You Need To See These 5 Scary Haunted London Locations!

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You Need To See These 5 Scary Haunted London Locations!

It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween – we all love to be scared! Well most of us do! These 5 haunted London locations are perfect for those that are adventurous enough! If you have plans to take a vacation to London or live there, these scary locations are a must see! 

Haunted London Locations

A trip to London is on our bucket list and we making plans to visit several places in Europe. Of course, I’ve added these London haunted locations to it too! There’s nothing more thrilling than going on ghost tours but make sure you bring your partner or best friend with you – for the security of course! 

Haunted London Locations
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They say that a bit of thrill is good for the soul, and there’s actual research that proves this by studying reactions to scary movies. London is the perfect place to indulge your craving for spooky as the city’s streets are filled with ghost stories. Those are incredibly varied, but some places stand out due to the sheer magnitude of their ‘haunting factor’. Those are the ones you need to visit first when you want to go on a ghost hunting tour through London.

Haunted London Locations

5 Haunted London Locations To Visit Only When Your Feeling Brave:

1.      Bleeding Heart Yard

Go for the maximum creepiness level right away by starting your London ghost tour at Bleeding Heart Yard. The name truly does say it all in this case as this yard is the supposed place of the Lady Elizabeth Hatton’s gruesome murder.

According to the legend, her mutilated body was found in the cobbled yard on January 27, 1646. There also used to be an Inn there called Bleeding Heart, supposedly in the honor of the Virgin Mary. The inn’s sign of a bleeding heart pierced by five swords is definitive proof that the 16th-century marketing had weird ideas about memorable logos.

Haunted London Locations

2.      50 Berkeley Square

The history of London is colorful and dark, say guides from Strawberry Tours. And one of the best examples to prove this is a townhouse located on 50 Berkeley Square. The history of its haunting dates back to the 19th century and it’s believed that there are two different ghosts ‘inhabiting’ the place.

50 Berkeley Square became a place of wealth and eminent stature and would go on to accrue a rather ominous reputation as the haunt of something beyond our comprehension. It begins at house number 50, a single four-story brick townhouse right in the middle of the square. This is one of those haunted London locations you must visit for the ultimate in fear-factor! 

One is the ghost of Thomas Myers, a former occupant of the building. He lived there as a hermit and was quirky but in a ‘creepy’ manner instead of ‘eccentric’. The other is the ghost of a woman who committed suicide on the premises. Little is known about her except for the fact that she was pushed to this by the abuse she suffered in the house.

Haunted London Locations

3.      Greenwich Foot Tunnel

If it’s the thrill you chase when looking for the most haunted places in London, you have to visit Greenwich Foot Tunnel. This place doesn’t have any stories about ghosts tied to the place and reaching through time as specters because of violent deaths. 

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel lies deep beneath the earth of East London and passing directly under the River Thames. It’s a creepy and haunted underground walkway. It connects Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs with an underground walking trail that spans 370 meters in length and is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in London.

No, this is a regular tunnel for pedestrians that runs under the Thames. But it’s creepy. Incredibly so. The feeling of dread that creeps up on you when going down that path is indescribable. People suffering any issues with poorly lit limited spaces should avoid this place at all costs.

Haunted London Locations

4.      Bruce Castle

Go to Tottenham to walk the halls of Bruce Castle, but beware of angry ghosts while you are there. Today, it’s a museum where you can learn about the history of Haringey Borough. However, back in the 16th century, it belonged to the House of Bruce.

Several nobles resided in the castle over the centuries. The spirit that haunts it belongs to Lady Constantia Lucy. Sadly, if the legend is true, she was another poor abused soul who couldn’t take it anymore and jumped to her death to escape her husband’s home. She also took her child with you into this final tragic journey.

Haunted London Locations

5.      The Old Operating Theater Museum

The Old Operating Theater Museum will make an impression on your mind not through spooky ghosts but by imagining the sheer horror that took place within its walls. It’s located in the church that belonged to the St. Thomas’ Hospital.

The museum contains exhibits that tell you a fascinating story about the progress of medicine. However, while the tools presented there was the pinnacle of innovation back in the 18th century, you should remember how little the doctors of old truly knew about the human body. A great number of patients bled and died within those walls, and those were no easy deaths.

Haunted London Locations

I hope you got some fun haunted London locations to visit! I know when we take our trip to London – we will be headed there! 

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You Need To See These 5 Scary Haunted London Locations - Sassy Townhouse Living

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