controls and timers.

The detachable Non-Stick Food Basket makes the clean up a breeze so you can enjoy your meal hassle-free!

small kitchen appliances air fryer

Next up – I got this amazing Cusibox Professional Blender 68 oz. It’s great for making everything on the fly like fruit juices, jams, vegetable juices, smoothies, grind your coffee beans and so much more! I love the pop of color it brings to my kitchen too.

Not only is it beautiful for your kitchen decor, but it also has loads of amazing features too!

Product Details:

  • Variable-speed dial for adjusting the speed and pulse of the blades
  • Multifunctional & High-speed
  • 68-ounce Capacity Container
  • 1450-watt motor
  • Easy cleanup with dishwasher-safe compatibilities
small kitchen appliances air fryer

I’m so excited about the next item up too. It’s the cutest 4-Slice Retro Toaster ever! We have a large toaster oven and don’t get me wrong, it’s great for just about everything.

It’s frustrating to make toast in it because it doesn’t brown evenly. Now, I have the perfect way to cook our toast and bagels and, I love the look of it on my countertop too!

Here the link if you want to purchase this 4-Slice Retro Toaster on Amazon.

I just love the color too. I’m all about adding color to my kitchen and this retro toaster is the perfect way to add some panache and have your toast cooked to perfection too!

small kitchen appliances air fryer

Product Details:

  • Extra Wide Slots w/ Self Centering Function
  • Extra Lift Lever and Removable Crumb Tray
  • 6 Levels of Browning
  • 3 Programs for Cancel, Bagel, and Defrost
  • Stainless Steel with Pastel Blue Finish

I love how easy it is to get perfectly cooked toast every time with their built-in cooking chart. All you do is choose the setting and bam – done!

You can’t go wrong and no more burnt toast – unless you want it that is!

small kitchen appliances air fryer

We are huge coffee drinkers here and, I’ve always wanted a French Press. When I saw this 34oz Stainless Steel French Press on ToBox.com, I knew I had to have one!

small kitchen appliances air fryer
small kitchen appliances air fryer

Product Details:

  • Made from top quality stainless steel
  • Brews up to 8 cups of coffee or tea
  • Can be disassembled
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keeps beverages hot for up to two hours

I also got some smaller items for my kitchen too. Like this 3 Pack of Multipurpose Stainless Steel Scissors. For some reason, scissors never seem to last in my kitchen, and I know these are going to be great for just about everything.

Product Details: 
  • Multipurpose 3-pack of stainless steel scissors cut through multiple materials easily
  • Soft grip ergonomic handles for comfortable use and can be used with left or right hand
  • Razor-sharp Blades remain sharp for continuous cuts
  • Adjustable stainless-steel blade pivot for strength and smooth opening and closing

Lastly, I got this awesome Y Vegetable Peeler. It’s lightweight, easy to hold, and is sharp enough to peel everything effectively! Priced at $3.00 you can’t go wrong!

Be sure to watch my unboxing and demo video of these products below!

I hope you were inspired to treat yourself to some new small kitchen appliances too. And don’t forget that Air Fryer – it’s truly changed the way we cook!

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Small Kitchen Appliances Unboxing And Air Fryer Demo! Sassy Townhouse Living

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