10 Beautiful Home Decor Ideas From An Interior Designer (With Stunning Photo Examples)

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You’ve come to the right place if you need beautiful home decor ideas with inspiring photos from an interior designer. Maybe you can’t afford a home renovation, but you can level up your home decor with some inspiration. After all, decorating our homes is always a mix of personal preferences and inspiration from others.

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Beautiful Home Decor Ideas To Inspire And Motivate

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Below, you’ll discover ten beautiful home décor ideas from Rumor Designs, a top interior designer to help you next time you decide to perk up your interior design elements at home. We instantly fell in love with their creativity and dedication to their design element.

Furthermore, they aim to create functional, well-designed, fashionable spaces focusing on interiors, exteriors, and architectural reviews for residential and commercial projects. We know you’ll fall in love with their work and gain the inspiration to create the home of your dreams with these home decor ideas.

1 – Dancing In The Moonlight

Redesigning our kitchens is always a lofty goal and one we need to do from time to time. If you decide to go big, consider your kitchen’s backsplash and how it can instantly transform the space.

Of course, we fell in love with this project and the idea of replacing our kitchen’s backsplash by implementing this timeless design. You’ll see a balance of sophistication with a touch of glamor in this elegant kitchen décor.

Designers: Valerie Stafford. Katie Burnet, Rumor Design Team: They said, “At the heart of the project was the utilization of backlit onyx, a material our client had long admired during her travels. We incorporated this stunning stone in two ways: a raised tub deck and a wall backdrop behind the vanity, creating a beautiful glow that complemented the client’s desire for a high-end feel.”  Magical home décor ideas like this one can help create the home of your dreams.

2 – Inspiring Pops Of Color – Home Decor Ideas To Instantly Transform Your Space

There’s nothing more exciting regarding home decor ideas than adding pops of color to your space. Of course, you don’t have to add them to every room. Instead, choose a room like your dining area and add a few pops of your favorite color there.

Featured on Houzz TV, House Beautiful, Real Simple, and on the cover of 5280 Home – you can see the expert execution from this interior designer from the floor to the fifth wall. Designer Lindsey Jamison of Rumor Designs pulled out all the stops for her family home.

While playing it safe with neutral decor and color stories is easy, Jamison took bold chances to integrate a playful ambiance into every room seamlessly. Ideally, you can add beautiful pops of color to any room and still maintain your love for playing it safe with neutrals. It’s exciting home decor ideas like this that can truly transform your home.

Of course, if you don’t want to go to bold, you can always add these two stunning dining room chairs in a royal blue to perk things up. These home decor ideas will take your interior design to the next level.

3 – Lighten Up Your Living Room

Back in the day, we saw heavy draperies everywhere. Nowadays, it’s all about light, airy, and yet decorative window coverings. According to Rumor Designs, the client’s goals were to use each space to its fullest and to create more casual areas to spend time with each other.

Furthermore, the interior designer replaced the heavy drapery on the floor-to-ceiling windows with beautiful sheers. The natural light was able to shine through to open up the space. Are your curtains bringing you down? Well, maybe its time to perk things up. Think about a lighter, airy feel and look for your space.

Additionally, we love the look of lighter, airy curtains, especially in the living room. This home decor idea inspired me enough to replace mine. I fell in love with these curtains and was sad to discover they sold out. But I’m on the waitlist, so there’s hope, but if they don’t return to stock, I adore these too.

4 – This Is Why They Call It The Blues

Aside from neutrals and whites, you can opt for the stunning appeal of blue. Fortunately, interior designers say white is out this year, especially in the kitchen. Now, you can see the addition of color in the kitchen, and we adore it.

You can see the fabulous results in this kitchen, designed by Rumor Designs. Designers: Rumor Design, Katie Siegel + Valerie Stafford + Morgan Blinn – The inspiring shade of Hague Blue by Farrow + Ball was a good jumping-off point for the rest of the design.

So, the next time you decide it’s time for a kitchen renovation, consider choosing blue for your cabinets. We found a close enough color and think it’s a great match. We think it’s a win-win!

5 – While You Upate The Kitchen Dont’ Forget This One Essential Element

While you are redesigning your kitchen, why not update those old barstools? More so, it’s a must for me, and when I saw these kitchen barstools, I knew it was time for a change.

