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5 DIY Smart Home Automation Projects You Need To See!

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Smart homes are all the rage. These five DIY smart home automation projects will show you the best way to enjoy an interconnected home. 

They make a great talking point, save money, and, if you’re clever about it, they’ll improve your home life, too. But you don’t need to invest in expensive all-in-one solutions to enjoy the benefits of an interconnected home.

Heads up! If you are a geek and love high-tech DIY smart home automation projects, this article is perfect for you!

DIY Smart Home Automation

DIY Smart Home Automation

Any device that aspires to be incorporated into a modern smart-home will need the appropriate micro-circuitry. The release of the fourth generation of Raspberry Pi provides each of these projects with a little extra computational horsepower.

So, what are you waiting for? You can start with these awesome smart home automation tips today! 

Given a little patience and technical nous, there’s nothing stopping you trying these smart-projects installed into your home.

Smart Home Automation


Smart-mirrors have been a staple of science fiction for quite some time now. While you can buy them for a hefty sum, the homebrew variants are often just as effective.

All you’ll need is a suitable display, some one-way mirrored glass, and the right framing material.

That was the approach taken by Michael Teeuw, whose DIY ‘Magic Mirror’ is widely recognized as the first of its kind.

The software component has been largely taken care of by open-source projects like MagicMirror2 (the successor to the original project) and thus all you’ll need to do is plug it in.

Smart Home Automation

Security Cameras

Integrated security systems, like Google’s Nest, can be expensive. As well as the not-inconsiderable cost of the cameras themselves, there’s the monthly subscription fee for the cloud-based storage of footage.

We can do better, with the help of a few Raspberry Pis built into cheaply-purchased fake-cameras. Linus Tech Tips provides a pretty comprehensive guide. If you love building your own DIY WiFi Security Camera you will love this guide

There’s a huge surge in home security systems and most of them you can install yourself and build out yourself.


These days, most of us carry our music around on our phones. But the process of integrating that stuff into your real-world speaker system can be cumbersome.

But by adding a Raspberry Pi Zero with an aux cable into the back of your amp, you can create a Bluetooth receiver for next to nothing. 

Moreover, you can easily integrate the receiver with voice-assistant devices like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. You can find simple instructions over at the fifth step here.

If you rather buy a great sound system, I recently bought this Logitech Z623 400 Watt Home Speaker System, and I love it. The sound quality is amazing and features easy installation. 

Garage Door Opener

Another feature that’s ripe for DIY control is a garage door opener. While we can’t easily DIY the actual mechanical section, we can swap out the controller for something more integrated.

That was the aim of this project by Andrew Pena. It makes use of an MCU called the Photon Particle, which does much the same job as the Raspberry Pi. Pena reports no failures after six weeks, which counts as a resounding success in our book!

DIY Smart Home Automation

Curtain Control

Keeping curtains closed can save you money on your energy bills. But what if you could close every curtain in your home with a single command from a smartphone?

We love automation and now you can get your curtains to open and close automatically too! I would love to get smart curtains that open and close automatically, wouldn’t you?

With the help of this last project, you can do precisely that.

It’s so awesome that a lot of these Smart Home Automation projects are DIY. With a little patience and some research, you can get the job done fast. 

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