How To Transform Your Home Into A Galaxy Light Show With BlissLights

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You will love turning your home into a galaxy light show with BlissLights. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you can create a laser light show to any space easily. 

BlissLights specializes in creating unique indoor and outdoor laser lights that are ideal for different types of year-round applications.

Galaxy Light Show Blisslights

BlissLights – An Epic Lighting Experience 

Truth be told, BlissLights pulled me right into these products because they cover two things I love when it comes to tech product – any galaxy light show and ambient lighting effects. I’m a geek in every possible way but you don’t have to be one to love them too!  

If you love holographic, laser, and lighting technology, you will flip over these two BlissLights products too.

From instant holiday decor to revolutionary landscape lighting to a lively party atmosphere, BlissLights products are perfect for any occasion and lifestyle.

Galaxy Light Show Blisslights

SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector

First, I want to show you the BlissLights SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector. Oh gosh, how do I even begin to show you how epic this product is? You can move it from room to room as well. There are lots of images below to show you just how amazing it is!

So Easy To Use & Setup

Below, you can see how it comes shipped. This BlissLights SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector is perfect for any room in your home. The kids will flip out over it too especially for the blooming astronaut in your family. 

You can also purchase the BlissLights SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector on Amazon too! 


  • Moving green laser stars
  • Drifting blue nebula cloud
  • Multiple brightness settings and light effects
  • Built-in 6-hr timer
  • 120V AC adapter
alaxy Light Show Blisslights

Transform Your Living Space

You can instantly change the atmosphere of any room with your own personal galaxy! The SKYlite projects an array of drifting green stars against a moving blue nebula.

Titling design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling. You can transform any room so easily with the BlissLights SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector

Galaxy Light Show With Blisslights

All you do is adjust the light settings and effects with three simple button controls. The easy to position design lets you position your light show anywhere in your home. 

Look at how stunning it looks in my guest room. What a special delight for visiting family and friends. 

SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector

The SKYlite instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. 

BlissLights Trio 3-in-1 Laser Light Show!

Next, I got the BlissLights Trio 3-in-1 Laser Light for the outside of my home. Oh my gosh, you will be the hit of your neighborhood with it!  Below, you can see how it comes shipped. 

Trio 3-in-1 Laser Light

It takes minutes to install and the easy to use remote allows you to transform your outdoors in seconds. 

Trio 3-in-1 Laser Light

Transform Your Outdoors With A Laser Light Show!

The all-in-one BlissLights TRIO will transform your home with the ultimate light experience! Within minutes watch the magic of thousands of red, green, and blue pinpoints of light dance on any surface.

Look at how stunning my backyard looks and it only took minutes to set up. 

Trio 3-in-1 Laser Light

You Get Everything You Need

It comes with a ground stake, transformer, and remote control too. It uses only the highest quality lasers and superior holographics to create 4X the number of stars as our leading competitor to cover a space of up to 2500 square feet!

You also get a 20 ft cord and built-in timer for stress-free installation that’s great for large back yards or front yards. I love how you can move it around from one spot to another so easily. 

BlissLights Trio 3-in-1 Laser Light
BlissLights Trio 3-in-1 Laser Light

Easy To Use Remote Control

The remote control on the BlissLights TRIO is ready to use and with the click of a button, you can create a galaxy light show! It allows you to choose between only red, only green, only blue. You can also combine all colors with added lighting effects such as chase, pulse, fade, and twinkle.

Since the TRIO is energy efficient and weather resistant, you can use it year-round to create unforgettable holiday displays, birthdays, weddings, parties, or simply add a touch of magic to your home, landscapes, and more!


  • Trio with a built-in timer
  • Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 Transformer
  • Ground Stake
galaxy light show

Designed to be affordable and energy efficient for every homeowner, the TRIO uses the same technology found in theme park lighting to project 4X as many stars as other laser products on the market.  

My backyard looks like a magical galaxy light show! It’s perfect for all season around too. I can’t wait to see it when it snows!

I hope I captured the true beauty of BlissLights for you in these images. You have to see it in order to appreciate just how amazing they are! 

I hope you get to enjoy both of these products too. Remember, you can get the BlissLights SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector and the Trio-3-in 1 Laser Light from Amazon too! 


How To Transform Your Home Into A Galaxy Light Show With BlissLights - Sassy Townhouse Living

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