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5 Sneaky Things Your Mattress Company Does Not Want You To Know

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Early last year, I decided to go mattress shopping. I realized that I was not getting enough sleep and my bed was to blame.  Turns out, not every mattress company is being honest with you about their products.

However, while I thought that the process would be pretty easy, I was surprised to learn that it’s one of the most tedious processes that you can go through!

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Mattress Company Truths

The truth is big-box stores have made just buying a mattress more of a nightmare. They come with a ridiculous price tag and cheesy gimmicks to lure the unknowing customer.

Here, I’ll carefully show you how these mattress stores have ripped us off over the years. You shouldn’t have to go through such a tedious and unforgiving process. So, take note of these sneaky methods that they use, and I’m sure you’ll land a comfortable mattress at an affordable price.

I was finally able to get the mattress I wanted and thankfully, to good research, it turned out to be the perfect fit for both of us! We all want to get a comfortable sleep and when shopping for a mattress, make sure you do the research and empower yourself before regretting it. 

1.    You’re Not Only Paying Only for the Mattress

Between costs of advertising, commissions, wholesaler profits and sales, you’ll end up paying close to 12 times the value of the bed. I even realized that the salesmen and women you find in these stores are not always friendly. Well, they may appear to have your best interest at heart, but in the real sense, they are only trying to squeeze the last coin from you!

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2.    High-Pressure Sales Tactics

In reality, retail mattress salespeople are what I like to call ‘snake oil salesmen.’ They make fake promises and offer cash-refund guarantees which appear legit only to disappoint you in the end.

You may not even realize it, but they always tend to push you towards a more costly choice.

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3.    Fancy Brand Names

Some of the most eye-catching names that you’ll find in today’s market include Beauty Rest, Wonder Cloud, and EverFeel. So, you might think that they are worth thousands of dollars, but they are just messing with you!

Here, they only want you to lure you in with captivating names only to give you substandard products. I realized that the best thing to do is to go through reviews of the best mattress brands.

You’ll find comments from previous customers, and this will help you settle on the company that matches your tastes.

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4.    The Problem of Buying a Mattress Online

Although some mattresses are guaranteed to give you the comfort that you need during the night, still, you should lay on it a little bit to see if it’s right for your body.

Now, the challenge with online shopping, despite its growing popularity, is that the sellers won’t provide you with an option to test their mattresses.

So, if you’re buying a mattress online, choose the one with at least a one-year trial period. At least with this one, you can return it if it does not please you!

Keep in mind that there’s nothing more discouraging than spending too much money on a mattress that wears out within a short time.

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5.    Not All Mattresses Serve the Same Purpose

I also discovered that even though a good number of the mattresses I tried out were comfortable enough, not all of them could adequately support my back.

Besides, once you go mattress shopping, it’s important to know that there are mattresses for a back, side, and stomach sleeper.

It’s also important to remember to keep your mattress in the best shape possible and ensure to keep it clean and sanitized at all times. 

In this case, it’s crucial to know what you need from your bed. Remember that the salesperson or company will only want you to buy the most expensive product!

So, have you gone mattress shopping yet? Well, while we love mattress stores, it’s sad knowing that they keep taking advantage of us. Luckily, by identifying these sneaky methods, you’ll stay clear of such malicious acts!

I love my bedroom now – and thanks to our good research, we finally have a mattress we both love. We finally bought a new mattress and after researching for months, we both love it.

I’m so glad I took the time to do the research first. It pays to lock down at least 4 different types first by reading and researching online, then go to the store and try them out.

It also helps to ask friends and family too which is something we don’t often think of doing. 

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5 Sneaky Things Your Mattress Company Does Not Want You To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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