5 Tips to Make Home Maintenance Easier

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5 Tips to Make Home Maintenance Easier

We all have to deal with the angst of home maintenance at some point during the year and learning tips to make that easier is always appreciated. You need to clean your washing machine. You need to change the air filters. You need to mow the lawn and wipe down the kitchen counters.

Miles long is the list of maintenance tasks you need to complete to ensure your home is safe, secure and efficient – but on top of all your other responsibilities, how are you supposed to juggle home maintenance?

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If you feel like there aren’t enough days in the month to accomplish all the maintenance your home needs, this guide is for you. Read on to learn some tricks and tips for maintaining your home, even when you don’t have the time, energy or knowledge and experience.

Hire Someone to Do It for You

You shouldn’t feel like a failure if you need someone to help you maintain your house. If you have a high-powered job that demands your attention, it might not be worth your time to wash the dishes or do laundry, let alone clean the refrigerator coils or muck the gutters.

Many people find that hiring professionals to handle home cleaning and maintenance is a sound investment that alleviates stress and improves quality of life.

Plus, paying for regular maintenance ensures that you won’t miss anything, and your home will remain in tip-top shape. 

It isn’t attainable for everyone, but if you can afford to acquire professional home maintenance services, you might as well go for it. Your peace of mind is worth more than a heavy wallet.

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Invest in a Home Warranty

The best thing we invested in for our home was a home warranty plan. I wish we had done it sooner! The monthly cost is minimal compared to the expense of having to pay for it without this insurance. I can’t express how many times we’ve reaped the benefits of a warranty plan. For any homeowner, I believe it’s a must! 

Even if you do hire someone else to handle your home maintenance, you need a home warranty. What does a home warranty cover if you already have homeowner’s insurance? The truth is that warranties are kind of the opposite of typical insurance: They will pay for repairs and replacements of certain systems that break down due to wear and tear.

Warranties are absolutely mandatory in older homes, where the electrical, plumbing, appliances, HVAC and other systems are of questionable condition. However, in newer homes, warranties can supplement your insurance, and they certainly take the stress out of home maintenance.

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Make a Home Maintenance Binder

A home maintenance binder consists of everything you need to know about your home’s maintenance needs. It includes a set of maintenance goals, to-do lists and checklists/calendars (typically arranged by frequency, such as monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually).

You should also include a section dedicated to service providers, such as phone numbers for your insurance helpline, your warranty contact, professional services like pest control and the police and fire departments in your area as well as emergency friend and family contacts. This provides you a one-stop-shop for everything about your home’s maintenance.

I love using a binder especially for jotting down important tips about professionals I hire for repairs in my home. 

It might sound like extra work, but having a single organized solution for your home maintenance concerns and contacts will save you time, energy and stress. Plus, you can find templates for home maintenance binders online, so your input into this administrative project is minimal.

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Make Your Home Easier to Maintain

 If home maintenance is not your thing but you can’t afford to pay someone to help, there is only one good solution: Choose the right home for you. Certain properties have fewer maintenance needs than others.

For example, a new-construction condo likely shouldn’t need interior maintenance for years, and the exterior spaces should be covered by the HOA. Conversely, larger, older homes are maintenance nightmares, with expensive surprises lurking in every nook and cranny.

When we purchased our townhouse, it was new construction and thankfully, for the first 5 years, there wasn’t much work in terms of home maintenance. If you purchase an older home, that might turn out to be a completely different story. 

Additionally, the fewer things you have, the less you need to clean and maintain. You should try to live a minimalist lifestyle, eliminating anything that is unnecessary to your typical function, so you can reduce your home maintenance load.

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Clean Your Home as You Go

Finally, the simplest way to reduce the clutter around your home and keep your maintenance chores quick and easy is to clean as you go.

This means you can’t let tidying and cleaning tasks stack up – as soon as you are done using a plate, you wash it; as soon as you get out of bed, you make it; as soon as you check the mail, you toss out the junk and pay your bills.

This prevents the looming feeling of maintenance responsibility and keeps your home sparkling clean, to boot.

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Tips to Make Home Maintenance Easier - Sassy Townhouse Living

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