Ascending Into 5D Consciousness With George H. Lewis

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I recently interviewed George H. Lewis and had a fascinating conversation about several topics, including our global ascension into 5D consciousness. George H. Lewis is an artist, author, lightworker, astrologer, sound and vibrational healer, and international speaker.

5D Consciousness

About George H. Lewis And Ascending Into 5D Consciousness

George provides a range of astrology, therapy, and healing services, including private appointments and group workshops online and at host locations worldwide.

Additionally, he is passionate about raising awareness of the collective and promoting healing and awakening through art, astrology, and sound. George inspires people to step into their highest version of themselves.

George states, “a cosmic awakening is upon us. The faster we realize this and embrace it, the more liberating it will be for us, individually and collectively.”

Unfortunately, it’s pretty apparent that we live in an age where the “elite” aim to marginalize descending views and usher in their orthodoxy. Many believe we must come to terms with our inner truth through community and shared beliefs.

At this time in history, it seems we all died and became reborn again in a single lifetime. But moreover, we all awaken to the truth in predestined timeframes, whether through great suffering or joy.

The 5D Consciousness Realm

Furthermore,  as we enter 5D, we access higher spiritual dimensions leading to and back to Source. Essentially, it’s a plane of consciousness with a range of frequencies. A state of being that resonates at a higher frequency than the 3rd dimension where most people reside.

With the 5D realm, we discover our real purpose with no separation and a globally connected consciousness. Those living in this realm serve others, spread light and love, and live fully and purposefully. When we exist in a 3D plain of existence, we live in fear, and separation, vibrating on a lower frequency.

Moreover, transitioning to a 5D consciousness is not a one-step process. For many, it can take years of practice and devotion to raising our vibrations. Nevertheless, through 5D, we can fully access our true spirit and connect globally to all mankind.

More importantly, it’s imperative that with our voices we can speak openly and with conviction without the threat of censorship or silencing. And that we can share these truths openly and with confidence. Through our unified voices, we can foster peace, love, and unity globally and elevate our inner spirits toward this unification.

Below, please watch the interview with George H. Lewis. In addition, you can discover his services, artwork, and musical talents on his website and social media.

TruthSocial: @georgehlewis
Instagram: @georgehlewis

George H. Lewis – Orginal Artwork

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