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How To Clean And Maintain Your Mattress Effectively

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When you invest in a good mattress, you want to make sure you maintain your mattress properly. A lot of folks aren’t doing this and the results can be disastrous. 

We have some of the best advice and tips so you can keep your mattress in tiptop shape and hygienic at all times. 

Maintain Your Mattress
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Our Mattress Backstories 

The other day when I cleaned my mattress, it struck me how new and fresh looking it is even though it’s about 10 years old. Then I thought about the reasons and why it’s so important to maintain your mattress properly. If you want your mattress to stay fresh and clean for years, especially if it’s new, it’s vital to take these steps, too. 

Your mattress has a backstory too. Think about it. Do you maintain it properly? If not, it’s not too late to start now.  It’s so easy in our fast-paced lives, to forget to tend to our mattresses properly. What most people don’t perceive is that sleeping time is, for the most part, just as critical as waking times.

And because we spend about a third of our lifetime sleeping, it is only right that we invest in or opt for an excellent sleeping environment.

It includes a high-quality mattress but not all can afford this luxury. Even if your mattress is not top quality, you can still keep it in excellent and healthy shape. As a matter of fact, a clean and comfortable bed can, more often than not, highly contribute to great sleep.

Maybe you already know that a great night’s sleep and an excellent life are related to each other. Buying a well-made mattress is just the first step; maintaining its quality is what matters more.

For a little help, here are a few effective ways to keep your mattress in the best condition possible.

Maintain Your Mattress
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Mattress Support

Even if you didn’t purchase your box spring with your mattress, it’s important to ensure your mattress has the appropriate support it needs. 

You need to think about how your mattress support holds up. You’ll want to make sure you have an excellent Metal Platform Bed Frame to support your mattress. 

If you have your mattress on a shoddy bed frame, this can help to deteriorate its overall structure. Verify with the mattress manufacturer or read the warranty for guidance. Your bed frame’s design should support the weight of the people sleeping in it. If you purchase an inexpensive bed frame it might not be able to do just that.  Additionally, queen sizes and king sizes must have, for the most part, center support bars.

We have a king-sized bed frame and had to ensure it was top-quality to support it.  Depending on mattress weight and type, platform beds with broad or extensive slats might need further support.

It is an excellent idea to examine and inspect the support of your bed every year. This way you can make sure that there are no damaged springs or slats that could adversely influence your mattress.

Maintain Your Mattress

Mattress Protector

There are plenty of benefits of using a top-quality mattress protector. And they’re one of the simplest and best ways to protect the longevity of your bed. We all want our homes fully sanitized and of course, that included our bedding too!

For increased effectiveness, it is a good idea to use a mattress protector from the start.

I prefer a pillow top mattress protector and always love the way they provide that extra support. A quality, premium mattress protector provides waterproof protection to, for the most part, protect against accidents and spills. Also, they minimize the amount of dirt, debris, and dust that buildup on your bed.

Mattress protectors also guard the materials inside your bed against impairment, keeps sweat and skin oils off the bed and minimizes the buildup of dust mites and mold. Moreover, it does make cleaning the mattress easier. Personally, I never go without one on my bed.

This is a huge reason why my mattress still maintains it’s pristine appearance. 

mattress protector with pillow top

Regular Washing

When we doze off to sleep, we shed skin cells, hairs, oils, and sweat. Also, if you’re one of those people who likes to eat in bed or bring pets, crumbs and hairs leave behind.

Aside from the fact that this dirt can invade into the layers of the mattress, it can also encourage the buildup of bacteria and dust mites. I know it might be quite normal for you to wash your blankets, sheets, and bedding weekly but not for everyone.

It’s essential to keep all bedding clean for the proper health of your mattress too. You’ll want to make sure you wash your bedding with a good detergent and fabric softener as well. 

I take my comforter, mattress protector and pillows to a local laundromat to wash them. Why? Because even though I have a large capacity washer and dryer, they still aren’t large enough to safely wash my king-sized bedding.   

I learned the hard way and destroyed my beautiful pastel comforter from Wayfair trying to wash it in my machine at home. Lesson learned! 

Even if you use a mattress protector, it is still best to keep bedding clean. Don’t forget to wash the mattress protector now and then based on the direction of the manufacturer.

Avoid Bringing Pets on the Bed

We own a pet poodle named Ollie. We love him dearly and allow him to sleep on our bed with us. It’s a tough decision on whether to allow your pets to sleep with you. 

I can give you some good advice. If you allow your pets on your bed, throw and old sheet or large blanket over the top of your bedspread for them to sleep on.

This way, it places a barrier between your pet and your lovely bedding. I wash it nightly as well to keep my bed nice and clean every night. It’s hardly a chore and this way Ollie can enjoy sleeping with us. 

While it’s probably best to keep your pets off your bed, there are those of us who make an exception to this rule. It really is best to give your pets separate sleeping pads to rest in instead of allowing them to snuggle in your mattress.

Keep in mind that even well-maintained pets stroll outside, shred hair, drool just like us people, and all of this stuff goes into your bed.

Also, pets can have an intermittent accident, which can ruin and damage a premium mattress. If they do, make sure you have a good urine cleaner on hand to maintain your mattress properly. 

pets on mattress

Follow the Cleaning Directions of the Manufacturer

You need to keep your mattress cleaned regularly and, more importantly, follow the directions of the manufacturer to maintain your mattress. 

A lot of mattress manufacturers will give you directions for general cleaning and stain removal. However, most beds must be vacuumed-clean with a hose attached to get rid of the surface dust.

You can also treat light stains with a soap solution and mild water. Be sure to let them dry before arranging the bed. Also, keep harsh chemical cleaners away because they can damage the durability of the foam.

Depending on personal preference, allergies, and dust levels, you should vacuum clean it every two to three months.


Even though different brands and types of mattresses can vary somewhat in maintenance and care, the essence is still the same.

Basically, protect the bed from damage and accidents, keep it clean, and make certain that it is well-supported. You can easily maintain your mattress and this way, it will last for years and years. 

The lifespan of every mattress relies on a lot of factors. However, by following these effective ways can make sure that your investment lasts for a long time.

Take time to read different reviews, such as Real Mattress Reviews, to stretch your knowledge about maintaining your mattress.

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