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How To Find The Perfect Pet Sitter On The Go – Services For Every Dog

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  How To Find The Perfect Pet Sitter On The Go – Services For Every Dog

We all love our pets dearly and they are truly a member of our family. When we traveled, it was so difficult finding a pet sitter I trusted. We only want to trust our pets to the folks we can trust and it’s often a source of stress trying to find one.

I’m excited to share this awesome service I discovered with you to ensure your pets are always safe, healthy, and protected while you are away or at work.

Pet Sitter

Since I wrote this article, we welcomed and rescued a wonderful pet named Ollie to our family! He brings us so much joy and knowing we rescued him from a bad situation, makes it even more wonderful. I’ll be writing more about Ollie soon so stayed tuned! 

Three years ago, I lost my Pug, Neo, he was my universe, and it literally broke my heart. I’m finally ready to have another pooch join our family, and I’m so thrilled to know I can rely on a reputable service like Rover.com to watch my pet while I’m away or at work

In a perfect world, we’d all plan the “housekeeping” details of our lives in advance — from the meals to the cleaning to every other little mundane necessity that keeps things running. But things don’t always work out that way, and we all need a service that has our backs when we turn around and need to problem-solve on the spot.

Especially when it comes to those most important to us. When you want to look out for the four-legged furry friends of the house, this means checking out Rover.com. This online pet sitter network makes it ultra-simple to snag a reliable pet sitter at a moment’s notice, what with their lineup of over 10,000 sitters nationwide.

Pet Sitter

Not only are these sitters easy to find on Rover’s user-friendly, searchable site, but they’re ready for the task at hand. Rover doesn’t take the application process lightly, as they accept less than 20% of applicants and subject them to a thorough background screening. That’s so impressive – Rover only chooses top quality applicants to watch over your pets. 

So in the scenario where you’re out of town, your planned pet sitter falls through and your friends and family aren’t able to help you out, what’s a pet owner to do? Turn to the Rover network, clearly. You can easily line up a reliable sitter for your four-legged friend, using the detailed sitter profiles to make sure prospective sitters are right for your little love.

Pet Sitter

Rover.com is designed to have you and your pets’ backs when you need them. Tap into their network of experienced, pet-loving sitters and see for yourself. They offer a wide array of services too! I’m thrilled I discovered Rover.com.

Rover offers every type of pet sitting service you will need!

  • Dog Boarding – Perfect if you need overnight pet care.
  • House Sitting – Great if you need an overnight pet or house-sitting services.
  • Drop-In Visits – Whenever your dog needs a walk.
  • Doggy Day Care – Daytime pet care in your sitter’s dog-friendly home.
  • Dog Walking – For potty breaks and quick play dates.

Now, I never have to worry about my pets while I’m away! 

Pet Sitter

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How To Find The Perfect Pet Sitter On The Go - Sassy Townhouse Living

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  1. Dog Boarding which we’ve used often in the past is not that great with the dog or cat having to spend so much time in a cage so i like the idea of a pet sitter.

  2. Oh how I wish we had something like this in South Africa. Our fur babies are so special to us and we would rather not go away on holiday than leave them without companionship. We spent most of the festive season looking after all the dogs in our street, since our neighbors all know that we’ll look after their babies when they go away. It does become a huge hassle though. Walking and feeding 23 dogs per day is not for sissies ;-)

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