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Wedding Hair 101: Avoid These Don’ts Before You Say ‘I Do’

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After several failed attempts at achieving the perfect wedding hair, I starting taking inventory of what you should and shouldn’t do when preparing for the big day! 

Approximately 88% of Americans marry at least once in their lifetime, and for many women, the pressure to be perfect on their wedding day is palpable. Every detail must be in order, from the flowers and the food to the makeup and — of course — the hair.

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Since this special day will surely get captured in professional photos and amateur snaps alike, having a bad hair day is simply not an option. If you don’t want to look at your wedding photos and cringe, you’ll want to avoid these Big Don’ts in preparation for your “I Do”s.

It breaks my heart to admit this, but I’ve been majorly disappointed with most of the wedding hairdos I’ve had in the past – there was one exception. In the pic below, I was so in love with the up-do I had that day, and of course, I had it done in a chic salon.

The back of my head had creative braid work and looked stunning. Knowing what I now know, I’m thrilled to pass along this valuable info to you! 

This is a pic of me and my sis – we were both happy with our wedding hair that day! I did my makeup for this wedding. and I loved the results and saved lots of money! If you have blonde hair, you want to make sure read all about how you can keep it beautiful and healthy too. 

wedding hair

For the best wedding day hair, don’t…

Avoid getting a trim altogether:

  • If you’ve envisioned long, luxurious locks for your big day, you might be avoiding making regular appointments with your stylist for a haircut. But actually, getting your hair trimmed will encourage it to grow faster and will keep it healthier in the long run. Avoiding the salon will just end up causing more damage overall.
  • Aim to get a half-inch taken off your length every three months to avoid split ends and general dryness.
  • On that note, try to avoid styling your hair too much with heat and make sure to add moisture back in during your daily routines.
wedding hair

Wait until the last minute to get a cut and color:

  • Whatever you do, give yourself enough time for a cut and color to settle before your wedding. In other words, any cut and/or color should be done with more than two weeks to spare.
  • If you’re trying out something totally new to you, plan for four months ahead for the initial cut or color and a touch-up three weeks to a month in advance. Otherwise, it’s going to look too freshly done and unnatural.
  • And if something ends up going wrong (e.g., your stylist takes a trim too far or the color isn’t what you’d imagined), you’ll have more than enough time to fix it before you walk down the aisle.
wedding hair

Go the DIY route:

As a former hairstylist, I can do a lot on my own but, there are times when you find yourself in a salon anyway. When it comes to wedding hair, this is one of the times. 

  • All around the world, the beauty and personal care industry are worth $400 billion a year.
  • Professional hair services may seem a bit extravagant if you’re on a budget, but this isn’t the time to skimp.
  • Trying out a boxed hair dye or attempting to style your own hair on the big day will likely just result in a lot of stress for you. And maybe even additional spending, since you may need to pay someone to help at the last-minute
  • Even professionals enlist help from others in their field for special events.
  • It’s going to be a lot more enjoyable for you to ditch the DIY idea and leave your tresses in the hands of someone you trust.
wedding hair

Forgo a trial run with your stylist:

I can’t express enough how important this part is. If there’s anything you can do to ensure a good wedding hair day, it’s getting a trial run done!

That said, you shouldn’t blindly trust anyone — even a stylist you’ve known for years.

  • The best way to plan ahead and ensure your hair is everything you could have dreamed of is to do a trial run.
  • Your trial wedding hair run should be scheduled farther in advance than you might assume; you should give your stylist enough time to perfect the style and make any changes you desire.
  • Around 50% of women say planning their wedding is more stressful than they imagined, so waiting until a few days before your ceremony to have a consultation will only increase your anxiety levels if it’s not what you pictured.
  • Make sure to ask your stylist about what prep work you’ll need to do the day of, as well (like when you should wash it, whether it should have the product in it already, etc.).
wedding hair

Choose the wrong hairspray:

Maybe you are thinking – hairspray? Yes, I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure you are using bullet-proof hairspray.  Your stylist will likely take care of choosing products that will help preserve your ‘do, but certain conditions require reinforcements.

  • Knowing which kinds of hairspray will work best in specific environments may tell your stylist of challenges or help your bridal party prepare.
  • Anti-humidity hairspray is a good idea for tropical destination weddings or outdoor affairs in the middle of summer. In contrast, winter weddings require a frizz and static-control spray. If you’re planning on dancing a lot, you should try to select a hairspray (and style) that can hold up to movement and sweat.
  • After all, in just 30 minutes of ballroom dancing, you might burn 200 to 400 calories — and you could easily do some damage to your perfectly placed coif if you aren’t prepared.
  • Do your research and don’t be afraid to splurge on something a little better than Aquanet.
wedding hair

Go overboard with extensions:

If you’re determined to look like a mermaid or princess locked in a tower on your wedding, you may think extensions will provide the style you’re after. But if your stylist doesn’t specialize in them, you might end up looking a bit silly.

  • Extensions should really be used to add volume, rather than length, and need to be blended seamlessly.
  • Instead of synthetic, opt for natural hair and add only an inch or two to your length.
wedding hair

Choose a style that doesn’t feel like you:

It can be tempting to choose a hairstyle that fits your wedding fantasies from when you were a child.

  • Alternatively, you might be taken with something totally trendy you saw in a bridal magazine. But above all else, your wedding day hairstyle should feel like you.
  • If you aren’t exactly sure what kind of style you want for your wedding day, give yourself time to do some research. You can even schedule trials with a few different stylists to see what they bring to the table.
  • Don’t choose anything that makes you lack confidence or causes you to worry.
wedding hair

Feel limited by your veil:

It seems like trends are changing when it comes to wedding hair. I think it going without a veil is so much nicer and does show-off your gorgeous too! 

  • More brides are opting for hair accessories like flower crowns, decorative pins, blushers, and birdcage veils rather than the long, face-covering traditional choice.
  • This can allow you to show off more of your visage and hair while expressing a bit of individuality.
  • When shopping for this accessory, keep your desired hairstyle in mind. 
  • Don’t choose something that will be distracting to the rest of your look.
  • Be sure to bring it along to your initial consultation and trial to ensure your stylist can incorporate it seamlessly.
wedding hair

Even something as simple as a hairstyle can cause a lot of stress if things don’t go according to plan. But by avoiding these don’ts, you’ll be able to feel confident, beautiful, and worry-free when it’s time to say “I do.”

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  1. You and your sister look stunning! You have talent shooting out of your fingers. I liked seeing the brides in their beautiful hair styles.

  2. Smart advice Carolann. Weddings are so expensive and stressful, you should plan and know what you’re having before the big day. I really think its important for a bride to look like herself on the wedding day. I remember a bride being told several times. oh my god your so beautiful today, I didn’t even recognize you. Ouch!

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