8 Front Porch Potted Plants Perfect For Beautiful Curb Appeal

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Front porch potted plants are perfect for any time of year, especially when Fall arrives. If you want some added curb appeal, be sure to check out our list of favorite plants below. Every year, we look forward to planting flowers, and now’s the perfect time to add some to your porch, too!

potted plants curb appeal

Potted Plants Will Beautify Your Front Porch

Plants always create a wonderful atmosphere of welcoming warmness to your decor. If you want some added curb appeal, be sure to check out our list of favorite plants below.

With this in mind, adding potted plants on your porch lets, you enjoy many types of plants, even in a small space. In addition, container gardening makes growing plants versatile, attractive, and easy to maintain.

For this reason, by adding potted plants on your porch or patio, you can enjoy flowers, vegetables, and even dwarf trees and shrubs. Imagine all the possibilities!

Curb Appeal Beautifies Your Home

Whether you have a large backyard or a small home with just a porch or balcony, you can grow an entire garden in pots. Finding the right combination of potted plants can give you the ultimate visual effect. Your porch will pop with color and life.

Below, you will find seven potted plants that are great for livening up your porch.

front porch curb appeal

1. Elephant Ear – Colocasia

Elephant Ear plants are tropical plants with large, heart-shaped leaves. The colors range from green and white to variegated to plain green. Some are even purple and black. If you live in USDA zones 8-11, you can plant Elephant Ear around your ponds and other water features.

Additionally, for those in colder climates. Elephant Ears grow perfectly in containers. It reaches heights of 3-5 feet, so you need space to store it. Make sure it receives bright, indirect light and warm weather. Also, make sure the pot provides plenty of additional drainages to avoid root rot.

You can get a beautiful Elephant Ear Plant for your garden too!

A few variations of Elephant Ear include:

  • Black Magic – dark burgundy
  • Blue Hawaii – bluish-purple veins
  • Lime Zinger – chartreuse foliage
  • Cranberry Taco – green foliage with dark stems

2. Cosmos Flower

Cosmos are cute daisy-like flowers that add an adorable touch to your container gardening.

Personally, I love Cosmos flowers and try to plant them every season. The pops of colors really brighten up my front porch and add the curb appeal I enjoy every year. These flowers are tall, coming in white, red, pink, yellow, and orange shades. You can mix cosmos flowers with a variety of other plants.

Additionally, Cosmos flowers look great when combined with plants with silver foliage. The color pops against the silver color. These flowers are easy to grow in containers, and you can cut these flowers for your dry or fresh flower arrangements for your house.

More importantly, always be cautious because some varieties can reach six feet tall, so look for dwarf and compact varieties.

potted plants curb appeal

3. English Ivy

The beautiful and elegant English Ivy is a common plant; you probably can easily recognize it. It has shiny, dark green, curled leaves that make a perfect backdrop for various other container plants.

You can add English Ivy to your existing container plants by taking cuttings and propagating them. English Ivy does well in various settings; it makes an excellent companion plant for other plants.

You can put these pots in full sun or light shade. I always add them as decorative plants along with colorful plants like the Cosmos.

potted plants curb appeal

4. Shasta Daisy – A Curb Appeal Winner

Shasta daisies bring cheerfulness to your porch, and it has a lengthy blooming period. These flowers grow well in pots, but they require regular watering and pruning during the summer months.

Shasta daisies thrive for years and bloom each summer when adequately cared for. Additionally, you can also divide them every three to four years. Keep the pot in a sunny or lightly shaded spot. Shasta daisies might need some light shade in hot, dry areas.

In addition, you’ll need to water the daisies when the top inch of soil dries out. Aren’t they stunning? Think of the curb appeal these gorgeous flowers will bring to your front porch.

potted plants curb appeal
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5. Golden Creeping Jenny – Perfect For Potted Plants

Another great plant for the edge of the pot is the Golden Creeping Jenny.

These plants grow well in USDA zones 4-8, and it’s a reliable plant for containers on your porch. Golden Creeping Jenny is a 4-inch tall plant that cascades over the rim of the container.

The plant’s golden, coin-shaped leaves will look perfect with any plant you decide to pair it with. It does prefer partial shade but loves water. This plant loves water so much that it grows well in a water garden.

Additionally, this is another edge plant I plant every season as well. I love the way it glimmers in the summer sun as well.

potted plants curb appeal

6. Fountain Grass

If you want to make a real impact on your porch, elegant Fountain Grass plants are a great pick. I have several Fountain Grass shrubs in front of my home, and they are simply stunning. Every year around Fall, they turn into a perfect golden glimmering brown just in time for the Fall.

It has bushy red flowers and long stems, creating a dramatic statement on its own. This beautiful grass is the perfect way for added curb appeal in front of your home. In addition, you can combine Fountain Grass with ornamental plants. Fountain grows beautifully in the garden beds as well as pots.

More so, you also can keep these plants indoors all year round, and it’s a good idea to keep at least one plant indoors. That way, you can propagate new plants by division, which is the most effective way to grow Fountain Grass. Finally, make sure that you protect Fountain Grass from the frost. It’s a tropical plant that doesn’t do well when it frosts.

7. Sweet Autumn Clematis

Some varieties of Clematis seem best suited for containers. You can use them as climbing plants as well. Additionally, they look perfect as a trailing plant in a large pot. It’s a good idea to use a large container for them to protect their roots.

Clematis works great at the end of the containers. Try planting tall flowers or native grasses in the middle of the container, and then put the Clematis on the edge of the containers. As it grows, the flowers will drape over the sides of the pot, trailing down towards the ground.

Adding Spice to Your Porch

Indeed, potted plants can liven up your porch by adding pops of color and height.

In other words, these seven plants can add different looks to your porch through either a burst of color against deep green plants or create pots full of life and trailing plants. Adding spice to your porch with potted plants is an easy way to make a dramatic difference and sass up your curb appeal, too.

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