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A Perfectly Classic, Fun & Sassy Summer Outfit

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Want a look for summer that’s fun, easy to wear, and always timeless? Check out the look I’m loving. I love summer outfits. Nice weather always allows us to feature some of our fun and stylish outfits.

I always appreciate the ease of dressing for summer. Everything seems so much more fashionable. The outfit featured in the above image is the ultimate in summer wear for me. Everything from the shoes to the necklace to the chic LV nails says summer fun to me – especially the hat!

A Perfectly Classic, Fun & Sassy Summer Outfit - Sassy Townhouse Living

A Perfectly Classic, Fun & Sassy Summer Outfit

I never used to be a hat person until I discovered The Scala Collezione Brand. I’ve never worn a hat so comfortable before. It fits my head with ease, and I hardly know I’m wearing it. I was so happy I got to road test a sample, and I’ve worn it with so many outfits. I love how it looks with jeans! 

Scala Womens Hat

It has a very wearable flattering size brim, 2 1/2 inches, features the comfort of cotton and is available in 25 amazing colors including fashion and classic options.

Its adjustable inner drawstring ensures a perfect fit!

Scala Womens Hat

The Scala Collezione Brand is gaining popularity year after year with its contemporary styling and unequaled quality. The Summer 2015 collection offers hundreds of styles and within this broad range of fashion and functional looks are many hats with a UPF50+ designation.

Wearing a hat and good sunscreen protection is the summer is imperative! I wear sunblock all year-long – just because the sun is not as strong in the winter months doesn’t mean you still can’t get sun damage. The added benefit of its UPF 50+ rating is a huge health and beauty anti-aging bonus. 

The styling is versatile and it can be worn for casual wear, outdoor summer parties, recreation and more. One of the features I love about this hat is it can be flattened, crushed and tossed in a tote or suitcase and will rebound to its original shape! 

Scala Womens Hat
Scala Womens Hat

This hat retails for under $35 and is available at many retail stores, catalogs, and online too. Some of the colors that I love are the black, white, natural, taupe, olive, periwinkle, rose, coral, lime, aqua, banana. I just love my light blue hat and have included it in the outfit featured above. 

Scala Womens Hat

 I love everything about my summer outfit. It’s stylish, chic, and so very comfortable! I own the jeans and they are so comfy and chic. The blouse is on my wish list. The shoes too! 

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  1. Used to wear hats decades ago. Now, I can’t stand anything on my head but I have been thinking it would be nice to have a hat to slip on when I don’t feel like doing my hair — this looks perfect

  2. Totally adorable. I love hats. And I love a cute outfit that’s well styled!

  3. Hi Carol! You would love this hat then. I hated wearing hats even in the cold of winter I wouldn’t wear one. I can’t tell you how much I love this hat. I don’t even know I’m wearing it. So glad you liked the post and great meeting you. Following you on social media too! Thanks much and have a great one!

  4. I love these hats and the whole outfit and accessories you put together. Like Carol in above, they’d be nice to have to wear when my hair is not just right along with to block sun, wear in the convertible, and wear to stand out in the crowd.

  5. Hi Joyce, It really is a wonderful hat. I try to wear it wherever I can! It’s so lightweight you don’t even know you have it on. Thanks much for stopping by. I’m checking your blog out now too. Thanks much,

  6. Totally love this look for summer! The hat is cute and sassy! I’m gonna rock this whole style ha!

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