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Ancient Grain Chocolate Chip Scones And Fresh Raspberry Amaretto Preserves

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One of my favorite things to eat is without a doubt, scones. Since I discovered these delicious Chocolate Chip Scones and paired them with Fresh Raspberry Amaretto Preserves, I  unlocked the key to pairing perfection.  

Chocolate Chip Scones

Ancient Grain Chocolate Chip Scones

What makes scones so delish? It’s all about their lightness, freshness, and I believe their moisture content. A delectable scone can’t be dry – oh goodness – they must be flaky yet moist and loaded with impact. You can eat a scone at any time during the day or night, with any food. They are especially amazing when paired with a hot cup of gourmet tea

My personal favorite is a decadent Chocolate Chip Scone – on no wait – how about these Earl Grey Raisin Scones & Vanilla Glaze? You get the point. When it comes to scones, regardless of the recipe, I’ll take one, please.

I’m actually shocked its taken me this long to share a scone recipe with you but, I’m in the process of adding my favorite dessert recipes with you and have started to build a nice repertoire!

Let’s get back to this delish Chocolate Chip Scone and Raspberry Amaretto Preserves recipe – you will thank me later, I know it. 

Chocolate Chip Scones

Did I mention how easy this recipe is? Well, this is going to make you love and crave them even more. It all starts with a special mix that comes pre-made and ready to go. Yep, you heard me correctly. 

Chocolate Chip Scones

This exclusive Scone & Preserve set serves up the perfect, lightly sweet bite. I love baking but, there are times when I need delicious and easy to make. This is one of those times. 

Pod & Bean curated by The Cocoa Exchange, blended fresh raspberries, amaretto, and dark chocolate to create rich, flavorful preserves and paired them with an Ancient Grain Chocolate Chip Scone Mix featuring Kamut and Spelt flour for a taste that’s lightly sweet and full of flavor! And that it is! 

The preserves are off the hook, delish, and like nothing, I’ve ever tasted before. If you love raspberries and chocolate, this is the perfect preserve for you – and me too, of course! For us chocolate lovers, this preserve features the perfect touch of chocolate that lingers in the back of your mouth with each bite, and the perfect amount of delectable raspberry punch. 

Chocolate Chip Scones

Once you get the Ancient Grain Chocolate Chip Scone Mix all you do is add, butter, one egg, vanilla, and some milk or half-and-half and you are done! All I did was sprinkle some raw sugar on top, bake, and 20 minutes later, we were in scone heaven! 

It doesn’t get any easier than that. No mixing flour, sugar, chocolate, or any other ingredients – it’s all blended into a mix for you. And you get several servings from the mix too!

Words can’t express how much we are enjoying these incredibly delicious Chocolate Chip Scones and Fresh Raspberry Amaretto Preserves. It’s one of those, you have to taste it to believe it, moments. 

Chocolate Chip Scones
Chocolate Chip Scones

It’s true – a picture can tell a perfectly beautifully framed story – but, this is one of those times when you have to taste it to believe it. If I owned a restaurant, I would make them and sell them – that’s how incredibly yummy they are. 

Chocolate Chip Scones
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Ancient Grain Chocolate Chip Scones And Fresh Raspberry Amaretto Preserves - Sassy Townhouse Living

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