The No Makeup Look Master It Quickly And Easily

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Love that “no makeup look”? I know I do. Minimal and natural is an emerging beauty trend that’s perfect for spring. Nothing screams ‘youthful’ and ‘blooming’ more than perfect, glowing skin and just the barest hint of natural gloss on the lips.

However, it remains a source of bafflement and confusion. How do you get the perfect “I woke up like this” face, anyway?

no makeup look

We Love The “No Makeup Look”

Start with naturally good skin.

The ‘no makeup’ look truly can be as easy as not putting makeup on. Nothing’s more natural than barefaced, after all! If you take care of your skin, keep it moisturized and keep yourself well hydrated. You can step out without having to pile on the product.

Develop a skin care routine that works for you and change your eating and drinking habits to accommodate healthier foods that’ll have you glowing from within. Before long, you won’t need much except lip balm and mascara.  

I’m a dedicated believer in a consistent skincare routine. I know it works because my skin shows it! I ALWAYS wear sunscreen, too. That’s one of the most important tips I can give you!

no makeup look

Barring that, fake a better complexion.

Prime your face with a base product that will help you look like you have perfect skin, even if you don’t. Son & Park’s Make Up Base Line offers you three choices: the Long Keep Base offers excellent oil control and smooths the surface of the skin for an adherent surface that will make your makeup last longer. The Tone Up Base instantly brightens up your dull skin for a fresher, less tired look.

Finally, the Strobing Base revitalizes the skin and provides a pearlescent finish, helping you look like you’re actually glowing from within. You can also opt for a blur primer, which helps your makeup stay put and blurs imperfections.

no makeup look

Hide the imperfections.

In no-makeup makeup, a good concealer is your new best friend. Spot conceal any blemishes, sun spots, and freckles, and hide your dark circles. You may also want to look into color-correcting sticks to perk up a dull complexion or control any redness or flare-ups.

What you want to achieve is flawless skin and a less tired look with an emphasis on a healthy glow. Found a zit that’s sprouted up overnight? If it can’t be spot-concealed, you can cover it up with a bit of product like eyeliner or brow pencil and make it look like a beauty mark.

no makeup look

Get your glow on.

As above, you want to look as though you’re glowing from within. If your lifestyle hasn’t given you the appearance of being at the peak of health, fake it with highlighter products and give yourself some sheen. Because the no-makeup look is a daytime staple, you don’t want to go overboard.

Just add a bit of subtle highlight over the high points of your face and maybe your shoulders if you’re wearing a sleeveless top, and you should be good to go. Seek a product that’s buildable so that you can easily take yourself from day to night and turn your touch of shine into a full-on high beam.

no makeup look

Rosy it up.

Part of looking healthy is having rosy, sun-kissed cheeks and lips. Putting some color on your face helps prevent it from looking too monotone and provides depth and dimension. Lightly dust or swipe your favorite blush product on the apples of your cheeks.

It’ll help if it’s a color that’s closest to your natural blush, though no one’s going to clock you for using a pretty coral shade if you want to look as though you’ve just spent the weekend at the beach instead of putting your winter things away.

no makeup look

Finally, opt for tinted gloss instead of a heavy matte lip, letting the natural color of your lips shine through. You can also try just wearing a beautiful pair of false eyelashes too. There are tools available to help you apply them so much easier now!

On days when I’m running errands and don’t need that heavier makeup look, I love going with a more natural lipstick color to achieve that no makeup look. It always looks so light and fresh, too! 

no makeup look

With just a little practice plus a lot of self-care, you’ll be able to pull off a no-makeup look that will complement and show off your healthy skin this spring.

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The No Makeup Look Master It Quickly And Easily - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. This is probably one of the most important beauty products that you’ve featured. The prices don’t look too expensive either. I have to save up and try this for sure.

  2. Hi Sue, I love the no make up look. You can get it done so quickly too. Most days, when I’m just home working, I always take the time to put some makeup on – just to make me feel human lol. Joey always says those are my best makeup days too. lol. Thanks much,

  3. As I age my skin gets so dry. I find now more than ever I enjoy lighter makeup. Of course I am learning all I can and loving contouring but the light and fresh looks is so nice for summer days.

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