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12 Home and Garden Books You Need To Read

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12 Home and Garden Books You Need To Read

We all love reading Home and Garden books. They fill us with joy, inspiration, and magical moments. Over the past few months, I started collecting my favorites to share with you. I promise you’ll find inspiration on every page! 

home and garden books

Home & Garden

Some of my favorite books to read include Home and Garden and of course, Interior Design Books. I love collecting them too. Every time I open them, I find inspiring new projects and ideas for my home.

When I need some quiet time, I know exactly what I need to do. It’s the perfect way to take a break from work too.

First, I grab my favorite home and garden book for that day and plan an hour or so of solitude.  Then, I kick back with a hot cup of coffee and plan all the projects and crafts for the upcoming months. 

Make sure you grab your favorite journal or notebook so you can take copious notes!

And, don’t forget to read our favorite books for the Fall Seaons too! 

So, grab a cup of what makes you happy, kick back, and make sure you check out these books too! They are all simply wonderful!

A quick note, you might want the hardcover versions of these books. The images are stunning and there’s nothing like cradling a beautiful book in your hands. 

Home and Garden Books

My Favorite Home and Garden Books 

1 – Cleaning Hacks – Your All-Natural, Go-To Solution for Spots, Stains, Scum, and More! by Sarah Flowers

I know what you are thinking, who wants a book about cleaning, right? Well, you need to rethink that! This book is so amazing. It’s loaded with cleaning hacks that are so easy and fun to try! 

I already started using some of the hacks and wow, they are truly transforming the way I clean my home! 

Cleaning Hacks tells you how to clean everything in your home from your clothes and sheets to your shower curtain, vents.

Everything, even the inside of your washing machine! And all with these simple short-cuts using all-natural cleaning products. I love the fact it focuses on all-natural cleaning ingredients. And, a lot of them are things you can find in your own that you already have! 

Organized by cleaning project, you’ll be able to find the perfect easy solution for all your cleaning jobs, however large or small, with this handy guide! 

Home and Garden Books

2 – Never!: Over 750 Things You Should Never Do – by Gerd De Ley  

I included this book in home and garden because the tagline reads, “Never make a mistake when someone else can make it for you.” I thought that was so true and a great reminder too. Never! contains over 750 quotes from people telling you to never do something. It’s funny, inspiring, and a great reminder too. 

Never!: Over 750 Things You Should Never Do is loaded with words of advice on what you should do or as helpful as what you should never do! With hundreds of quotes from around the world, Never! collects all the wisdom you could ever need. Remember: Never make a mistake when someone else can make it for you!

Home and Garden Books

3 – Hand Lettering for Laughter: Gorgeous Art with a Hilarious Twist by Amy Latta 

Find Your Happy Place with Fun Fonts, Whimsical Doodles, and Clever Quotes! I love playing around with hand-lettering. It’s perfect to bring out your creative edge too! 

Hand Lettering for Laughter: Gorgeous Art with a Hilarious Twist Get ready to giggle your way through these clever hand lettering designs with bestselling author Amy Latta, Whether you’re lettering for the first time or brushing up on your skills, you’ll be highly entertained as you create your own works of witty, hand-lettered art.

Draw, doodle, and dream right in the book on high-quality paper that will make your designs pop. With tons of ideas for special hand-lettered projects like pillow covers, gift tags, and personalized signs, it’s easy to share the laughter. Be careful: It’s contagious!

Hand Lettering for Laughter

4 – Eat Like You Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive by Mareya Ibrahim  

Eighty recipes support eight essential nutritional strategies to help you look and feel amazing!

I absolutely love this cookbook, and the recipes all look so good and good for you too! 

Remake your kitchen, your taste buds, your body, and your energy level with honest, transparent and easy-to-understand recipes.  Core meal planning and preparation techniques from Ibrahim’s Facebook Live show save time, money and sanity.

I have several of her recipes lined up and ready to go for this week. Every image in Eat Like You Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive will make your mouth water too! 

Eat Like You Give a Fork

5 – Paper Garden: Bonsai: Craft a Model Bonsai for Every Season by Amy Spungen  

This book is so much fun and great for the kids too. You can actually make your own Paper Garden Bonsai! It comes with everything you need too! If you love creating unique beautiful crafts, this book is for you. 

Don’t have a green thumb or infinite patience, but still love the intricacy and grace of tiny bonsai trees? This kit is for you! Create four paper models while learning about the history and tradition of bonsai.
Paper Garden: Bonsai: Craft a Model Bonsai for Every Season is a fully-illustrated instruction book that guides you through the construction of each bonsai model—one for each of the four seasons. The models they use are fully illustrated and they are laser cut heavy duty card stock. These minuscule masterpieces make a great addition to any office or home décor.
The four models included are:

  • Spring—cherry blossom tree
  • Summer—orange tree
  • Fall—red maple tree
  • Winter—Podocarpus tree

Paper Garden: Bonsai

6 – Paper Monograms: Create Beautiful Quilled Letters by Stacy Bettencourt & Amanda Luke 

You can see a theme going here with the previous book I got too. There’s something about these crafting books that’s so appealing and fun! 

