The Most Comfortable Bras You Will Ever Wear Arrived!

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Ever since I can remember, shopping for bras was always a nightmare! I searched and searched for comfortable bras ending up frustrated and disappointed.

Finally, there’s a bra that’s not only comfortable but fits perfectly too! For those of us wrapped up in endless frustration – it stops here!

most comfortable bras

Finally – The Most Comfortable Bras Arrived!

Bra styles change with every season. And if you finally find one you like you end up buying several in fear of not finding them next time.

Recently, I discovered a line of intimates from the Vibrant Body Company and now, there’s no turning back. I finally found the most comfortable bras and the fit is perfection! The best part? They are wireless! Yes, wireless – and you get the fit and support like never before.

In addition to their extraordinarily comfortable and flattering bras, they also sell camis and underwear too. Regardless of your body shape or size, there’s a fit perfectly designed for you!

Below, you’ll find what makes Vibrant Bras different from the thousands of cookie-cutter department store bras.

most comfortable bras

Everything They Do Starts With What’s Best For A Woman’s Body

Above all, the Vibrant Body Company’s mission statement speaks volumes about its products and standards. They say, when it comes to intimates, women’s health and wellness can’t be ignored any longer by offering us an alternative.

More so, their extraordinarily comfortable and flattering bras, camis, and underwear are free from potentially harmful toxins too! Remember, what’s on you is in you, which means your skin can absorb any chemicals or toxins present in the fabrics you are wearing.

More importantly, Vibrant is the first intimates’ company to take the important step of becoming OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. Meaning, after testing found free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known as harmful to human health.

most comfortable bras

Designing The Most Comfortable Bras Into Perfection

It took seven years to launch The Vibrant Bra, and their team included the top three lingerie designers in the world! I can say assuredly I reach for The Vibrant Bra day after day, and finally, I feel comfortable in my own skin. I actually forget I’m wearing it! Now, that’s saying something!

I equate wearing this bra to those incredibly comfortable sneakers I can’t live without and reach for all the time. One thing is for sure; the Vibrant Bra lifts your breasts gently into a perfect position like angel hands! And, it lifts and shapes beautifully too!

I also feel improved posture too and that means so much especially for those of us gracefully aging. Also, if you hate your back fat, you’re going to love The Vibrant Bra! It slims my back like no other bra before!

most comfortable bras
Most Comfortable Bras

Two Styles Depending On Your Need

Firstly, I’d like to explain the two slightly different styles The Vibrant Bra features. You can choose from COCO – this offers more coverage for us larger breasted women or GABRIELLE – less coverage but still extremely supportive. And, they offer a wide array of sizes:  34B 34C – 34D – 36B – 36C – 36D – 38B – 38C – 38D – 40C – 40D – 42C – 42D

Below, you can see an image of the two styles stacked on top of each other – I outlined in red where the extra coverage starts and ends with the COCO. More so, I wanted you to make an informed decision between choosing from the two styles. Now, you can see exactly how the extra coverage works!

most comfortable bras

Take Care Of Your Bras – They Will Last Longer!

Did you know taking care of your lingerie is the second most important thing after sizing it correctly? Above all, handwashing and air drying will add years to the life of your bras. Additionally, never dry clean them either!

You can line dry them too and we all love the crisp clean scent line drying gives them as well. The Vibrant Bra is so soft and feels like pure silk on my skin. I adore the fully adjustable shoulder straps and more so, the two easy to snap on clips in the back.

Now, no more struggling to put my bra on and no more binding straps on my shoulders! Now you can see why they are the most comfortable bras ever!

Most Comfortable Bras

More Than Just Bras!

I also tried The Vibrant Companies Tank Top too and loved it. It’s so comfortable, lightweight, and breathable too. The European silk-blend also provides extra warmth I need when it’s cold and keeps me cool in the heat.

In addition to creating the most comfortable bras, be sure to check out The Vibrant Companies’ full line of super comfortable underwear and alluring Camis a well. You can wear it alone or use it as a base layer – I love wearing it under my favorite hoodie or sweater during the cool autumn day.

The Most Comfortable Bras – In Conclusion

I know you’re going to love The Vibrant Company and start wearing the most comfortable bras you’ll ever own too. Be sure to check out the COCO – this offers more coverage (Full Coverage) or the GABRIELLE – less coverage (Less Coverage) yourself and stop back to let me know how much you love them!

The Most Comfortable Bras You Will Ever Wear Arrived! Sassy Townhouse Living

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