Top Styles To Bring Style And Elegance To Your Bathroom

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If your bathroom looks a little worn and outdated, you probably think the time for something new. Of course, it always helps to give your space the tender love and care it deserves. Here are four ideas for revamping your bathroom and giving it a new look for 2017. Whether your style is glitzy, Downton Abbey, or simple and naturalistic, there’s a style here that appeals to everyone.


Bring Style And Elegance To Your Bathroom

I have three bathrooms to decorate, and updating and renewing them is always exciting. With companies like Better Bathrooms and others competing for your custom, there’s no better time to look at changing your bathroom and getting a great deal! 

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Here are some decor styles that will have you rethinking your current look!


Vintage glamor reemerged in popularity in recent years and continues to go strong. Many rooms in your home may have already benefited from an old-time heritage touch. Replace your modern chrome taps and handles with classic brass-style fittings. Free-standing tubs are massively in at the moment and are the perfect tip-off to the vintage styles of yesteryear.


A perfect way to add a vintage feel to any room is to buy something antique – something old that needs a little tender, love, and care. Of course, restoring older furniture can cost a pretty penny, but if you buy something old and fix it up, you’ll be able to bag a bargain.


Updating With Simplicity

It’s easy to underestimate the simple style bathroom, but a combination of rounded shapes and gray colors can add an excellent, easy-going, and laid-back feel to any bathroom. The great thing about easy bathrooms is you don’t have to go crazy on the upkeep – once it’s sorted, it will take care of itself. Plain tiles are a great decoration for simple themed bathrooms, and stone basins will add an authentic, natural feel.


Plants aren’t an everyday staple in bathrooms, but adding a few leafy greens to your window sill can give your bathroom a homely, natural feel. Investing in a wall radiator to heat up fluffy, cozy towels is another excellent touch for a beautiful bathroom.

Furthermore, tall radiators can be a great and welcome addition to this space. They are aesthetically pleasing and allow you to maintain a proper welcoming temperature in the bathroom. The best part about them is that they do not take up a lot of space, thanks to their vertical build. 


Hotel Style

Want your bathroom to ooze hotel-style glamor and sophistication? Swap your typical bathroom lighting for a glistening, sophisticated chandelier. Marble tops are a perfect way to add style and glamor to your bathroom, but they aren’t cheap; swap them for more affordable dark wood-colored accessories.

For the walls, inject glamor by using glitter-infused, sparkling, black tiles; or, for something a little cheaper, a metallic cladding will have the same effect. A table next to your bath complete with a book, a glass of bubbly, and a nicely warmed towel will also help to inject a spark of hotel glamor.


Bright and airy

Bright and airy is best if you have a small bathroom space to work with. Light colors help to maximize space and give the illusion of additional space, so go for pastel colors and a softer palette when choosing your décor. Team with floating cabinets and clever space-saving furniture such as floating toilets, corner sinks, and combination baths and showers.  Reflective cladding and mirrors are another way to create a sense of increased space.

I’d love to have a wall mounted TV in my bathroom – wouldn’t you? 


If You Can’t DIY It

I was so excited when we decided to renovate one of the bathrooms in our home. In addition, think about adding adding elements like extra cabinets to your bathroom can make a huge difference – not only for storage but for decor.

Furthermore, suppose you can’t do the work yourself. In that case, it’s good idea for you hire bathroom renovation experts – they can provide you with quality, affordable bathroom renovation when you can’t do it yourself! If you are looking for bespoke bathroom renovations, additions, or modernizing your current bathroom, the pros can do it the best! 

Bathroom Wallpaper

I hope some of the decorating ideas inspired you. Above all, I always look for inspiring ideas from the net. After all, that’s where inspiration comes from to help us move forward.

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