Craft gorgeous works of art from strips of rolled paper with Paper Monograms! Paper Monograms provides step-by-step instructions to form every letter of the alphabet, along with the most popular quilled shapes, following the designs of prominent quilling artists. The kit comes complete with a rolling tool, ready-to-go paper strips in multiple colors, and a thorough guidebook.

The delicate yet vibrant artwork created by quilling, or paper filigree, has taken over art sites like Pinterest and Etsy. Large monogram letters are a favorite project for quillers. By placing quilled shapes onto the provided predesigned templates, you, too, can create gorgeously quilled letters. The intricately rolled and spiraled paper brings the alphabet to life!

You can use Paper Monograms to accent your home with your initials or make the ultimate personalized gift for a friend or new baby. Paper Monograms has everything you need to get started, so you will have frame-ready works of quilled art in no time.

Paper Monograms

7 – Living Decor: Plants, Potting and DIY Projects by Maria Colletti

I am in love with this book! Welcome houseplants into your space and use them to make beautiful home decor projects that showcase your plants and your creativity.

It’s time to change the way we think about houseplants. For too long we have overlooked potted plants and failed to appreciate the many benefits they can bring into our homes: improved air quality, natural decor, brilliant colors, and a greener lifestyle, just to name a few.

Living Decor: Plants, Potting and DIY Projects is a manual to introducing the life, beauty, and health benefits of plants into your home in creative ways.

Living Decor

Living Decor: Plants, Potting and DIY Projects brings fun to create your own arrangements with moss, succulents, air plants, and other favorite indoor greenery. Also, find simple guidance for taking care of your plants and DIY tips.

This guide to houseplants takes you through modern trends in filling your space with plants, such as display with macramé, concrete planters, new plant stands for popular botanicals like Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monstera, and also shows what a beautiful, unique, and even artistic experience living with plants can be.

Step-by-step projects include:
Chandelier-style planters
Moss jar gardens and photo frames
Succulent centerpieces
And more!

Beyond the individual projects, you’ll find endless ideas for botanical styling from the author, as well as a large network of shopkeepers and interior designers who bring you into their homes to see remarkable interior design that celebrates everything green.

Home & Garden Books

8 – Char-Broil Grilling for the Family Editors of Creative Homeowner 

Who doesn’t love grilled food? It’s always so super yummy and now’s the perfect time of year for this awesome book. 

Get everybody outside for a fun family grilling fiesta!

Char-Broil Grilling for the Family has 300 delicious recipes to satisfy every member of the family! With easy-to-follow recipes, backyard-tested techniques, and tips to get kids involved too!

  • 300 easy-to-follow recipes for lip-smacking appetizers, meat, veggies and more to have epic family cookouts
  • 47 recipes for The Big Easy(R) Oil-Less Turkey Fryer in an included bonus section, for extra juicy meat and crispy skin
  • Backyard-tested grilling, barbecuing, brining, and smoking techniques
  • Favorite techniques for the juiciest steaks, roasts, ribs, chops, wings, shrimp, kabobs, and more
  • Tips on getting kids involved with simple, safe child-friendly tasks that they can do to help

Packed with recipes from America’s favorite grill brand since 1948, Char-Broil Grilling for the Family is the definitive cookbook and how-to guide for memorable outdoor meals.

Char-Broil Grilling for the Family

9 – Grow in the Dark: How to Choose and Care for Low-Light Houseplants by Lisa Eldred Steinkopf 

Grow in the Dark is one of my personal favorites. I love growing plants and at times, it’s so difficult learning about what plants need to thrive. This book clarifies so much and gives you every trick in the book you need. 

Grow in the Dark puts the spotlight on 50 of the best houseplants you can grow in your dim or dark apartment. Author Lisa Eldred-Steinkopf, known as the Houseplant Guru, shares the knowledge she’s gained tending to her own personal jungle of over 1,000 houseplants. 

Did you know having a south-facing window doesn’t always guarantee you the best light to grow plants—especially if your window faces an alley or a tree-lined street? What’s the point of growing an urban jungle if tall buildings are blocking all your sunshine?

grow in the dark

Grow in the Dark: How to Choose and Care for Low-Light Houseplants is designed to look as good on your shelf as it is useful. It will help you learn how to make the most of your light so you can reap the physical and emotional benefits of living with plants.

Detailed profiles include tips on watering your plants just right, properly potting them, and troubleshooting pests and diseases. You’ll also learn which plants are safe to keep around your pets.

