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6 Of The Best Posture Tips For Sitting In Your Computer Desk Chair

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I’m sure most of you can relate, sitting long hours at your computer desk chair can be a source of much physical discomfort. It’s not until we are suffering the effects of sitting incorrectly or in the wrong chair do we realize we have to do something about it and now. 

Computer Desk Chair

Why Sitting All Day without Proper exercise Can Cause Injury

I had to learn the hard way. I sat in the wrong chair for years and finally, I decided to do something about the back pain and neck discomfort I was experiencing.

First, I got the right computer desk chair and made sure I made a point to do some daily posture correcting exercises. I’m sharing with you some of the tips I’ve learned while sitting at my desk that helped me immensely. 

1 – Keep Your Ears In Line With Your Shoulders – At times, I catch myself leaning too far forward or backward. This throws your posture off-kilter and can be the source of much discomfort throughout the day. I use this trick when I catch myself sitting incorrectly and it works wonders! 

2 – Get Up And Practice Some Wall Angels – This exercise is a HUGE help. It’s one I make sure to practice at least three times a day. There’s a great video detailing how it’s done here

3 – Uncross Those Legs! Yes, crossing your legs can really throw you off-kilter too. I have a habit of doing it myself so I have to catch this one often. Prop your feet on something like a small stand or even some books. This will lift your hips and prevent your feet from being completely flat on the floor. 

4 – Pull Back Your Shoulder Blades – This one is huge for me. Most of my back pain is centered in the middle of my back. Again, this is from sitting long hours at my computer desk chair.

This quick and easy exercise has helped me a lot! Drawing back your shoulder blades will bring your chest up and out and help you to avoid getting rounded shoulders too.

I make sure to do at least two of these an hour when I’m sitting. If you work on your laptop all day, you will need to use these tips!

5- Desk Exercises You Can Do Easily While Sitting – Here are some other great exercises you can and you don’t even have to get up. At times, when we are work or too busy meeting a deadline, we can’t always get up – this is when I make sure to do these quick and easy exercises. 

  • Sit upright, then lift your arms overhead making sure to keep your elbows straight. Interlace your fingers and bend slowly to the right side, then the left side.
  • Cross your left leg over your right leg. Cross your body, placing your right arm over your left leg. Look over your left shoulder and slightly twist your body. Repeat this on the opposite side.
  • Stretch out your left leg, pointing your toes forward. Then point your toes upward. Repeat this five times, then do it with the other leg.

6 – Get A Good Computer Desk Chair – You must be saying, how can this be an exercise? Well, it is! It’s an exercise in avoiding back and neck issues and is my best tip ever! 

Getting a computer desk chair that was ergonomically designed for sitting long hours was key to relieving my discomfort and back pain. This chair has literally been a game-changer for me. It forces me to sit with better posture too. 

Computer Desk Chair

Be sure to watch my detailed video review below:

Here are some details about the iKayaa Ergonomic Racing Gaming Office Computer Desk Chair. 

This gaming chair is designed to offer both luxurious comfort and durability with excellent materials. It can recline to 135°and used as a lounge chair for sleeping or rest after a long time working or playing games to drive away fatigue.

It also has a removable headrest and lumbar support to protect your waist and has a good sleep. When you playing games, the armrest is rotatable or can be adjusted upward & downward.

This chair is perfect for gaming or office use, with many functions, you really cannot miss!


  • Beautiful racing car style, cool in look.
  • Apply excellent PU leather, breathable mesh, more comfortable.
  • Chair Back Recline Function: Can tilt back from 90 to 135°to use as a lounge chair.
  • Rotatable Armrests: It can be moved outside & inside and its height is adjustable.
  • 8cm Chair Height Adjustable: Conveniently tilt the seat backward by pulling off the height adjuster.
  • Max.130kg load Capacity: Quite heavy-duty to sit.
  • Ergonomic Butterfly Back: Special bucket seat design, foam padded, to better suit your body lines.
  • Advanced PU Silent Casters: We adopt high-quality PU casters, which is silent in use and does not scratch your floor.
  • 360° Swivel: Chair seat can easily swivel 360°, casters are smooth to glide everywhere.
  • Solid construction, easy assembling, durable to use.
  • Sent with headrest and lumbar support: To protect your head and waist.

It shipped fast too! This computer desk chair was super easy to assemble and only took about 20 minutes from start to finish. It comes with detailed instructions too!

Computer Desk Chair

This chair comes with two head and lumbar support pillows too. You will be amazed at the job they do to support your body. They are fully adjustable and gave me the support my back and neck so needed! Game-changers! 

Computer Desk Chair

 You can choose from three color choices too. These ergonomic computer desk chairs are designed to fit your home or office perfectly with their sleek and innovative design. 

Computer Desk Chair

The ability to tilt and adjust this computer desk chair is essential and was designed for optimum back and neck support. 

Computer Desk Chair
Computer Desk Chair

A chair is simply not a chair – especially when you are spending hours sitting in it. After sharing all the details of how amazing this chair is with you, you can see just why I’m super excited to own one.

After sitting in this iKayaa Ergonomic Racing Gaming Office Computer Desk Chair for a few short days, I started to see a huge difference in my discomfort and actually feel more alert and ready to take on my day. 

Computer Desk Chair

You can see I don’t have a huge office and yet this chair fits perfectly. It’s not bulky or oversized and is perfect for your home office too! 

They are a one-stop furniture home e-shopping mall and my new favorite place to shop. They also offer a lot of other executive style office chairs, stools, kitchen sets, living room furniture, patio sets, too.

Computer Desk Chair

I hope all of my advice helps you in relieving some of your back discomforts from sitting in your computer desk chair for longs hours too.

I know what finally worked for me and getting a new chair along with these posture exercises has helped me move on from suffering from my discomfort. Be sure to check out some of my other helpful product reviews too! 

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6 Of The Best Posture Tips For Sitting In Your Computer Desk Chair - Sassy Townhouse Living

Disclaimer: The information in this video is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a Sport and Spinal Physiotherapist prior to starting any new exercise or if you have questions regarding an injury or medical condition.

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