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4 Steps to Self-Taught Aromatherapy You Need To Know

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There are some key elements in learning the important areas of self-taught aromatherapy you might not have thought about. Based on essential and plant-based oils, aromatherapy can benefit our health and wellbeing. And like other relaxation practices – such as mindfulness – it has the power to enhance our mood, too.

Self-Taught Aromatherapy

Self-Taught Aromatherapy You Need To Know

I’ve always been intrigued with the principles of self-taught aromatherapy and how it affects our moods, brain, and our living space too. If you’ve never paid much attention to the benefits of self-taught aromatherapy, you might want to start now. In the past, I’ve tried to create some of my own aromatherapy face and body scrubs, and I have to say I was so pleased with the outcome. 

Some experts even claim that it can improve brain function. Its potential benefits are plentiful – and so, it’s unsurprising that many take on this practice. You needn’t pay someone else for this, however. You can easily achieve successful aromatherapy affordably, by yourself. Here, we explore how.

Self-Taught Aromatherapy

1 – Identify How You Want to Feel

Our sense of smell can be a very powerful force in our lives. It’s able to evoke particular emotions; it often conjures vivid memories. And the right scent can really improve our sense of wellbeing. So, your choice of essential oils is important. For the best results, look for aromas that could bring out certain feelings. Are you wanting to achieve calm? If so, how about lavender? Or do you want to feel more energized? Then how about vanilla?

Select which scents align with your goals and you could maximize the results of your aromatherapy.

Self-Taught Aromatherapy

2 – Go Organic

Aromatherapy can enable inner-balance. But if you’re not sure where your oils have come from, it might affect your journey to relaxation. When you doubt that they’re ethically-sourced, it can really bring down the chilled-out vibe. And this could undo all of your hard work. Making an investment in organic essential oils might help you to gain a stronger peace of mind, however.

Once you’ve stocked up, all that’s left to do is enjoy the glorious scents and fragrances. 

Self-Taught Aromatherapy

3 – Create the Right Space

What’s your ideal aromatherapy moment? Is it a lengthy deep moisturizing body cream session? Or maybe a deep, hot bath? Perhaps it’s both – or something else entirely? Whatever it is, you may want to consider your relaxation space. Note the emotional effect of color. Blues, unsurprisingly, often elicits a sense of tranquillity. White, on the other hand, can make us feel clean.

Likewise, a clear out could aid your stress-relief, too. In freeing up space, you’ll be able to produce an airier feel in your aromatherapy area. So, to heighten your levels of calm, why not get creative with the look and feel of your chosen room?  

Self-Taught Aromatherapy

4 – Remember to Breathe

However long you intend each moment or session to be, remember to breathe. If you can’t relax, it could massively reduce how effective your self-taught aromatherapy is. Luckily, the simplest exercises can help with this. For example, you can inhale to the count of seven, hold your breath for four seconds, and then exhale for eleven. Accompany this with your essential oils and you might be able to reduce stress wherever you are. You could even achieve this on the go!

Self-Taught Aromatherapy

Self-taught aromatherapy can ease depression, reduce pain and calm our nerves. And with this guide, you can perfect your skills to reach your relaxation goals.

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4 Steps to Self-Taught Aromatherapy You Need To Know - Sassy Townhouse Living

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