Whether you live in a shady top-floor apartment or a dungeon-y garden level, this book will help you grow your plant collection to its healthiest for its Instagram debut.

grow in the dark

10 – The Posy Book – Garden-Inspired Bouquets That Tell A Story – by Teresa H. Sabankaya

If you love flowers, you are going to adore The Posy Book too. 

Inspired by the Victorian-era language of flowers, a posy is a small, round bouquet of flowers, herbs, and plants meant to convey a message, such as dahlias for gratitude, sunflowers for adoration, or thyme for bravery.

These floral poems have become Teresa Sabankaya’s signature. Brides want them for their weddings, but a posy is a lovely gift any time of year and one that readers can easily put together from their garden or with blooms from their local florist.

In The Posy Book, Sabankaya shares step-by-step instructions, floral recipes for more than 20 posies, and ideas for seasonal variations. A modern floral dictionary, with 12 original paintings by celebrated illustrator Maryjo Koch, will help readers craft their own posies filled with personal meaning.

The Posy Book

11 – Crystal Rx: Daily Rituals for Cultivating Calm, Achieving Your Goals, and Rocking Your Inner Gem Boss by Colleen McCann 

You might be thinking, how is this a home and garden book? Well, I love and use crystals for so many things around my home. I also rock some awesome jewelry with various crystals too. There’s so much you can learn about them and Crystal Rx is perfect in every way. 

Here’s some of what you’ll find inside.

Tap into your “Soul GPS” with Crystal Rx  – this essential guide to the healing power of crystals, from their ancient origins to their modern-day applications.

Since the dawn of time, people have been drawn to gemstones, using them in burial rites, divination practices, healing rituals, spiritual attunement, and as adornment reflecting wealth, power, beliefs or societal roles. For millennia, crystals have been believed to restore and enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium. And today they have emerged as the hottest wellness trend, embraced by celebrities, fashionistas, and millennials alike.

Crystal RX

But what does all this woo woo ju ju mean—and how do crystals work?

Fun, modern, stylish, and accessible, Crystal Rx breaks it down for you. Colleen McCann is a certified Shamanic Energy Practitioner who has traveled the world researching and teaching the ancient art of crystal healing. Now, she shares all that she’s learned, offering insight and clear directions for harnessing the power of these magical minerals.

crystal rx

In this down-to-earth, beautifully illustrated guide you’ll discover:

  • The Top 20 Crystals every girl needs in her arsenal.
  • Crystal care—Keep your crystals shiny, clean & energetically healthy.
  • Building a bespoke altar for Love, Prosperity, or Career Success.
  • What’s a “Medicine Bag,” and how to curate your own.
  • The Crystal Business—Inspiration from industry leaders in beauty, technology, fashion, food, agriculture, and music who are making this ancient practice a part of modern life.
  • And much more.

Packed with gorgeous images, Crystal Rx is the sophisticated handbook every girl needs to guide her on her spiritual journey.

12 –Bling! The Uncommon Crystal Couture World of Sondra Celli

If you are a Bling! lover, you’ll love this book too. It’s loaded with great ideas for adding bling in your life. You get some great ideas for blinging out everything from home decor to fashion. You also get to see how it’s done behind the scenes too. 

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at the style and studio of renowned designer and Gypsy dressmaker Sondra Celli. Known for the jaw-dropping couture she creates on the hit television series My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, the “Queen of Bling” adds crystal brilliance to everything from tuxedos to Converse sneakers to pet accessories.


Bling! combines fashion insights and how-to techniques, she shares fascinating details of her early design hits and misses her family’s role in her work, and the sacrifices she made as a struggling designer in the Big Apple. Sondra teaches you how to create 14 bling-tastic projects of your own: umbrellas, corsets, neckties, baby shoes, baseball caps, flip flops, and more.

She also dishes about what happens behind the scenes of her TV show, how she began designing for the Gypsy community, and the pressures of creating dresses using materials like candies, dollar bills, and real flowers.


I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my current favorite home and garden books. I know you’ll love them as much as I do! 
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  1. Excellent selection! We must have the same taste. Grilling cookbooks, I have entire shelf! Some were gifts, most picked up second hand. And I have a few books on feng shui and crystals too. And what can we say about Sondra Celli? She is a miracle worker! I often wonder how much those dresses cost? I have been co workers with witches, warlocks, circus performers, pro surfers, countless other non traditional job types, but only one gypsy. They really have not made it to the west coast yet. Thanks for adding to my summer reading list! ????

  2. Thanks so much, Naomie! I love grilling cookbooks too. You can get so many delicious recipe ideas from them. Oh wow, that sounds go interesting! I find crystal work so fascinating. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book list. Always so good hearing from you my friend.
    Carolann xo

  3. I’m thrilled that you included my book Hand Lettering for Laughter in this fabulous roundup! I’m so glad you enjoy it, and I so appreciate you recommending it to others! xo

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