5 Creative DIY Designs of Table Overlays

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Your table should look beautiful as well as entertaining for your next big party. Table overlays or toppers are used to decorate any table. This will totally impress your friends. You don’t have to hire a designer to make your tables look fabulous because you can make it by yourself. However, creating a stylized table is not as simple as you may think. You need to be creative and generate new designing ideas.

Table Overlays

Designs of Table Overlays

In this post, we shall look at easy and quick projects on how to turn your table overlays into good-looking patterns and colors. It is important to check the www.quiltersreview.com on the internet to get more ideas about the best DIY designs.

DIY Watercolor linens

Do you know about watercolor linens? It is a funny method that makes your table look entertaining. Water linens create an exciting art for your rooms and tables. With this kind of DIY design, you don’t have to worry about spilling anything. If this happens, throw the linens in the wash. These beauties will make your friends even feel attracted.

In fact, they would want to come again. Not only that but these gorgeous textile will make you forget to eat because of their beauty. You only need few materials to watercolor everything in your beautiful room. Such materials are water, fabric cloths, napkins and table runners.

Tools needed are foam brush, cardboard scraps, paint brushes and paper towels. Cut your desired shape of linen and dampen it with foam bush soaked in water. Apply the fabric paint and wait for your watercolor linen to dry. Here you will have the best DIY design.

Table Overlays

DIY Kraft Paper Table Runner

Show off your creativity by applying this design. It will make your next party look appealing to your friends and guests. This design can be called a new addition to the setting of the table. With a Kraft paper table runner, your regular table setting will change to a new pattern and colors.

Using the Kraft paper roll as your table runner, you have a chance to hand paint a new and unique design on this paper. This will be aided by the use of a large paintbrush to set a stylish table setting that you love. You don’t have to worry even when your friend spills wine on the table. It will be easy to remove the dots on the runner when you toss it in the trash.

Table Overlays

DIY Hand-Stamped Napkins

All of us love stamps. This handmade printed textile is something really nice when it comes to table designing. Remember it this DIY design can come in two forms of napkins and scarf kit. It is easy to create your own hand stamps and then change them to multiple designs.

You only need to have a foam brush, wood block, fabric paint, cotton napkins and sticky back foam in terms of tools and materials. Then, have additional tools like pencil and scissors used for marking and cutting. Just trace around, cut and get your desired shapes. You can brush fabric paint using a foam brush and let it dry. Finally, your new pattern will make very happy as you prepare for your party day.

Table Overlays

DIY Painted Tea Towel

Having paint tea towels is just wonderful. You will like them because they are not only perfect blank canvas but gives you the cutest idea. Also, they are bright white, large and super cheap to decorate your tables. A lemon paint is the best for towels decoration during your party. Applying a medium fabric paint to your planned design reflects a unique style is a good tip.

However, apply half a lemon before you brush on the paint. This is because the lemon fruit can be juicy. Here you must be attentive and cautious. I tested this and my towels looked pretty. You can also be creative and design it into different colors.

Table Overlays

DIY Yellow Dip Dyed Tablecloth

You will love its bright-yellow color. It can brighten up any room or table to look more impressing to everyone. Just try this easy DIY. For modern rooms, you can use this yellow accents to prepare your dining room for your party. It is most suitable for a small dining room. With the help of light, you overall ambiance will be shaped well. So make sure when the room is evenly and beautifully lit especially on the walls.

Now you have a chance to choose the best DIY Designs of Table Overlays. The above guide will help you to make a good decision about which design to choose. Be creative if you want your tables and rooms to look gorgeous. As you do this, you will thank the DIY design and style of your choice.

Table Overlays

I hope you were able to get some fun and crafty ideas for your projects! We love crafting so be sure to check out our DIY and Crafting posts too! 

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