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How to Clean Your House After Having a Crazy Fun Party

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We all love hosting a fun party, but when you have to clean your house, it’s not so much fun. But what about the mess afterward? Fortunately, you can organize and clean up with some easy-to-do tips you need to see.

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Clean Your House Without Dreading The Aftermath Of A Fun Party

Typically, we don’t ever think about the mess we’re making during a party. We’re usually too busy having fun, talking, laughing, playing games, drinking, and eating. But what happens the next day?

Most of us wake up to a messy house or apartment. There are cups and plates everywhere, the floors are dirty, and there are leftovers all around the place. If you had balloons and confetti, the mess is that much bigger.

However, tackling the mess seems impossible, but it’s not, so you must start as soon as possible. Max Kenyon from Clean That Floor is a master when it comes to cleaning.

Moreover, in the article below, you’ll find some of his best tips on how to clean your house after having a crazy fun party.

If you need to learn some great tips on how to clean your house after that crazy fun party, keep reading!

1 – Tackle Some Of The Mess Before Going To Bed

If someone stained your carpet or sofa, you might want to clean that up right away. Stains set quickly, and by tomorrow, it might be too late to get them out.

Firstly, throw the leftover food before going to bed. In the morning, some of that food might start to stink, so tackling it right away prevents waking up in a stinking apartment.

If you used disposable cups and plates, try to throw those away as well if you have the strength.

If you really want to clean your house and make sure you do a great job, we have a house cleaning checklist for you to check out too.

Also, be sure and clean up what stands out first like streamers, glitter, and any other party favors. Things like that generally tend to make the mess look far worse than it is.

If you can’t afford a maid service and have to do the cleaning yourself, don’t fret! There’s a systematic approach to getting the job done quick and easy.

One year, we threw a huge party and we hired some help to help us clean but if you can’t afford it, no worries. Just keep reading!

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2 – Stay Calm & Carry On

Notable, waking up in a messy room is stressful, even more so when you’re hungover. So, don’t stress too much about the mess you made.

Have a shower, make yourself a delicious cup of coffee, have some water, possibly even take a pill for the headache, and sit right in that mess.

Ideally, play some relaxing music and just enjoy the moment of thinking about all the fun you had.

Stay calm about the mess and finish your coffee before putting on some gloves.

Then, only once you’ve recovered, you can go and gather your bags, buckets, and cleaning supplies.

Finally, if it takes the entire day, but at least you made incredible headway! Also, make sure you throw out any food items that look nasty as well.

Additionally, don’t panic when you see all the dirty dishes, either. You can always leave those for the day after.

3 – Tackle The Messiest Room First When You Clean Your House

In most cases, the living room is the room that ends up looking the worst. It’s where most people will be, so there are the most cups, plates, and other such mess.

Take all the dishes to the kitchen if you haven’t already. Also, collect all the bottles and cans for recycling, so you don’t accidentally throw them away.

Open the windows and put things back in their place. For example, return the decor pillows and blankets where they belong.

If you put some things away, like your mom’s expensive vase, now is the time to put it back in place.

It’s never fun to clean your house after a fun party, but with some great tips and possibly a few friends to help, it’s a snap!

Meanwhile, you can always try to ask a few close friends to stick around and help out. It never hurts to ask and they just might surprise you!

4 – Cleaning The Dreaded Floors

Before you bring your vacuum cleaner out, you might want to look around your floors.

Look for larger items such as nuts, almonds, balloon pieces, and bags of chips. Pick up all the things that your vacuum cleaner cannot pick up.

Only once you do that, you can use the vac to deep-clean the carpets and bare floors.

The process shouldn’t take long, but that mostly depends on how dirty the floors are. It also depends on how big your house/apartment is.

Once you do that, mop the bare floors or steam-clean them accordingly. This will bring the room back to life and make it smell nicer and fresher.

Recently, we purchased a Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum and wow, we love it! It makes cleaning so easy and much faster too! You can read my review on it here.

5 – If You Can, Wash The Dishes

If you can, wash the dishes right after the party ends, go for it. It’s always a good idea to wash them as soon as everyone goes home.

Technically, you can leave them for the morning after but, trust me, they will clean much easier the night of the fun party.

You might not have as many dirty dishes if you used disposable plates and cups. However, even disposable ones require some attention.

If you’re being eco-friendlier and using your own plates and cups, you’ll have to wash them before further cleaning the kitchen.

Above all, scrape all the leftover food into the trash before placing the dishes in the sink or dishwasher. It’s best to wash larger pieces by hand and the cups and glasses can do straight into the dishwasher.

For example, soak some dishes if you must and let them sit for half an hour while you’re tackling another problem area. Once you’re back, you’ll find it much easier to clean crusty and dried plates.

Depending on the size of your party, you’ll probably need several washing loads. Prepare all the dishes and have them waiting for their turn in the dishwasher to make the process easier.

clean your house fun party

6 – Tackle That Gross Bathroom – You Can Do It!

OK, let’s face it – you must clean your house after your fun party, right? And that includes the bathroom too!

Bathrooms can get quite messy depending on the type of party and number of people. When you clean your house, you want your bathrooms hygienic too.

We hate to admit it but folks will drink too much and end up, well, vomiting. Vomit is probably the worst thing to clean, so tackle that first.

Use a new, cheap mop to pick it up with just plain water and no cleaning solution. Only once you clean the solids, you should apply some detergent to disinfect the area.

Clean the urine stains since those probably already smell horrible. They’re most likely everywhere around and beyond the bowl, so make sure to clean everything thoroughly.

If the party was huge and wild, the entire bathroom probably needs cleaning. Put some gloves on and clean the sink, bathtub as well as toilet bowl from top to bottom.

Also, make sure to remove all the towels no matter how clean they look.

More so, many people were in your bathroom yesterday, and there’s no way of knowing what they did in there.

Replace all the towels with clean ones to be sure and safe. You can always buy some new inexpensive bath towels if you need to.

7 – Be Sure And Check Other Areas When You Clean Your House

Take a moment to investigate all the other rooms, garden, garage, and yard. You were most likely having fun yourself and maybe didn’t notice people went into these areas.

It’s most probable that you’ll find bottles and cans in the backyard and/or balcony. You might even find some in your bedroom.

In most cases, it’s a normal thing to come across when hosting a big, wild party for a large number of people.

For this reason, it might be a good idea to vacuum/sweep the entire house and yard.

You’ll be surprised at how much stuff you find from glasses to cigarette ash and other debris.

Subsequently, giving your home a deep-clean might not sound like much fun, but it will bring it back in life, making you feel much better yourself.

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