7 Easy Bathroom Upgrades You Need To See!

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With a new year brings new bathroom upgrades! Isn’t it time to add some decor elements to the room where we spend so much time?

I always enjoy my bathroom upgrades and this year, I have a few planned as well. More so, upgrading up your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive either.

 Bathroom Upgrades

How Do You Know When It’s Time For Some Bathroom Upgrades?

How do you know when it’s time to update your bathroom? Typically, I like to do ours every 2-3 years. It seems I always grow bored with the colors and love reorganizing things in my bathroom as well.

In fact, if you think about it, most people will tell you that one of the things they enjoy the most when staying at hotels are the bathrooms with hot tubs and massive showerheads; it’s just that exciting!

So, let’s ride that wave of blissful bathroom upgrades and check the list of 7 things you probably want to change in your bathroom.

1. Is It Time To Perk Up Your Bathroom Walls?

Although a big undertaking, this is where you need to start. It is the one thing that will entirely change the look of your bathroom.

Actually, it’s the first big change I have planned for both my main bathrooms. Last year, we decided to decorate our half-bath with stunning wallpaper. Wow, what a beautiful transformation!

If you prefer, you can keep colors, classy and neutral and play around with texturized materials. There’s a huge trend of wainscoting or Board and Batten Bathroom wall decor and I must admit, I adore it.

However,  you can try to keep your bathroom upgrades trend-free in case you have plans to move or sell your home in the near future.

You can also consider tiling your bathroom walls as well for your bathroom upgrades. Tiling is much more expensive and it’s important to remember you will be stuck with it for a while as well.

Bathroom Upgrades
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2. Updating Your Showerhead Is Easy And A Wonderful Upgrade!

Never underestimate the power of a great shower! As you know, showers can really make or break your day.

More so, a relaxing, hot, steamy shower leaves you refreshed and ready to take on just about anything that comes your way. So, why not upgrade your showerhead to the one you love?

Before making a decision, make sure you check out the latest shower head designs to treat yourself to an unmatchable showering experience.

Additionally, I plan on adding a rainshower showerhead to my bathroom as well. I have mine already picked out and ready for installation. I’m super excited and it’s definitely one of the easiest bathroom upgrades I have planned.

Plus, with the addition of water-saving features, you can save money on your water bill as well.

3. Is It Time For A Toilet Bowl Upgrade?

After all, the toilet is the focal point of any bathroom and rightfully so! Upgrading your toilet will revolutionize your bathroom experience.

Moreover, smart toilet seats with features like heating, sanitizing bidets, and even driers are now available for everyone to enjoy.

If you, like most people, dread the inevitable task of toilet cleaning, you do not have to worry anymore.

Typically, you can invest in one of the new germ-resistant seats, or if you are on a tighter budget, go for toilets with a built-in self-cleaning feature.

Plus, I think upgrading a toilet bowl is a great idea! Plus, depending on the style, it will last for years to come.

Bathroom Upgrades

4. Yes! Upgrading Your Medicine Cabinet Rocks!

One of the best upgrades for my bathroom was investing in additional medicine cabinets.

Now, I have loads of room for my makeup, skincare, and general toiletry items.

Plus, I made sure to get a style that wouldn’t go out of date so easily. I chose mirrored medicine cabinets and love them. As far as bathroom upgrades, this is one of my favorite ways to kick-up your bathroom.

Likewise, you have some options when it comes to your cabinets. If you don’t like the typical styles, you can do with elegant, marble or glass shelves above the sink.

For example, as for your actual medication, you can dedicate one of the pantry shelves for them. There, you’ll find less moisture, and you can organize everything neatly.

5. Light Fixtures Are Always A Welcomed Bathroom Upgrade

At times, the solution to an easy inexpensive upgrade is as simple as a change in the lighting for your bathroom upgrades.

Usually, if you still use the conventional fluorescent tube lamps to illuminate your bathroom, switch to yellow spotlights and notice the huge difference!

You will instantly feel that your bathroom has become more elegant and overall welcoming.

However, you can also install some cool-looking appliques on both sides of your vanity mirror; these will look incredibly chic.

This year, we will definitely replace our bathroom fixtures. currently, our fixtures need updating for sure!

Bathroom Upgrades

6. Bathroom Mats – They Always Make Dramatic Bathroom Upgrades

It’s so easy to update your bathroom mat and you can always find one on sale too. Bathmats made a huge transformation in the past few years.

Now, You do not need your old rug-like bathroom mats that seem to stay wet and damp under your feet anymore.

In other words, get the cushion, microfiber ones that absorb water faster and this way you can easily clean them in the washing machine.

However, after considering the shape and size, make sure they are the non-slip mats as well.  

Above all, while you are at it, you might as well get a nice pair of coordinating towels to go with your new bathmats.

7. Shower Curtains – Always A Welcomed Upgrade

Shower curtains can appear dull and lifeless in our bathrooms. That’s why many of us opt for glass shower doors instead.

But, if you can’t afford the upgrade, you can easily replace your curtain at least once a year.

To add a nice design twist to your shower curtain, you can add some height to it easily.

Typically, our standard shower curtain height is about 72 inches. Try installing the shower rod to about 75 to 77 inches instead.

This design hack will make your bathroom ceiling look higher and you can add a beautiful valance to the top of the curtain as well.

 Bathroom Upgrades
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You can flip your bathroom using a few simple tricks. Similarly, by prioritizing what you need doing versus what you can work around, you will manage to bring your bathroom upgrades in place.

7 Easy Bathroom Upgrades You Need To See - Sassy Townhouse Living

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