How to Entertain Yourself on a Long Road Trip

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A road trip can really cater to your sense of adventure, as it will fill you with optimism and excitement for the many destinations ahead. However, lengthy travel times can eventually lead to boredom, as you might be watching the clock until you finally arrive. There are some creative ways you can entertain yourself while on your travels.

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Your Next Long Road Trip Ideas!

Thankfully, there are many fantastic ways to beat the monotony when on a road trip. Discover some fun, productive activities that will help the time fly by and find out how to entertain yourself on a long road trip. We always love taking a long road trip, especially with good friends. Here are some awesome ways to beat the boredom on your road trip that really do work! They are great for the kids too.

Create an Itinerary

Maximize your time by picking fun-packed activities for your adventure. Grab a notebook and pen and write down all the activities you want to complete at your destination, using guidebooks and online articles for inspiration. You will also need to detail when you want to tick an experience off your bucket list, as well as how much it will cost and the time it will take.

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Play a Fun Game Alone or with Friends

While a road trip with family or friends might be fun for the first few hours, it can soon become more than a little monotonous. For this reason, you should play a fun game to enjoy a little escapism. For example, nothing beats travel Monopoly with your road trip buddies, a game of I Spy with a driver, or a competitive game of cards with your buddy in the back seat.

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If no one is willing to play a game, you could always download some apps to your smartphone to pass the time or watch a movie or a series with the Netflix app.

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Have a Nap

If you wish you could close your eyes and wake up at your destination, consider taking a nap during a long road trip. Pack a cozy neck pillow and blanket, nuzzle into the window and try to drift off to the land of Nod. You can also improve your chances of falling asleep by avoiding caffeine a few hours before a journey.

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Read a Book

Nothing will make you feel a million miles away from a boring car journey than a good book. You will enter a whole new world, so you can stop obsessing about the time and embrace a fictional adventure. While paper books are a much-loved option for true book lovers, a Kindle is more travel-friendly, as it will allow you to take multiple books with you on a road trip so that it will save on luggage space books will not weigh you down.

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Grab a Selfie with the World’s Tallest Objects

If you are traveling across America on a road trip, you should try to grab a selfie with as many of the world’s tallest objects the nation has to offer on your route. For example, you and your road trip buddies can take a picture outside the world’s tallest brick in Alabama or the largest jack-in-the-box in Minnesota.

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Take Inspiration from Your Surroundings

Rather than reading a book, why not try to write one? With so much natural beauty surrounding you, it might be easy to feel inspired to pick up a pen on a road trip. For this reason, there is no better time to pull out a notebook or laptop and describe your surroundings.

In addition to thinking about the landscape, zoom in on the scene to describe colors, atmosphere, or notable features. You could then use your jottings as inspiration for a poem, short story, novel, script, or play. Try to imagine life at a destination and create a story to match, so you can develop a whole new world as you travel.

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As you can see, a road trip never needs to be boring. Follow some, or all, of the tips above to make the hours quickly pass you by as you travel from A to B.

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