10 Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks To Consider For Your Next Remodel

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10 Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks To Consider For Your Next Remodel

Swapping out your old kitchen sink for a new one can make a huge difference in the overall look of your kitchen. Farmhouse kitchen sinks have been a trend in kitchen design for the past few years, and are more popular than ever before. 

I’ve wanted to change my kitchen sink for a while now, and I’m always pulling in elements of farmhouse style even though my home is not particularly farmhouse in its decor.  I do have pops of farmhouse style in my home and love adding it as I’m drawn to the overall appeal of eclectic home decor. 

I’ve tracked some of my favorite farmhouse kitchen sinks and am excited to share them with you too!

farmhouse kitchen sinks decor

1 – As far as farmhouse kitchen sinks go – this one has me going gaga. I think it blends in perfectly with any kitchen decor and makes a statement of farmhouse charm too. 
2 – This farmhouse kitchen sink is featured in a laundry room but, I think if you have a smaller kitchen and still pine for one, you can pull this off!
3 – This farmhouse sink is absolutely stunning if you want some flair in your kitchen decor too. The deep rich bronze tones really pop next to the lighter kitchen cabinets. 
4 – Farmhouse kitchen sinks don’t all have to be white. This beautiful deep rich sink blends in with the rich tones of the countertops too. When you are planning your next home renovations, be sure to include adding a beautiful farmhouse style sink too! 
I love the pop of red on the countertop with the Kitchenaid Red Mixer. Mine is black and now I’m rethinking my color choice. 
5 – Blue and white are always a classic. The way this traditional farmhouse sink pulls this kitchen together is perfection. 
6 – The apron-style sink isn’t just for the farmhouse kitchen anymore. These days you can find these utilitarian sinks everywhere. I love the extra-wide bowls and deep basins!  This large size and sturdy material make cleanup a snap and are perfect for the professional or chefs like me and you!
7 – This cast concrete garden sink is simply breathtaking, Its apron front farmhouse style with integral drain board will last for decades too. I’m sure it’s expensive and would require a countertop remodel as well but hey, if you have the funds, go for it! 
8 – This farmhouse kitchen sink is one of the most unique farmhouse sinks I’ve personally ever seen. It’s made of European Pitch Black Basalt and, you’d be able to leave this one in your will! I’m sure it’s expensive but, truly a magnificent sink!
9 – This Native Trails Farmhouse 30″ NativeStone Kitchen Sink is more on the contemporary side of farmhouse style but when paired with that stunning farmhouse style faucet, it’s perfect for any home. 
10  – As someone who appreciates anything that rejects bacteria, I’m in love with this copper farmhouse sink! This classic sink material that rejects bacteria, babies your dishes and develops a patina, this copper is for you! I also love anything with a patina finish too so this is right up my alley! 

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