How To Convert Your Unused Attic Into Functional Living Space

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If you have unused attic space in your home you might want to think about converting it into a functional living space. Most people store old furniture, toys and Christmas decorations in the attic. However, this space can also be used in many different ways – like turning it into an additional room.

Transform Your Unused Attic

When we had our townhouse built, we had the option to turn the unused attic into a functional living space. We chose not to do it, and I’ve regretted it since. Below, you can see townhouses with and without a third floor. That third floor is how it would look with the unused attic space totally transformed.

We are always working on home improvement projects and, we still can transform our unused attic, but it’s going to take a lot of work and money – if I had only listened to my inner voice telling me to finish it when we had it built! I would have loved having the extra floor to use as a bedroom for guests. 

Unused Attic Living Space

Whether you need another bathroom, bedroom or an office, attics are great to transform them into something great. You don’t have to move to a bigger house which would cost you much more and you could have trouble finding the right one. All you have to do is simply convert your attic. Here you can find out what to do to make it inhabitable.

Check the stability

Before you start doing anything in your attic, you should consult a professional to check if it’s strong enough. The floor will be loaded with much more stuff after you finish renovation than now when you simply keep boxes with unused stuff there. Make sure the expert checks the structural strength to see if it can carry more weight. You might need to install the joists and subfloor to make it stronger.

Unused Attic Living Space

Make sure you can easily access your attic

Your attic needs to be easily accessible in order to fulfill its function well. Pull-down stairs won’t be appropriate in this case and you’ll need a permanent staircase. You also have to decide where the loft stairs will begin and check how much space it will need. If you’ll decide to build a staircase in the corridor, there shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to create an access to the attic in the bedroom or living room, it may take more effort to make it work.

Pay attention to insulation

It’s very important to insulate your attic properly to make sure it stays warm in the winter. You’ll feel it’s warmer or colder in there depending on the weather since the attic is right under the roof. A lot will depend on the amount and quality of insulation.

Consult an expert to access your insulation and advise on the proper way of improving it. Spray insulation is most recommended because it’s easy to use between joists. It also creates a tight air barrier and you’ll still be able to fit thick fiberglass batt insulation. Your attic will be warm and comfortable.

Unused Attic Living Space

Let in natural light

Attic spaces will always be bright and full of light. You can fit in skylights or dormer windows which look great in places like that. Roof windows will be a better option for the sloped ceiling. Installing blinds in the chosen color will add decorative value to the windows. You can also think about installing solar tubes or install recessed lights or decorative sconces to add extra decorative lighting. 

Take care of the plumbing

If you’re turning your attic into a bathroom, you need to take care of proper pipes installation. It’ll be much easier if you already have pipes in the attic, but if you don’t, think about up-flush plumbing. It takes less space and is very cost-effective. This way you can easily plumb a toilet, sink or shower without interrupting space.

Unused Attic Living Space

If you have unused attic space that you’re thinking of transforming into functional living space, don’t hesitate to do it while the inspiration has you! Be sure and plan it out exactly as you vision all the way to the details about the decor you want too. 

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How To Convert Your Unused Attic Into Functional Living Space - Sassy Townhouse Living

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