6 Stunning Kitchen Renovation Ideas You Need To See

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If you love the inspiration from kitchen renovation ideas, you need to see these stunning designs. Whether renovating your dream home or your current kitchen, a little inspiration goes a long way. More so, redesigning your kitchen will make you fall in love with your home all over again. And let’s not forget how it helps increase the value of your home and resale value.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Inspire!

There are so many styles to choose from and a myriad of decisions to make. However, too many choices can often confuse us and sway us from our original plans after a while. Take a step back from your project to readjust your mindset. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and get inspiration from some new kitchen renovation ideas.

Moreover, we spend much time, energy, and resources on what’s at eye level in our kitchens. And it’s essential not to forget or overlook things like the ceiling and floors. And it’s a good idea to think about how you want your new kitchen to function as well. Also, let’s not forget about adding beautiful hardware pulls for our cabinets too!

For example, ask yourself whether this is a place where family congregates and eats or a place for us to entertain. After all, we want our kitchens to feel connected to the rest of our homes and, more importantly, our families.

Of course, you’ll need to put some effort into designing kitchen storage areas as well. We don’t want to sacrifice beauty for functionality. More importantly, think about lighting now as well. You can always go with recessed lights that work on a dimmer, especially ideal for entertaining. And never forget under the cabinet lighting, which is always a must.

Below, we’ll take a look at six kitchen renovation ideas for you to feel inspired and confident about your remodel.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1 – The Peterborough Residence

This beautiful kitchen renovation in The Peterborough Residence is an example of an elegant update that takes advantage of the soft natural lighting available in the space. In addition, the choice of cream cabinetry instead of white lends the room a welcoming atmosphere that invites family and friends to sit at the island bar for a snack and chat with the chef of the house.

Above all, the shelving above the refrigerator is a great way to show off a collection of ceramic pots. And it adds to the modern yet cottage-like feeling that other accents, like the doorknobs and new faucets, also lend. When it comes to kitchen renovation ideas like this one, it’s sure to inspire.

Consider This! Knobs, fixtures, towels, and other minor kitchen accessories are what tie the room together. Make a bold statement by picking an unusual metal or color to highlight your family’s unique aesthetic. 

Image Credit: zeelkitchens.com

2 – Merendino Residence

The Merendino Residence typifies a stunning kitchen that encapsulates that clean, minimalistic finish that so many people fall in love with upon sight. Yet, it’s the simple things that pull this room together. The sleek barstools slip under the island, and the simple pendant lights that hang over this modern space offer a gem-like glint of light and interest.

In addition, the monochrome design scheme in seamless white helps set the stage for stainless-steel appliances. And the combination creates a streamlined and professional look. Finally, notice how the lighting elements help create focal points of interest.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas
Image Credit: zeelkitchens.com

3 – South Fremantle Residence – Bright, Airy Kitchen Renovation Ideas

This South Fremantle Residence kitchen renovation highlights a recent growing trend in kitchen design. It highlights modern smooth cabinetry finishes with the natural softness of wood accents. More so, the contrast of the light wood floor and dining room table makes the white monochrome color scheme of the kitchen stand out.

The moments of open shelving keep the cabinet from feeling like an intimidating wall and allow the owner to show off their favorite plates, cups, or cookbooks! With lots of nooks and ample counter space, this kitchen will be perfect for entertaining guests. And it looks great with the modern roofline windows that keep the space fresh and full of natural light.

Consider This! Try to incorporate features of your home or previous kitchen design into your renovation. And this will make your new kitchen feel seamlessly integrated instead of a disconnected new feature. 

Image Credit: zeelkitchens.com

4 – Flinders Residence

While white is an excellent color for the kitchen, that doesn’t mean you have to feel limited, especially if a white kitchen isn’t your particular style. While we love the fresh and airy look of white, we don’t always need to go that route. This stunning kitchen renovation uses dark wood tones and browns to create a welcoming yet contemporary aesthetic.

The vertical wood grain in the Flinders Residence makes the room feel taller and brings the eye up to the stunning skylight feature that is the room’s centerpiece. Plus, the seamless fit of the cabinetry is excellent for those who love the mod look. The dramatic brown countertops have a speckled pattern that adds even more visual interest and will make a great place to enjoy some morning coffee. When it comes to kitchen renovation ideas, this one is one of our favorites!

Image Credit: zeelkitchens.com

5 – Mount Lawley Residence

This small kitchen renovation in the Mount Lawley Residence makes the most out of this space, doubling the available counter space with a beautiful two-toned kitchen island in black and white. The mixture of natural wood, white, and black for the cabinetry and fixtures makes the appliances and kitchenware work cohesively. And look at that stunning ceiling!

When you don’t have a lot of overhead space for storage, open shelving can be a great way to store your things while keeping the room open and airy. A wall of closed cabinets can make an odd-shaped or small room feel more closed in, after all. The shelving floating through the window also lets in natural light, making cooking here even more joyous.

Consider This! Make a small space feel more significant with a light-colored scheme, but don’t be afraid to have dark accents like seen here! The contrast will make the space feel bright and grounded.

Image Credit: zeelkitchens.com

6 – Richmond Residence – Dreamy Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Bright, open, and stunningly modern, this streamlined kitchen focuses on clean lines and storage. The natural wood colors and white in the Richmond Residence make for a fresh new space that feels like a Scandinavian minimalist dream.

This space is all about maximizing storage. With floor-to-ceiling shelving all around the room, there’s plenty of space for people who have a lot of kitchen gadgets. In addition, the open shelves under the kitchen island make a great place for displaying beautiful flatware and cookbooks. 

Consider This! Even in rooms with many windows, lighting is still important to consider. For example, the ceiling inlays around the room ensure that the countertops stay lit, even when the sun is down. Make sure you address the different lighting needs you’ll have throughout the day in your design.

Image Credit: zeelkitchens.com

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Renovation

After figuring out a budget and deciding what kitchen style best suits your home, the next step is deciding if you want to do your upgrading yourself or if you want to hire a contractor to do the renovations for you.

While doing it yourself can be fun, especially if you want to do a simple project like repainting your current cabinetry, a large project can be very time-consuming. Additionally, this can mean that you’ll have construction going on in your kitchen for weeks or even months.

A contractor will ensure that your renovation ideas are completed promptly while all your upgrades are installed and finished professionally. Consider consulting the professionals at Zeel Kitchens for all of your kitchen renovation needs!

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