Latest Kitchen Colour Trends That Just Might Surprise You

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Latest Kitchen Colour Trends That Just Might Surprise You

It’s always so exciting to see what the latest kitchen colour trends are for each upcoming year. This year is no different. The most exciting and popular color is going to stick around for a while too. Say buh-bye to white and black kitchens! 

kitchen colour trends

Kitchen Color Trendy

There is nothing like a spotless, white kitchen or a sleek, black design; unless that is, if you have one with at least a splash of colour, to really bring out the contrast between the monotone and the hue.

It appears that 2018 is the year of kitchen colours, as consumers and designers alike are moving away from the beauty of monotone kitchens and are embracing stunning kitchen colour ideas.

kitchen colour trends

Grey is Getting a Makeover

It might not be the first color that comes to mind but grey is really in vogue at the moment, as demonstrated in the various 2018 colour collections by well-renown kitchen suppliers.

Terms like, ‘concrete’ and ‘cloud’ are turned on their head, and will not only make you think again about kitchen colours but will also allow you to appreciate this often overlooked and underestimated alternative to black or white.

The dashing finish on these 2018 kitchen color releases is providing something different and distinctive, giving a unique attractiveness that is enthusing consumers up and down the UK.

kitchen colour trends

Stand Out in Style

More adventurous consumers and designers are going to the other end of the spectrum, picking out the most impactful of kitchen colours, including deep, passionate red cabinetry contrasting a black backsplash and stainless steel worktops.

A mélange of red, white and baby blue cabinetry contrasting white walls, worktop, and light grey marble floors have really demonstrated the how kitchen colour trends have gone ‘all out’ this year, with childlike fun being put back into interior kitchen design.

kitchen colour trends

Wooden It Be Nice

It also appears that wood-dominated kitchens, finished off with a drop of colour, can really make an impact in any space. Kitchens with natural wood floors, an adjoining table-island finish, with its requisite wooden seating, is really benefiting from brown leather cabinetry and ice white kitchen worktops.

In contrast, a more cherry-coloured wood really provides a welcoming feel, reflecting natural light beautifully, as it contrasts with a lighter-coloured wooden or laminate flooring.

Top off the look with a blue-grey kitchen worktop, and the contrast of colours and textures really start to complement each other. These kitchen colours work together especially well to give a retro-70s look that is so relevant today.

kitchen colour trends

Versatile in Grey

Referencing once more the option of a subtle concrete pallet, it is not just focused on beautiful greys but also provides lighter, refined options for kitchen colours.

These greys provide a gentler version that warms up a wood finish worktop or gives a subtle hint of colour to white cabinetry.

These beautiful kitchen colors make me want to update my kitchen with a new color too! 

kitchen colour trends

kitchen colour trends

These concrete-coloured inspirations excel with either a jet black or sunflower yellow backsplash, or alternatively, can benefit from a mid-dark green surround, which really brings out the colour.

The Finishing Touch

Maybe it’s a sign of positivity in 2018 Britain, but it seems that a contrast of colourful kitchens is here to stay this year.

Whether kitchen designers or consumers are looking for a classic ‘country kitchen’ vibe, with pastel-coloured, wooden cabinetry, in yellows or blues, adorned with a wood or even granite worktop, or even a scarlet red for drawer fronts and backsplash against a black quartz worktop, there is nothing off-limits.

kitchen colour trends

That said, the monochrome kitchen is far from dead, and a snow white selection of cabinetry and backsplash can be beautifully finished off with a drop of grey in the quartz or granite worktops, which are really brought out by the subtle contrast.

The latest kitchen colour and material trends tend to change from year to year – with muted tones and emerald greens all the rage right now. These can be applied to walls, cabinet doors and furniture too depending on their finish of course. 

kitchen colour trends

The message for 2018 kitchen consumers is, don’t be black or white, think in shades of grey. All these beautiful kitchen colour trends are so exciting and inspiring! It always pays to do the research when it comes to the latest kitchen colour. A well-planned kitchen is always a great way to get started in your journey to that perfect kitchen decor!

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Latest Kitchen Colour Trends That Just Might Surprise You - Sassy Townhouse Living

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