Rumor Designs created a masterpiece with this renovation called Chadwick Estates. This ski townhome is more efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, an example of the perfect balance between modern and rustic. The brass touches of modern lighting add elegance when mixed with rustic touches in the furniture.

For example, it includes leather chairs, a live-edge wood dining table, and texture through pillow fabrics and wallpaper. These combined elements make the design so welcoming, and you can do it too. We flipped over the leather barstools. We found these Art Leon Faux Leather Wood Swivel Bar Stools and fell instantly in love with them. And you can pay far less with updated faux leather which makes so much sense.

Moreover, they added a level of sophistication and elegance, that’s for sure. Next time, think about updating your kitchen island barstools. It might be the single thing that transforms and updates your space.

6 – Wall Art – Home Decor Ideas That Instantly Level Up Your Space

We all know how wall art transforms any space, primarily when using a group theme. In the image below, the folks at Rumor Designs provided the perfect example of how to do this successfully. Ideally, you can use groups of themed artwork anywhere in your home. For instance, over an end table, in your foyer, bedroom, living room, office, and even the kitchen.

Of course, I’ve always loved themed artwork and have a coffee-themed grouping in my kitchen. Furthermore, the artwork always creates an interesting and decorative way to pull things together and create eye-catching decor. So, when you want to perk things up around your house, think about adding themed artwork to your space. With home decor ideas, you’ll transform your space in no time.

7 – End Tables Are Just The Beginning

We often neglect our living rooms, and they seem to be the last place we invest in when it comes to home decor ideas. For example, adding a decorative end table behind the sofa can instantly transform your living room into a chic and decorative area, adding much utility. With home decor ideas at hand, you will fall in love with your living room again.

Below, the designers at Rumor Designs decorated this living space and transformed it into perfection. Once completed, they furnished the space with complimentary seating arrangements for each area on the main floor. Interior designers know just what to do to create a cohesive space designed to suit your preferences.

You can see how this end table pulled the space together and created a cozy, inviting seating arrangement for everyone. For example, by adding this Extra Long Console Table behind the sofa, you can affordably level up your living area and create extra storage for essentials like lamps, books, and every item dear to your heart.

8 – Don’t Forget To Add The Greenery

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have green thumbs or patience to raise live plants indoors. Fortunately, that’s why we can always turn to faux plants to do the job –even better!

Often, our foyers can look blah and drab or too small to add the decor we love. That’s where greenery comes in. We love what Rumor Designs did to this small foyer by adding a beautiful punch of greenery. We found this stunning Nearly Natural Golden Dieffenbachia with a Decorative Planter for our foyer and can’t wait to add it.

In addition, they added a small bench for seating, which is perfect for taking on and off your shoes or for guests to sit and enjoy the area. Of course, I found this Modern Storage Bench that I adore, and it’s the perfect size for my foyer. Furthermore, try adding both beautiful ideas to your foyer when thinking about home decorating ideas for your next decorating journey.

9 – Lighting Perfection

When I saw the lighting and decor of this penthouse, I was almost breathless. Rumor Design created a masterpiece from floor to ceiling—every element sparked radiant beauty.

If your home lacks in the lighting department, it might be time to take some inspiration from Rumor’s magnificent penthouse.

10 – Stand Out With Decorative Elements

While we never want to overdo things with our decorative elements, we want them to make a statement that fits our overall decor goals. We love adding groups of three as we know they work together and have proven they do scientifically – well, sort of.

Furthermore, It’s called the rule of threes and will transform any space instantly. We love how Rumor Designs added a set of three glass bottle vases to the dining room table top. We found these three oversized vintage green glass bottle-shaped vases and instantly knew we had to have them. And they would look stunning on any dining room table or even on the floor in the living room.

Next time, think big and think in sets of three when you treat yourself and your home to new home decor elements. Ideally, try and use the rule of threes and see how it works for yourself!

Interior Designer Home Decor Ideas

So, now you can see why folks hire an interior designer to level up their space. Moreover, they have the skills and the eye to transform your home and help you create your vision. We hope this information and beautiful images, thanks to Rumor Designs, help you so you can fall in love with your home all over again.

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We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Skimlinks, and other Associate Affiliate Programs. Affiliate advertising programs like these allow us to earn fees by linking to affiliated sites at no cost to you. As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please check our Disclosure Privacy Policy page. Thank you for supporting our website.

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