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What You Need To Know To Determine Your Body Shape

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It’s essential to properly determine your body shape to choose clothes that fit you and discover your unique style. But, of course, personal styles are always subjective, based on your likes, dislikes, and body shape.

Above all, no one can tell you what suits you the best unless you do it yourself. And the more accurate you measure, your clothes will fit and look better. With some good tips and guidelines, you can do this quickly. And show yourself some self-love throughout the process.

Body Shape

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Your Body Shape Will Help You Find The Right Style

Often, we choose clothes based on how it looks rather than how it fits. While fashion changes every year, we need to stick to what suits us best. That doesn’t mean we can’t wear the styles we love, but knowing our body shape will help us wear them better.

Most of us know the different types of body shapes explained to us. But we don’t know what shape we are in and how to make the best of it. While you can look in a mirror and figure out what body shape you think you have, there’s a more accurate way of knowing. You don’t have to test and try every fashion trend that comes to the market. Instead, body shape calculators can help you feel comfortable and confident in your fashion style.

Below, let’s look at the types of body shapes and learn how to best work with what we have.

Body Shape

Body Shape Calculators

It is high time we all stop comparing our figures and shapes with celebrities and Instagram models. Instead, learn about your body shape by taking a few measures and calculating it with a body shape calculator.  

These calculators use the measurements of the bust, hips, and waist to determine your correct shape and size. Also, this will help guide you to choose styles that work with you and not against you. Most importantly, it’s crucial to add a dose of self-love regardless of your shape and size.

While we all want to feel healthier and look better, always check before changing your diet routine with your health provider.

How To Take Measurements

First, you will need paper, a pen, and a tape measurer. You will need to take three to 4 main measurements to determine your body shape. Try to wear minimal clothes, so you see more accurate results. Moreover, make sure you don’t give too much slack to the tape measurer. Doing so will also help you achieve better results.

  1. Bust – Using a tape measure, measure the fullest and widest part of your chest. Also, be sure and note the results on paper. You can wear a bra while measuring but make sure it fits properly.
  2. Shoulders – You’ll want to ask someone to help you measure your shoulders as you might find it challenging to do yourself. The tape needs to wrap around you at the highest point. Try not to let the tape slip while measuring.
  3. Waist – Take measurements of the smallest area of your waist. The area may be around your belly or belly button. Usually, your waist is the narrowest part of your torso. But, of course, that’s not always the case, so you will have to decide.
  4. Hips – Measure the entire part of your hips where it seems the fullest to you. You should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and find the widest point of your hip area. And make sure the tape passes around the top of your butt.

Now that you know your body shape, you can take the first step in understanding what clothes and styles work best for you. Remember, we all come in different shapes and sizes, which makes us unique and beautiful.

Now that you nailed your measurements successfully, you can use these numbers to determine body shape. After putting in the precise numbers in the calculator, you will know about your body shape within no time.

Body Shape

Common Body Shapes

As we mentioned, everyone has a unique body shape but can vary with a little or no difference in the measurements. Below, we will look at these shapes and define what they mean.

  1. Triangle – Generally, a triangular body shape defines your hip and waist area more significantly than other body parts.
  2. Inverted Triangle – If you possess a larger bust and chest area with a thin and slim waist, your body has an inverted triangular shape. So, while choosing any dress, it’s a good idea to wear one to either play down or accentuate these features.
  3. Circle – Typically, a larger waist can create a circular shape with a larger waist than bust and hips.
  4. Rectangle – If your waist, hips, and bust are the same, your body shape is rectangular.
  5. Hourglass – For example, if you have a large bust and hips measurement while your waist looks defined and thinner. You have an hourglass figure.
  6. PearShaped – When your waist is more comprehensive than your bust, and you have full hips, you can have a pear-shaped body. Plus, your shoulders seem narrower in comparison to hips with a fuller rear, all work as a pear-shaped figure.

Moreover, these definitions can vary depending on your body shape. But they make a good set of guidelines for you to use. Additionally, you have an athletic body shape as well. Typically, these features mean fewer curves, shoulders, and hip measure neatly the same, and your waist isn’t tiny. It can look straight up and down too. Plus, your weight distributes evenly throughout your body.

How To Make The Most In Fashion With Your Body Type

With fashion trends changing quickly, knowing your body shape puts you ahead of the game! Below, we will look at some options to consider which styles might look best for your body shape.

Triangle Shaped

With your dainty shoulders and narrow waist, fitted tops give you definition and attract attention towards your abdomen. To go along with your vibrant tops, add some neutral boot cuts or flare denim jeans to accentuate your hips.

Of course, outerwear is a must in the winters; thus, anything reaching mid-thigh will look amazing such as A-Line and Princess Cut waistline jackets. Dresses are always a yes. Elongate your frame by wearing hemlines above your knee, and wear stylish belted dresses with plunging or accentuated necklines to highlight your waist.

Hour Glass Shaped

A go-to is tight tops that will highlight your waist and show off your neckline with your body type. Skinny jeans and leggings are perfect for showing off your curves or if you feel like showing off your stomach, dress it up in some low-rise jeans.

Additionally, you can go with waist-hugging jackets such as trench coats or Stylish Fitted Blazers for outerwear. However, avoid box styles as they won’t do your curves justice. Fit and flare and wrap dresses will work perfectly for you! When wearing flowy dresses, don’t forget to add a belt.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Your best friends are V-necks and flowy tunics that you can style with stylish skinny jeans and leggings. Wearing jackets with a hemline that reaches mid-thigh or hip adds significantly to your outfit. Knee-length trench coats and A-line coats are incredibly flattering.

Additionally, sport maxi styles with a low neckline or strapless dresses if you prefer dresses. If you want to show off your legs, then go with a mini skirt, but if not, knee-length is equally flattering. Finally, wear dark colors or stripes if you want a slimming look.

Rectangle Body Shape

Go with halter tops, scoop, and round necklines as well as strapless everything! Then, pair them with floor-grazing flares for a slimming and elongated effect or skinny jeans with an oversized top.

Bomber jackets and flowy outerwear are your best friends. If you want to accentuate your waist, wear a cropped or elastic style. However, if it’s the opposite, you can style your outfit with hems that hit the hip or below the knee. Or you can wear a stylish A-line style.

With your body type, mostly all styles of dresses suit you, and now it is all up to your likes and dislikes. Want to show off your legs? Plus, you can wear a dress with a high hemline that looks rather flattering.

Love your bust? Show it off with a strapless or wear a dress with a plunging neckline. Show off your back in a halter backless jumpsuit or sport a stylish tea-length skirt with heels. For a minimizing effect, wear dark colors and stripes. When you want to accentuate your waist, add a belt to the ensemble.

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Everybody likes to follow fashion trends, but it’s also important to consider what suits the best on your body figure. And for that, you need to figure out your body shape first. So not only does it help you find out your body shape but also pick the best suitable dresses for yourself.

In addition, using body shape calculators, you can quickly know your body shape and don’t worry if you fit more than one of these. It’s all about mixing and matching to find what works for you.

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