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How To Use Font Management Software (And My Favorites)

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How To Use Font Management Software And My Favorites-Sassy Townhouse Living

How Font Management Software Can Improve Your Workflow

Yes, it would be best to discover these Font Management Software tools to improve your workflow and graphic. But, more so, it’s the most effective way of managing your fonts and staying organized. For more info, don’t forget to read our other article, How To Install Fonts And The Best Sites To Get Them. Once you do, you’ll love installing, using, and viewing fonts even more.

Having a central location of all your fonts is the perfect way to get a good visual of how many fonts you have installed, which ones you want to remove, and even a printed list of your fonts. But did you know you can also manage your fonts with Fontcloud. With it, you can use this free online font manager to focus on working with your font instead of just managing them.

Fonts. We love them. Hoarding them leads to problems finding, sorting, and using them promptly for creative work. Font management software is utility software that computer users use to browse and preview fonts and install and uninstall fonts.

Once you watch my tutorial below, you can choose the software you like best and begin using your font management software!

With font management software, you can do the following: 

  • Activate and deactivate fonts 
  • Protect fonts that are required by the system by preventing them from being uninstalled
  • Organize fonts by groups and libraries
  • Rename font files
  • View fonts that are not currently installed print font samples or font books illustrating some or all the fonts on the system
  • Print font samples or font books illustrating some or all the fonts on the system
  • Sort fonts according to different criteria
  • Search for fonts meeting specific criteria

So many font management software tools are available to us that choosing the perfect one can take time and effort. In this post, I will show you how to use them and which are my favorites!

Below, you’ll discover my top font management software picks for Windows and MAC. First, I’ll list them and then show you how easy they are to use. 

Windows & MAC Top Picks:

nexusfont(Win / Free) best font manager for Windows. Hands down, my top pick. NexusFile is a dual pane file manager. It looks simple but has powerful features. Archive, FTP, Advanced Rename and many more functions. You can customize its look with skin and list color setting. Also, you can customize shortcuts. 

Moreover, you can manage/compare/choose fonts with well-organized features. And you don’t need to install all fonts to the system. You can load fonts you are working with only. It’s simple and easy and that’s why it’s my top pick! 

Fontcase (Mac, Paid Free)

You will have the power to view both installed and non-installed fonts by icons, lists or preview lists. You can also tag your fonts and quickly filter or search your library to find exactly the fonts you are looking for. One of the strongest aspects of the Mac is the range and elegance of its fonts but these often stay hidden away deep inside OS X until you need them. 

Furthermore, Fontcase is a font management application that provides an elegant management system so that your fonts get the same exposure and treatment as anything else stored on your system, such as multimedia files. Its developer has labeled it as ‘iTunes for fonts’ and while that may be stretching it, you can see where they’re coming from.

 Font Management Software

Of course, you can use FontExplorer on the Mac, but Fontcase provides a richer and more spectacular management experience. In the beginning, you’re prompted to import all of your fonts which takes a while, and there’s a lot hanging around while it processes them all. When you’re done, however, you can start browsing although again.

However, the program works surprisingly slowly for what is basically a font manager. You can search fonts via a search box in the top-right of the interface and scroll through your fonts a little bit like you would do with photos in Picasa. Searching is helped by the fact that you can tag fonts.

Suitcase Fusion – (Win / Mac, Paid For)

Organize your font collection into a single, searchable location with a professional font manager. Get the most out of your font collection with Suitcase Fusion® This software you’ll have to pay for. Jam-packed with features, this software is a bit on the pricey side, but if you want a tool that’s got it all, this one is for you. 

Font Viewer – (Win / Free)

Of course, Font Viewer is another one of my top picks! Arrange and view a large number of fonts that are installed on your computer, applying their various styles to the text of your choice. Font Viewer renders all installed font families in a scrollable grid view and allows you to change the size, color, background color and displayed text at the touch of a button. When it comes to Font Management Software, we really like all of the features on this one!

Its built-in listing feature lets you select fonts and store their names in a readable and easily accessible format. You can also export your list to a text file (.txt) or a FontViewer file (.fv) for use at a later date. Additionally, you can export your font list to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (.pdf) with all the styles and settings applied.

Print My Fonts

I have installed Print My Font as well and love it. With this tool, it is possible to list all your installed fonts and fonts from your hard drive or disk. In addition, you can display any sentence or a single character written in the fonts of your choice so that you can compare their looks. When it comes to installing Font Management Software, of course you’ll decide which you like best

You can have a look at the list of font styles directly on your computer, or you can print it via your printer or export the list in various file formats such as image (JPG, PNG or BMP), HTML Website, via a PDF printer as PDF or as RTF document that can be opened in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. The best output format suitable for you depends on your purpose. For example, an image output can show a font list on your homepage.

 Font Management Software

Whatever font management software tool you decide on, you’ll be happy to have this powerful tool in your hands. I decided to install three of these tools because each has different features and functionality, and I enjoy playing around with them! 

Be sure to watch my tutorial below on how to use font management software. 

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