How to Bring Your Favorite Vacation Moments Home With You

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When we travel, we all have those favorite vacation moments we want to bring home with us. Maybe it’s moments you treasure with family and friends or delicious meals you never want to forget. We can help get you there!

favorite vacation moments

Bring Your Favorite Vacation Moments Home With You

For lots of people, vacations are moments of relaxation you only get a few times a year. And, some folks hardly get to travel once a year.

Either way, you want to bring those favorite vacation moments home with you, right? These lasting memories mean so much and there are ways to make those moments last.

Whether you choose to travel and see the world around you or if you decide to have a “staycation,” your vacation is your time to let go of all the stressors and worries of everyday life.

Ideally, when you are on vacation, you get to eat some of the most delicious foods and stay in luxury hotel accommodations as well.

More so, there’s no heavy housework or chores involved either! We all want our vacations to last longer and keep those treasured memories with us always.

Did you know that you can live every day like you’re on vacation with a few additions and changes to your life at home?

Typically, it starts with you first and foremost making sure to keep work life and home life separate. According to the Mental Health Foundation, more than 40% of people neglect or miss out on other aspects of their life due to work.

That leads to mental health issues like depression, irritability, and poor home life. That’s why it’s so important to make these cherished moments last.

Okay, so now you’re wondering how in the world can I make my life at home feel like a vacation.

With the few tips below, you can bring some of your favorite vacation moments home with you.

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Vacation Resting Retreat

Above all, one of the biggest things people remember about their vacations were the accommodations.

We love everything from the high-end luxury sheets to premium quality sleeping pillows to the decor elements scattered throughout the room

Many of us look to replicate the beautiful and luxurious bedroom decor we stay in when we are on vacation. Well, you can duplicate some of the beautiful decor elements from your lux hotel room and not spend a fortune either.

Next time you are on vacation, make sure you take pictures or videos of your favorite decor elements from your hotel room. Then, choose which pieces you want to redecorate your bedroom with.

Of course, you can get some terrific shopping inspiration from Pinterest as well. It’s easy to recreate your favorite vacation moments with some help from others.

It’s easy to bring your vacation home with you to make your old bedroom look new!

Pull Elements Into Your Bedroom From Your Favorite Vacation Moments!

In other words, maybe you loved the deep blue waters of Greece so much that it has inspired you to bring those colors to your bedroom. You can change up your bedding to a crisp white, just like you had in your hotel room!

More so, if the hotel has luxury bedding, what’s stopping you from having that same type of quality bedding? Be sure and shop around for luxury bedding so that you can sleep as peacefully as you did on vacation.

Additionally, you can add soft shades of blue throw pillows or room-darkening curtains in a soft eggshell white to match the sandy beaches you dream of.  

Just think back to the best parts of your vacation and use that as inspiration to transform your room. It’s easy to see how you can pull elements from your favorite vacation moments right into your bedroom!

favorite vacation moments

Let The Foreign Flavors Flirt With Your Taste Buds Again

Eating exotic and diverse dishes is one of the most memorable parts of anyone’s favorite vacation moments.

In other words, it doesn’t really matter where you travel to, eating diverse dishes and taking pictures of them makes travel worth it!

With access to so many wonderful recipes on the internet, the world is literally your oyster!

Maybe you visited the Middle East and tried falafel for the first time and loved it! The good news is that you can still eat falafel even though you’re not in the Middle East.

In fact, you can eat falafel in the comfort of your own home by following a simple falafel recipe. This recipe is easy to follow and so very delish!

favorite vacation moments

Additionally, you can enjoy falafel in a wrap, salad, or with some yummy grilled veggies!

favorite vacation moments

The wonderful world of the internet has allowed so many people to enjoy the foods of their travels without traveling for quite some time now and by mastering the art of following recipes.

Therefore, you’ll be able to bring Egypt, Chicago, Greece, and anywhere else you’ve traveled to, to your kitchen! It’s so easy to bring these recipes home with you and enjoy making favorite vacation moments in your kitchen too!

How to Bring Your Favorite Vacation Moments Home With You - Sassy Townhouse Living

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