Facts About Shower Doors You Need To Know

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Home improvement projects can sometimes seem daunting, especially when looking for shower doors. Whether you need to replace your existing shower doors or look for new ones, learning the facts is essential.

Shower Doors

It’s Time To Replace Our Shower Doors

Unfortunately, it’s time for us to replace our shower doors. This sparked the reason for this article as well as the research. As a result, this means added expense and hiring a contractor to remove our old shower doors and replace them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my shower doors and can’t wait to replace them. They need updating as well as a clean, fresh look.

Below, you can see one of our bathrooms and just how old the doors look. While I work hard to keep them clean, they look old and not very attractive anymore. We have plans in the works to revamp the two main bathrooms in our home. While it’s lots of work, it’s exciting for sure.

shower doors

Is It Time To Remodel Your Bathroom Too?

Are your doors in need of replacing too? Or, maybe you want to install shower doors in your bathroom as well. If so, you’ll want to continue reading and make a list of all the key things you need to know.

Ideally, shower doors are a must-have and add a modern, fresh, clean look to our bathrooms. Meanwhile, it seems many folks still prefer decorating with old fashion shower curtains too.

If you are one of those people and itching to make the switch to stylish shower doors, you’ll want to learn these important facts. However, it doesn’t matter if you have a shower stall or a full-sized bathtub, shower doors will add flair and style to your bathroom.

Some Reasons To Add Shower Doors To Your Home

Below, you’ll find some reason to inspire you to add shower doors to your home too. It’s essential to consider the causes and types of doors out there.

Let’s start with Glass Shower Door first.

  • Privacy: Glass shower doors are those private yet clear compartments where one can enjoy the shower experiences with all comfort.
    Ideally, they provide privacy and yet an airy and open feeling. Feel free to sing, splash and enjoy your shower in the luxury of glass doors.
  • Maintenance: Glass doors allow for easy bathroom maintenance and you can clean them with a variety of good bathroom cleaners as well.
  • Spa-like Look & Feel: They also give your bathroom that spa-like look and feel and with glass, you won’t need bulky edges and frames either.
  • Minimalistic Style: These types of doors are perfect for those of us who love a minimalistic style in our homes. Without the edges and frames, you get a clean sharp design perfect for your bathroom decor.
  • More Expensive: Generally, these types of doors are more expensive at least by over 200% or more. Also, make sure you only purchase a tempered glass for safety reasons. This type of glass shatters in small pieces and is a lot safer.

Consider Either Framed and Frameless  

Framed Doors

Generally, framed glass doors use aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel and as a frame for the doors. My bathroom doors both have frames and they do have pros and cons. Be sure to consider carefully when you decide.

For example, you can purchase them in these styles: frosted, patterned, etched, and bronzed. These patterns help keep them from becoming water-spotted as well. These types of doors slide and can often slip off their track as well. You can easily place them back on track but it’s worth noting.

Frameless Doors

Frameless shower doors are very popular and look modern and stylish. On the other hand, frameless doors do not feature any chrome or sheeting around them and made of thick sheets of tempered glass panels.

Notably, frameless glass doors can enhance the allure and beauty likewise they are easy to clean. Preferably, you need a well-maintained drainage system for smooth water flow under them.

Moreover, these frameless glass doors are available with a French opening. This means the two side-by-side doors hinge outward. They also come in a variety of stationary and moving panels as well.  

Importantly, you’ll want to make sure your frameless doors have a very tight seal to prevent water leaks. Be sure to benchmark the two before you decide. These doors create a beautiful minimalistic look and are more popular than framed doors especially within the past few years.

Shapes Of Shower Doors

Hinged:  The most common doors, hinged, open up typically as most hinged doors do. You might hear hinged and pivot used interchangeably.

Pivot: Often referred to as swinging shower doors and much like sliding doors and installed on the shower pan or tile apron. Usually, they open towards the outside from the shower enclosed area. They can also open on both in and outside. This allows the door to swing outward providing access to the shower area.

Bypass: These doors take the least amount of space. They easily swing and have 2-3 panels. Generally, separated from the top and lower units.

Round: Have you ever heard of corner showers? Yes, these round shower doors primarily designed to fit corner aloe-shaped shower walk-ins. They have this amazing ability to make either a much-closed bathroom room or a very large open bathroom area.

shower doors

Shower Door Considerations

Notably, as with any home improvement, you need to consider some important facts before you make a decision. Note some key points below.

  • Regular cleaning: With shower doors, they require almost daily cleaning. As with a shower curtain, they do not. Get ready to add another cleaning task to your list!
  • Water drainage: After having installed the glass shower doors you need to have serious and regular concerns about water drainage. You’ll want to have your doors properly installed by a professional. Or, someone who knows how to install them.  
  • Water Marks or Soap Residue: This comes along with daily cleaning. If you keep them clean, you won’t see any watermarks or soap residue on your doors.
  • Microbial Growth: Though frameless doors are free of this risk, framed doors can have microorganisms inculcated in their chrome linings. Therefore, framed doors have critical upkeep concerns than frameless.

Additional Important Facts

  • Tempered glass: Always choose tempered glass for your door regardless of the type, framed or unframed.
  • Custom cut: Essentially, if you choose custom cut this means made to order and custom detailed. And, they don’t have standard sizes or regular stocks – essentially, made to order.
  • Factory-made: Typically, these are in stock and ready to go and factory-made for easy purchasing. Generally, they are less expensive as well.

In addition, I hope this helps you when it’s time to make your decision about installing new or replacing your shower doors. I think I’m ready to make a decision as well.

Finally, I can’t wait to see my doors installed. I know they will improve the overall look and value of our home.

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