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10 Ways Journaling Will Your Increase Productivity

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If you haven’t started journaling you might want to reconsider. Keeping a journal has been known to have many health benefits and will increase productivity. Journaling has been a positive experience for me personally and has given me a deeper sense of clarity and clarified my thoughts and feelings. 

Journaling Increase Productivity

Journaling Will Your Increase Productivity

I started journaling a few years ago, that is aside from when I was a child – since then, journaling has totally allowed me to increase productivity and provided me with greater clarity. As a huge fan of self-help literature and videos, it’s been nothing but a positive experience and one I highly recommend. 

Here are 10 ways journaling will increase productivity and give you the clarity of thought and mind You need. 

1 – Journaling Your Dream Diary – Dreams can have a great effect on your mental state and either make or break the rest of your day. Documenting your dreams and deciphering their meaning can help us to understand what the hidden messages are in your dreams. You can easily look for dream patterns this way too. 

2 – Daily Events, Emotions, & Experiences – Journaling is the perfect way to document our day and look for toxic patterns we are repeating that we might not be aware of. 

3 – Solve Your Problems More Effectively – Problem-solving is a left-brained task, but we need our right brain which denotes creativity and intuition to help us unlock the answers. Journaling allows us to unlock the ability to see our problems more globally, therefore, helping us with problem-solving more easily. 

4 – Reducing Stress – For me, this is one of the main reasons I love journaling. It helps me to greatly reduce stress and prevent negative thought patterns to emerge. Whether you are experiencing anger, sadness, or any other painful emotion, writing it down and expressing our thoughts about how we really feel without the worry about external ramifications is an extreme benefit. 

5 – Resolving Conflict With Others – You would be very surprised at how effective it is when you write about conflicts and misunderstanding. Stewing over them is unhealthy and can cause us great stress and illness. You can gain an understanding when you look at an argument from another’s point of view and it will provide you with a deeper understanding of how to creatively solve conflict too. 

6 – Vision Journaling – This is another one of my personal favorites. This is where you use visual components rather than written words to express your dreams and desires. You can cut out pictures from magazines of your dream vacation or be artistic and draw your dream on paper. This task can help increase productivity as these visual moments captured on paper will drive you towards your destinations!

7 – Health Logs – Documenting how you feel not only mentally but physically as well has many health benefits. It’s a great way to keep detailed records on medication, pain levels, and any other medical experiences too. Several months ago, I started the Keto Diet and journaling has been the perfect way to me to keep track of all the changes and weight loss too. 

8 – Habit Tracker – Need to quit smoking or are you just caught up in a negative habit you’d love to lose? Well, this is the perfect way to do it. List your habits and track your behaviors connected to it. Go through the list one by one and rid yourself of them consistently. 

9 – Spiritual Journal & Meditation Guide – For those of us who meditate, keeping a journal is the perfect way to write down your prayers and inspirations. Keeping track of how many times you meditate in a day is another great way to keep on track and increase productivity. Whatever your spiritual journey is, journaling will help take you there. 

10 – Blogging – There are millions of bloggers who use journals to keep them on track every day. Documentation is the key to becoming a successful blogger and, I know I would be lost without one. 

Journaling Increase Productivity

I have collected journals for years now and my favorites are the leather journals. Of course, they must have refillable pages too this way I can switch from blank pages to those with lines. 

Recently, I’ve been using these gorgeous Leather Journals. I love everything about them and they will last for years to come.

But when such a journal couldn’t be found, the Jofelo founders decided that it was time to introduce full-grain leather-bound journals to more than just the writing community. Quality, balanced with an affordable price and economy, became the cornerstone of these vintage handmade journals.

These Jofelo journals are simply beautiful and easily refillable too! 

Of course, I got an extra one for gift-giving with the holidays not far off. They are great for birthday, graduation, anniversary presents and so much more gift-giving ideas too! I love how beautifully they are packaged too.

These gorgeous Leather Journals come with a beautifully designed pen too and a slot to keep the pen so you never misplace it. 

Journaling Increase Productivity

The first journal I got is called the Dream Catcher – The catcher features a simple strap design that exudes style while hosting a catalog of high-quality papers and impeccable binding.

There’s no reason to limit your thoughts as it provides 300 pages of unlined paper and a refillable interior that allows you to insert another set of 7×5 paper of your choosing.

Just as it is with the Jofelo unwritten journey journal, the catcher takes away all of the hassle and paper damage involved with plastic and ring binders as it offers you a superior alternative that keeps your papers safe, neat and most importantly, secure.

Journaling Increase Productivity
Journaling Increase Productivity

The second one I got is called Unwritten Journal and is their most popular refillable leather-bound journal. Journals are an amazing item. They are designed to hold your deepest thoughts, plans, and dreams. What’s a better way to align your thought than using a high-quality journal that inspires creativity and assures you that it is here for the long haul?

Journaling Increase Productivity
Journaling Increase Productivity

I hope you can get started increasing productivity with this gorgeous Leather Journal today too!

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Ways Journaling Will Your Increase Productivity - Sassy Townhouse Living

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